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Treatise on Water Science

Treatise on Water Science, Four-Volume SetAvailable online and in print for a limited timeSpecial Introductory price: $1,680 / €1,349 / £962Water quality and management are of great significance globally, as the demand for clean, potable water far exceeds the availability.Water science research brings together the natural and applied sciences, engineering, chemistry, la

Water Policy Entrepreneurs: A Research Companion to Water Transitions around the Globe

‘Unsurpassed in the scope of its coverage, this book explores like no other the roles of policy entrepreneurs and the causes of policy change across diverse political systems ranging from the developing world to the largest western democracies. The studies show how entrepreneurs work with outside donors, take advantage of windows of political opportunity, create those windows, and push the policy process in the direction they hope. They

Wastewater Sludge

It is well recognized everywhere that management of sludge derived from wastewater treatment is one of the most critical environmental issues, due to the very fast increase in sludge production as a result of sewerage extension, new installations and upgrading of existing facilities. Within this general picture, sludge is produced under different technical, economic and social contexts, thus requiring different approaches.This report

Biofuels for Fuel Cells

The increasing demand for energy and the related environmental concerns are the main drivers for the strong interest in Biomass Fermentation towards usage in Fuel Cells. The integration of Biomass Fermentation (BF) and Fuel Cells (FC) technology creates a new and interdisciplinary research area.

Environmental Biotechnology: Advancement in Water and Wastewater Application in the Tropics

The IWA Conference on Environmental Biotechnology: Advancement in Water and Wastewater Application in the Tropics, held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 9-10 December 2003, was a peer-reviewed conference.It was specially organized for Malaysia and the Asia-Pacific region in collaboration between Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), the International Water Association (IWA), the Malaysia Water Association and the Malaysian Biotechnology Di

Young Researchers 2004

The selection of papers in this special issue of WEMS illustrates the various aspects of water and wastewater treatment and management. These papers were presented at the 2nd Young Researchers Conference held on 23-24 April 2004, at the University of Wageningen, The Netherlands. It was organised on behalf of the International Water Association (IWA) and supported by the European Symposium of Environmental Biotechnology (ESEB 2000).

Biofilms in Wastewater Treatment

The central theme of the book is the flow of information from experimental approaches in biofilm research to simulation and modeling of complex wastewater systems. Probably the greatest challenge in wastewater research lies in using the methods and the results obtained in one scientific discipline to design intelligent experiments in other disciplines, and eventually to improve the knowledge base the practitioner needs to run wastewater treatm

Minewater Treatment

Biffaward Winner 2002. The Clean Rivers Trust has fought off stiff competition to become the Research and Development - Technology Category winner at the Biffaward Awards 2002, with its project ‘Technology Analysis of Acid Mine Drainage Treatment Methods’.

Constructed Wetlands for Pollution Control

The book presents a comprehensive up-to-date survey of wetland design techniques and operational experience from treatment wetlands.This book is the first and only global synthesis of information related to constructed treatment wetlands. Types of constructed wetlands, major design parameters, role of vegetation, hydraulic patterns, loadings, treatment efficiency, construction, operation and maintenance costs are discussed in depth. H

9 Books found
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