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Modelling aerated flows with smoothed particle hydrodynamics

General metrics for segmenting infrastructure networks

A high-performance integrated hydrodynamic modelling system for urban flood simulations

An object-oriented development environment to optimally design cyclic storage systems

A novel nested dynamic programming (nDP) algorithm for multipurpose reservoir optimization

Efficient joint probability analysis of flood risk

Data quality assessment in hydrological information systems

Numerical analysis of hydraulic jumps using OpenFOAM

Eutrophication forecasting and management by artificial neural network: a case study at Yuqiao Reservoir in North China

Analysis of suspended solids transport processes in primary settling tanks

Evaluation of hydraulic performance indices for retention ponds

Influence of pH on hexavalent chromium reduction by Fe(II) and sulfide compounds

Unexpected toxicity to aquatic organisms of some aqueous bisphenol A samples treated by advanced oxidation processes

Oxidative treatment of fentanyl compounds in water by sodium bromate combined with sodium sulphite

Optimizing the recovery of copper from electroplating rinse bath solution by hollow fiber membrane

Ammonia and phenol removal in an internal-circulate sequencing batch airlift reactor

6033 Articles found
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