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Application of lipase from Burkholderia cepacia in the degradation of agro-industrial effluent

Design-support and performance estimation using HYDRUS/CW2D: a horizontal flow constructed wetland for polishing SBR effluent

Modeling of organic substrate transformation in the high-rate activated sludge process

Decreased UV absorbance as an indicator of micropollutant removal efficiency in wastewater treated with ozone

Comparative research on phosphorus removal by pilot-scale vertical flow constructed wetlands using steel slag and modified steel slag as substrates

Role of vegetation (Typha latifolia) on nutrient removal in a horizontal subsurface-flow constructed wetland treating UASB reactor–trickling filter effluent

Greenhouse gas emissions from sludge treatment reed beds

Comparison of denitrification performances using PLA/starch with different mass ratios as carbon source

The process of activated sludge ozonation: effect of ozone on cells, flocs, macromolecules and nutrient release

Assimilation of satellite data to 3D hydrodynamic model of Lake Säkylän Pyhäjärvi

Aerobic granular sludge technology and nitrogen removal for domestic wastewater treatment

Integrated side-stream reactor for biological nutrient removal and minimization of sludge production

Characteristics and indications of hydrogen and oxygen isotopes distribution in lake ice body

Integrating activated sludge floc size information in MBR fouling modeling

Autotrophic denitrification with anaerobic Fe2+ oxidation by a novel Pseudomonas sp. W1

The combination of coagulation, acid cracking and Fenton-like processes for olive oil mill wastewater treatment: phytotoxicity reduction and biodegradability augmentation

Optimization for extracellular polymeric substances extraction of microbial aggregates

5779 Articles found
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