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Enhancing the hydrophobicity of mangrove bark by esterification for oil adsorption

Highly efficient removal of chromium(VI) from aqueous solution using polyaniline/sepiolite nanofibers

Tensile deformation of polytetrafluoroethylene hollow fiber membranes used for water purification

Challenges encountered when expanding activated sludge models: a case study based on N2O production

Modeling phototrophic biofilms in a plug-flow reactor

Rapid small-scale column testing of granular activated carbon for organic micro-pollutant removal in treated domestic wastewater

Numerical simulation and field test study of desulfurization wastewater evaporation treatment through flue gas

Breaking the dilemma of agricultural water fee collection in China

Key stakeholders' optimal strategy for upgrading water supply facilities in China

Understanding and overcoming risks to cooperation along transboundary rivers

Water management problems in the Copiapó Basin, Chile: markets, severe scarcity and the regulator

Restoring environmental flow: buy-back costs and pollution-dilution as a compliance with water quality standards

Explaining inertia in restoring estuarine dynamics in the Haringvliet (The Netherlands)

Water-conservation policies in perspective: insights from a Q-method study in Salta, Argentina

Assessing long-term water quality impacts of reducing phosphorus fertilizer in a US suburban watershed

5331 Articles found
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