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Experimental study of the impacts of external disturbances on N2O emission from water to air

Seasonal and influent characteristic effects on hydrogen sulfide generation at a water reclamation plant

Synergistic effects of inorganic salt and surfactant on phenanthrene removal from aqueous solution by sediment

Assessment of field fluorometers

Comparative analysis of the outflow water quality of two sustainable linear drainage systems

Geometric issues in reverse osmosis: numerical simulation and experimentation

A comprehensive factorial design study of variables affecting CaCO3 scaling under magnetic water treatment

Controlling methanogenesis and improving power production of microbial fuel cell by lauric acid dosing

Removal of sulfur compounds from petroleum refinery wastewater through adsorption on modified activated carbon

Removal of Zn(II) from simulated wastewater using an algal biofilm

Characteristics of arsenate removal from water by metal-organic frameworks (MOFs)

Revealing biogenic sulfuric acid corrosion in sludge digesters: detection of sulfur-oxidizing bacteria within full-scale digesters

Natural clinoptilolite composite membranes on tubular stainless steel supports for water softening

Adsorption of Zn2+ and Ni2+ in a binary aqueous solution by biosorbents derived from sawdust and water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes)

Direct sewage filtration for concentration of organic matters by dynamic membrane

5415 Articles found
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