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Removal of arsenic from a deep well by electrocoagulation in a continuous filter press reactor

A novel approach using a fouling index to evaluate NOM fouling behavior in a low pressure ultrafiltration process

Water demand: the Austrian end-use study and conclusions for the future

Free radical destruction of haloacetamides in aqueous solution

Impact of rainwater harvesting systems on nutrient and sediment concentrations in roof runoff

Removal of microcystin-LR from water by polymers based on N-vinylformamide structure

Oxidized fulvic acid adsorption on activated carbon

Long-term studies on hybrid ceramic microfiltration for treatment of surface water containing high dissolved organic matter

Endospore recovery from large volumes using fieldable ultrafiltration for the diagnosis of drinking water treatment plants

Biofilm formation and permeate quality improvement in Gravity Driven Membrane ultrafiltration

Assessment of a rainwater harvesting system for pollutant mitigation at a commercial location in Raleigh, NC, USA

Methodological considerations when conducting bench scale polychromatic ultraviolet irradiation of water

Preliminary studies on removal of nitrate and hardness from ground water using polystyrene beads

Virus removal efficiency of ceramic water filters: effects of bentonite turbidity

Irrigation scheduling under water shortage: investigation of scion-rootstock of peach and water deficit combinations

Flowmeter data validation and reconstruction methodology to provide the annual efficiency of a water transport network: the ATLL case study in Catalonia

Estimation of daily dew point temperature using genetic programming and neural networks approaches

4939 Articles found
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