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Flood disasters – a global perspective

The Deltaplan revisited: changing perspectives in the Netherlands' flood risk reduction philosophy

Water-related disaster risk reduction (DRR) management in the United States: floods and storm surges

Translating policies into actions: the case of the Elbe River

Lessons learned from the Big Floods, 1999–2013: The Bavarian Flood Action Programme 2020plus

Integrated policies and practices for flood and drought risk management

Integrated actions in the management of critical hydrologic events

Microbial fuel cell-based biosensors for environmental monitoring: a review

Chitosan use in chemical conditioning for dewatering municipal-activated sludge

Ocean bacteria: performance on CODCr and NH4+-N removal in landfill leachate treatment

Optimization of operating parameters for efficient photocatalytic inactivation of Escherichia coli based on a statistical design of experiments

Granular activated algae for wastewater treatment

Model-based evaluation of mechanisms and benefits of mainstream shortcut nitrogen removal processes

Enhanced electrochemical oxidation of Acid Red 3R wastewater with iron phosphomolybdate supported catalyst

Optimized photocatalytic degradation of caffeic acid by sol–gel TiO2

5732 Articles found
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