Collection system for film and EPS. Knapsack and Knapsackholder are the ideal combination for decentralised and clean collection of packaging film and EPS in a wide variety of industrial- and retailsituations. The Knapsack is a transparant bag, made of (recycled) LDPE, hung in a Knapsackholder, a sturdy tubular steel frame and can thus be easily filled. For film there are Knapsacks of 200, 300, 400 and 500 litres, for EPS of 1000 and 2500 litres.

About Us


Our business
Knapzak Benelux BV helps you to collect and separate waste quickly and easily. This way, recycling gets easier. We have been doing this since 1995. Thanks to the unique concept and our 'saying is doing' mentality, we have become the support and trust of many (international) businesses in the industrial collection industry. We are based in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

Our system
Knapsack is the name of the most effective collection system for plastic packaging, like foil, EPS, PE and PET bottles and plant pots and trays. This system consists of the Knapsack and the Knapholder: a transparant plastic bag and a steel frame. This bag and holder are the perfect duo for the collection of these waste types. Knapsacks are adapted to the dimensions of the Knapsack holder so they stay in the holder without getting stuck. With this duo, you can collect other waste types as well.

Besides bags and holder, we also offer matching accessoires, like lids, sets of wheels and clips.

The benefits of the Knapsack system:

  • Simple, cheap recycling solution that you require
  • Clean and quick decentralized collection
  • Small investment and low costs
  • Optimal compaction of foil in the Knapsack
  • Country-wide pick-up guaranteed

Bins and containers
Our other activity is offering several kinds of bins and containers. These are systems that make it easier to collect different types of waste correctly and quickly.

For example for the collection of:

  • bottles
  • cans
  • coffee cups
  • batteries
  • paper
  • confidential documents
  • organic waste
  • diapers

How Knapsack Works


Knapsack works simply: a transparent Knapsack made of (recycled) plastic is hung in a Knapholder, a robust tubular steel frame.

Where is Knapsack used?
In all places (work places) where lots of plastic foil, EPS or other synthetic packaging materials are produced, you can install a Knapholder with a Knapsack. There are also Knapholders with wheels, so that you are not limited to one collection point in your company.

Filling the Knapsack effectively
Because the Knapsack in the Knapholder is open, you can fill it quickly and effectively. For example, in a well-filled 400 litre Knapsack, you can collect about 18 kg of plastic foil at once. This is mainly because the foil in a Knapsack is easily compressible: the air is pressed out through the perforation holes.

Knapsacks can also be supplied unperforated, for the collection of EPS for example. A 1000 litre Knapsack can contain up to about 7 kg of EPS. You can collect plant pots and trays, PET bottles and other plastic waste streams with Knapzak too.

Clean collection
Because the Knapsack is transparant, you always have control over clean collection in the work place. You only change the Knapsack when it's completely full and has been closed with the binder. This way, the temporary storage is clean as well.

Removal of Knapsacks
Your waste hauler or paper/cardboard collector disposes of Knapsacks for you at 'low' rates. Thanks to the perforation holes, foil can be disposed of in a compressed state, together with paper/cardboard, in a crusher or compacting container. This makes it possible to dispose of two waste flows at the same time. There are no extra sorting and processing costs because you are supplying clean material for recycling.

Clean EPS can be collected in 1000 of 2500 litre bags and taken directly to recycling firms. For plant pots and plant trays, PET bottles and other synthetic waste flows, there are good processing possibilities.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission
To reduce the amount of waste as much as possible by recycling as much as possible. That's the mission of Knapzak Benelux BV from the Netherlands.

Our Vision
Making the separation of waste and recycling quick and easy for everyone. That's the vision of Knapzak Benelux BV from the Netherlands.

We make that happen with Knapsack, the most effective system for the collection and separation of waste. And with bins and containers. Collecting and separating waste for recycling has never been this easy!


Knapsack - 200 L - Holder For Collection Of Plastic Film Waste

The 200 litre Knapsacks are provided with a binder and are perforated, so they are compressible. They are packed in rolls, with 12 rolls of 10 bags per box (120 bags per box). The bags are made of recycled LDPE and suitable for the collection of plastic film waste (i.a. stretch and wrap plastic film) at smaller stores and warehouses. The weight of the bag when full is about 7 to 10 kg. This partly depends on the type of plastic film that's being ...


ENTSORGA-ENTECO 2011, GLOBE 2012, Pollutec Horizons 2011, RWM In Partnership With CIWM 2012, RWM In Partnership with CIWM 2013, TEM TECMA 2010, the International Town-Planning and Environment Exhibition

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Technology - Manufacturer

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Waste and Recycling - Waste Management

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Globally (various continents)


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