Isoil Industria addresses its pluriennal experience towards different markets such as chemical, food, pharmaceutical, water treatment, industrial and wherever there’s a need of process control and automation. Exclusive distributor in Italy for many primary international manufacturers, it is structured in 3 divisions: ISOCONTROL for water distribution, ISOTHERMIC for energy control and ISOTRACK for transportation. Isoil Industria is by now world-wide recognised for the production and selling of electromagnetic flow-meters under the brand ISOMAG. Among the many applications, a particular attention has been driven towards the water market. FLOWIZ is the battery powered flow-meter suited for water loss applications inside a distribution network. Able to get flow and pressure values and thanks to its high accuracy it is perfectly suited for night flow measuring; equipped with the GPRS wireless communication system it allows data collection from remote areas in a safe, fast and cheap way

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The first company, ISOTHERMIC SWISS, was founded in 1958 for the distribution of foreign manufactured products.

In 1970 OIL METER was founded for the manufacturing of volumetric flow meters for the chemical and petroleum industries.

In 1988 the Isothermic Swiss and Oil Meter were merged to form GRUPPO ISOIL.

In 1993 OIL METER SISTEMI was founded to develop software for industrial process automation.

In the same year the manufacturing of Electro Magnetic Flow meters commenced.

In 1998 the new production facility HEMINA was founded for the manufacturing of electro magnetic flow meters.

In 2000 the group creates two new companies: ISOIL IMPIANTI, specializing in the movement of hydrocarbons and ISOIL INDUSTRIA which continues the commercial activities of selling foreign brands of instrumentation and its line of flowmeters under the brand Isomag tm

In 2006 the group launched the very innovative Flowiztm magnetic flow meter. It is the first magnetic flow meter in the world to be powered by battery and with the ability to communicate wirelessly over the GPRS network.


ISONRG - ML311- Heat meter

ML311 is a BTU meter usable for any kind of flow meter with pulse or analog output as: Turbines, Bulk, Woltmann, Impellers, Single or Multi jet, Ultrasonic and, of course, Electromagnetic meters. ML311 is also certified MID004 referring to EN1434 norms following Directives 2004/22, very important for European market. The new BTU meter has got a very accurated calculation either for water or other fluid as Glycole, an automatic switch from hot to cool ...

ISOMAG - Model ML255 - Flowiz Next Converter

The ML 255 FLOWIZ converter allows the powering of any Isomag sensor plus one or two optional pressure sensors through internal lithium batteries. The ML 255 FLOWIZ can also be powered by mains power supply (optional); batteries, in this case, work as a back up in order to avoid any loosing in the measuring in case of power supply failure. The system allows measuring performances meeting the requirements of the CEN EN 14154, ISO 4064 and OIML R49 ...


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ACCADUEO 2008, Aquatech Amsterdam 2013


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Monitoring and Testing - Water Monitoring and Testing

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Globally (various continents)

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10,000,000 - 100,000,000 €

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