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Water-Related Business Risks

Innovative research program on the renewal of aging water infrastructure systems

Including leakage in network models: an application to calibrate leak valves in EPANET

Detection of viable bacterial pathogens in a drinking water source using propidium monoazide-quantitative PCR

Comparing the performance of biosand filters operated with multiday residence periods

Reduction of natural organic matter by an electrolytic process, conventional coagulation and direct descending filtration in a pilot-scale water treatment system

A multi-step genetic algorithm model for ensuring cost-effectiveness and adequate water pressure in a trunk/limb mains pipe system

Dissolved air flotation separation for pretreatment of membrane bioreactor in domestic wastewater treatment

Contracting water services with public and private partners: a case study approach

Price elasticity of residential water demand in California

Green Water Infrastructure

Diamond Project

Note from the Editor-in-Chief

Vulnerability proxy selection and risk calculation formula for global flood risk assessment: a preliminary study

Analysing the terminology of integration in the water management field

Groundwater management in China

5721 Articles found
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