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Current status, problems and control strategies of water resources pollution in China

Spatial analysis of rural drinking water supply in China

An Islamic perspective on water quality: a case of Malaysia

Non-revenue water and cost recovery in urban India: the case of Bangalore

An assessment of farmers' willingness to participate in water trading in southern Spain

Beta diversity as a tool for determining priority streams for management actions

About the interest of a zooplankton compartment in pond systems: methodology to study the growth kinetic of Daphnia pulex on Scenedesmus sp.

Summertime conditions of a muddy estuarine environment: the EsCoSed project contribution

Leaching behavior of total organic carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus from banana peel

An ecological compensation standard based on emergy theory for the Xiao Honghe River Basin

Assessment of flood hazard in a combined sewer system in Reykjavik city centre

Oxidative decomposition properties of cationic exchange resins producing SO42− in power plants

Assessment of LID practices for restoring pre-development runoff regime in an urbanized catchment in southern Finland

Use of geological mapping tools to improve the hydraulic performance of SuDS

Understanding the contribution of biofilm in an integrated fixed-film-activated sludge system (IFAS) designed for nitrogen removal

5876 Articles found
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