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Stability and deactivation research of RuO2-PdO/Ti electrode in dye water degradation

The use of antibacterial activity of ZnO nanoparticles in the treatment of municipal wastewater

Impact of polymeric membrane filtration of oil sands process water on organic compounds quantification

Study of solar photo-Fenton system applied to removal of phenol from water

The energy cost of water independence: the case of Singapore

Construction and operation costs of constructed wetlands treating wastewater

Algae separation from urban landscape water using a high density microbubble layer enhanced by micro-flocculation

Effect of the addition of rice straw on microbial community in a sewage sludge digester

Evaluation of the after-effects of cyanobacterial cell removal and lysis by photocatalysis using Ag/AgBr/TiO2

Performance of an enhanced pervious pavement system loaded with large volumes of hydrocarbons

Membrane treatment of the bleaching plant (EPO) filtrate of a kraft pulp mill

Poly(ethylene imine)-modified graphene oxide with improved colloidal stability and its adsorption of methyl orange

Application of the stormwater management model to a piedmont city: a case study of Jinan City, China

Quantitative identification of riverine nitrogen from point, direct runoff and base flow sources

Optimum air-demand ratio for maximum aeration efficiency in high-head gated circular conduits

Eutrophication and nutrient limitation in the aquatic zones around Huainan coal mine subsidence areas, Anhui, China

Assessment of a tannin-based organic polymer to harvest Chlorella vulgaris biomass from swine wastewater digestate phycoremediation

Continuous phosphorus removal from water by physicochemical method using zero valent iron packed column

5397 Articles found
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