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Impacts of Shallow Geothermal Energy on Groundwater Quality

Alternative Water Supply Systems

Efficient minimum night flow analysis using Bayesian inference

Iron and manganese removal from groundwater by filtration through a chalcedonite bed

A genetic algorithm for demand pattern and leakage estimation in a water distribution network

A basic bottom-up approach for small systems of safe-water supply: a decentralized case study in Uganda

Wastewater treatment performance efficiency of constructed wetlands in African countries: a review

Dewatering as a non-toxic control of nuisance midge larvae in algal wastewater treatment floways

Modeling bioaugmentation with nitrifiers in membrane bioreactors

Adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system for real-time monitoring of integrated-constructed wetlands

Commercial microwave links instead of rain gauges: fiction or reality?

Removal and bioaccumulation of heavy metals from aqueous solutions using freshwater algae

Influence of local calibration on the quality of online wet weather discharge monitoring: feedback from five international case studies

5637 Articles found
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