Kernco is the proud distributor for the following instruments: Anemometers - 8 models Measure Airflow, Temperature, DataLogger features, RS232, and Digital Memory + DataLoggers - Measure temperature & humidity, computer interface many models + Dangerous Gas Detectors with Alarms and other features - Model SBG200 and Model 501AK + Event Recorders - Measures downtime and production time...


Portable Stroboscopes with Phase Capability

ISO9001 Certified Phase shifting and delay feature External triggering & synchronous output signal Compact, portable instrument Available in AC or DC power 5 digit LED updates every 0.2 seconds Output signal Low battery indicator (DT-315A & DT-315AEB only) For quality control, motion studies, maintenance, production line checks Removable handle for permanent/temporary installation

Battery Operated Digital Stroboscope

True portability - can be taken just about anywhere Wide range from 0 to 12,00 FPM (RPM) High accuracy of ±1 FPM or RPM throughout entire range NIST traceability available

Company details

Business Type:
Technology - Distributor

Industry Type:
Monitoring and Testing

Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)


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