Kernco is the proud distributor for the following instruments: Anemometers - 8 models Measure Airflow, Temperature, DataLogger features, RS232, and Digital Memory + DataLoggers - Measure temperature & humidity, computer interface many models + Dangerous Gas Detectors with Alarms and other features - Model SBG200 and Model 501AK + Event Recorders - Measures downtime and production time...


NEW Model DA420 Thermo-Anemometer

High accuracy - ±1.0% of reading Rugged metal prove and vane Intuitive user interface design Ultra low speed sensitivity down to 40 ft/min Industrial grade enclosure and probe Measure airflow in extreme environments from -20° to 100°C Temp measurements from -30° to 100°C Optional Temp probe providing measurement from -95° to 200°C Minimum and Maximum air speed and temp Analog voltage output and Communication options Low power, high performance, RISC ...

CDT-2000HD Multi-Function Digital Tachometer

Contact and Non-Contact Measure RPM, surface speed and length Measure speeds from 1.00 to 99,999 RPM Non-contact sensing from 24' w/visible red light source Built-in memory stores Max, Min, and Last reading 5 Year Warranty Supplied with NIST Certification

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Monitoring and Testing

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Globally (various continents)

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