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Handbook on Community-led Total Sanitation

Dealing with Cavitation in Control Valves

International Statistics for Water Services

Study on relationships between climate-related covariates and pipe bursts using evolutionary-based modelling

Improving WetSpa model to predict streamflows for gaged and ungaged catchments

Applying micro-genetic algorithm in the one-dimensional unsteady hydraulic model for parameter optimization

Kernel methods for pier scour modeling using field data

Comparing grey formulations of the velocity-area method and entropy method for discharge estimation with uncertainty

Modelling uncertainty of flood quantile estimations at ungauged sites by Bayesian networks

A framework to resolve spatio-temporal misalignment in component-based modelling

The impacts of climate change on water diversion strategies for a water deficit reservoir

The FluidEarth 2 implementation of OpenMI 2.0

Simulation of overflow nappe impingement jets

Generating meshes for tidal wetland modeling using light detection and ranging (LiDAR) data

5196 Articles found
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