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Water Reuse and Conservation

Impact of heating method on the flocculation process using thermosensitive polymer

Profile: Kilogram-scale synthesis of iron oxy-hydroxides with improved arsenic removal capacity: Study of Fe(II) oxidationâprecipitation parameters

Profile: Some Factors Affecting SPME Analysis and PAHs in Philadelphia`s Urban Waterways

Profile: Presence of human noro- and adenoviruses in river and treated wastewater, a longitudinal study and method comparison

Simultaneous autotrophic denitrification and nitrification in a low-oxygen reaction environment

Treatment of textile wastewaters using Eutectic Freeze Crystallization

Evaluation of non-thermal effects by microwave irradiation in hydrolysis of waste-activated sludge

A health risk assessment of reclaimed municipal wastewater for industrial and miscellaneous use

Research on the infiltration processes of lawn soils of the Babao River in the Qilian Mountain

Retainment of the antimicrobial agent triclosan in a septic tank

Effect of pH on phosphorus, copper, and zinc elution from swine wastewater activated sludge

Determination of methane yield of cellulose using different experimental setups

5355 Articles found
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