Raschig-USA is part of a global team of dedicated and widely experienced mass transfer applications specialists. The USA headquarters is located in Arlington, Texas in the midcities area of the Dallas / Fort Worth megalopolis. Production facilities are located in El Dorado, Kansas, Dallas and in Mexico.Dr. Fritz Raschig (1863-1928) founder of Raschig Gmbh in 1891. Dr. Raschig invented the RASCHIG-RING mass transfer tower packing. This packing allowed for greatly improved process efficiencies in his plant. Our partner firm is located in Ludwigshafen, Germany - at the same site that Dr. Raschig built his chemical plant over 100 years ago.Tower Packings, Distillation Trays, Tower Internals, Plastic and Metal Packings, Random and Structured Packings, Liquid Distributors, Support Plates, Mass Transfer and Separations, Mist Eliminators, Mechanical Design, Auto-Cad Drawings

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Raschig USA Inc. (formerly Jaeger Environmental) has been involved in the manufacturing and supply of wastewater treatment equipment since 1989. We have supplied plastic media for biological treatment systems for industrial and municipal water and wastewater treatment facilities around the world. Originally operating as the Environmental Systems division of NSW Corporation (Roanoke, VA), Raschig USA specializes in fixed film media for wastewater treatment. Besides marketing our products to a wide range of Industrial and Municipal End Users, our products are also extensively used by OEM companies who build smaller wastewater treatment systems and oil/water separators.

Our products include our unique Sessil trickling filter media which is ideal for high strength industrial wastewater applications, wastewater with high TSS concentrations and municipal applications. Sessil boasts the only continuous vertical design and has no packing interfaces for solids to accumulate. In 1994, we introduced our Bio-Pac SF#30 random dump media which is ideal for upgrading existing rock trickling filters, new trickling filters, and submerged applications including hybrid anaerobic reactors. Our Dura-Pac modular PVC media was introduced in 2001 and is widely used in municipal wastewater plants for both BOD removal and nitrification. The Dura-Pac media is also used for industrial wastewater treatment, anaerobic fixed film media, and oil/water separators.

Our other products include Nor-Pac tower packings (for mass transfer applications including air scrubbers and air stripping, aquaculture applications, and smaller wastewater applications), Kompakt tubular block media (oil/water separators, submerged fixed bed applications),  Kontakt MBBR/IFAS media (moving bed biological reactors and integrated fixed-film activated sludge systems), N-Dec underdrain panels for Bio-Pac, Dura-Pier engineered support systems and Dura-Dek protective grating.

Raschig USA is also a manufacturer of tower packing, trays and column internals used in all types of chemical processes, refining and mass transfer applications. Since 1978, with the introduction of the Jaeger Tri-Packs® random packing, Raschig USA has continued to offer a comprehensive line of mass transfer equipment. Our product line includes:

  • plastic, metal, and ceramic random packings,
  • structured plastic and metal packings,
  • high performance trays, and
  • all types of custom designed internals.

The Raschig USA staff has over 50 years of experience in the design and supply of these products. We also have extensive operating data from full scale and pilot scale studies. Our services include an experienced engineering staff ready to assist with system designs, troubleshooting, or choosing the proper equipment for your application. Our professional sales and customer service staff provide competitive verbal or written quotations with reliable delivery information without having to wait days. Our commitment to ample inventories and 'just in time' delivery scheduling is part of why Raschig USAl has the best customer service ranking in the industry. Representative inquiries are welcomed - both domestically and internationally. We look forward to the opportunity to be of service to you.

Jaeger Environmental is a division of Raschig-Jaeger Technologies (Houston, TX and Ludwigshafen, Germany) which is a subsidiary of PMC Global, Inc. (Sun Valley, CA). Please visit our website  for more details.


Dura-Pac - Model XF and VF Media - Sheet Media for Trickling Filters

Crossflow and vertical flow PVC sheet media for trickling filters, submerged fixed beds, and other wastewater treatment applications including oil/water separators.

Sessil - Trickling Filter Media

Unique “strip-type” media for high- strength industrial and municipal wastewaters from production of food products, beverages, pulp and paper, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.


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