KISTERS is a worldwide growing IT-company founded in 1963 as an engineering agency. Its 450 employees develop resource management systems for water and air, energy, and information systems for environment protection and safety. Professional competence and operational experience with 1.600 customers in 35 countries make KISTERS an internationally sought-after partner. The core of our high-capacity systems are company-owned enabling software technologies for time series management (KiTSM), modeling and forecasts, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), and distributed electric and thermal generation units. Our customers are government agencies and businesses - from small firms up to well-known multinationals. Proximity to our customers is essential for long-lasting customer satisfaction and partnership. The KISTERS group subsidiaries in Europe, the United States, Australasia, and China realize this claim and are the mainspring of our international reputation.


Water, air quality, and energy are our basic resources. The economic globalization and the developing countries make their efficient use the key challenge of our and future generations. The management and utilization of largest time series data volumes play a key role in the successful achievement of this goal, today and tomorrow.

Standard software solutions for the energy markets and the management of the natural resources water and air, for environment protection, the handling of hazardous substances and dangerous goods, for safety at work and health care. KISTERS offers high-capacity scalable systems, which can easily be tailored to customers' and local demands. Therefore, KISTERS software is in operation in Europe, North America as well as the Asian and Pacific regions. Our customers are free enterprises from small firms up to the well-known multi-nationals as well as public administrative authorities.

Proximity to our customers is essential for long-lasting customer satisfaction and partnership. The numerous KISTERS locations and subsidiary companies in Europe, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and China realize this claim and are the mainspring of our international reputation.

Enabling software technologies for time series management (TSM), modelling and forecasts, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), and distributed electric and thermal generation units are the company-owned core of our high-capacity systems.

In the German-speaking countries, KISTERS today is the leading information system provider many areas: water economy and hydrology, energy data management, hazardous substances and materials, EHS (environment, health and safety). The specialist and management competence of a high-qualified staff coming from science, technique, software engineering and business economics guarantee the efficiency and modernity of the products and solutions exactly in accordance with the customers needs.


WISKI, the Water Resources Management System KISTERS

The hydrological workbench of KISTERS

WISKI, the Water Information System KISTERS, is a standard-setting software system for the collection and processing of hydrological data. With the thousandfold proven KISTERS time series management inside, high flexibility and expandability, and more than 25 years of application experience, WISKI is the ideal solution for all hydrological departments and tasks. The entire data management process, from the data stream for telemetry to the data processing up to the final report, is controlled by WISKI: An all-in-one system to be found nowhere else. KISTERS can also provide the right hardware for your data acquisition and management requirements.

WISKI operates with the database of your choice. Decide for WISKI and arrange your hydrological workbench with the WISKI modules according to your demands.

WISKI is a state-of the art software system suitable to your needs, which at the same time is an ergonomically optimized and powerful tool.

In addition:

SODA for Simultaneous Online Data Acquisition.

BIBER for discharge measurement and evaluation and the rating curve editor SKED.


Water Data Management Solution for Lake / Reservoir Management

Whether it’s for hydro electric production, irrigation operations, or long term ecosystem monitoring, utilize KISTERS solutions to monitor lakes and reservoirs.

Water Data Management Solution for Groundwater Monitoring

Deployed across all relevant sectors including landfill security, well field monitoring programs, pumping tests, and drinking water supply, KISTERS solutions can be used to measure groundwater data.


BIBER - Discharge Measurement and Evaluation Systems

BIBER is a discharge measurement application that you can use in the field as well as in the office. BIBER offers all functions for direct collection of discharge measurement data by means of a field computer and for manual collection and calculation of the flow measurement data in the office. In the field, BIBER works with all conventional measuring devices. For example, with measurements provided by current meters, impulses are transmitted ...

ResOpt - Optimum Results From a Plurality of Resource Interactions

ResOpt automatically reaches the best possible decisions for deployment, performance and scheduling for each structure involved in the business process (e.g. water, gas and power control, market's rules, customer needs, environment constraints). This leads to increased operator efficiency under a given plant and contract structure, or to increased effectiveness of the structure in the case of optimization of plant structure or structure variants.



ENTSORGA-ENTECO 2011, Meteorological Technology World Expo 2013


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