NORD is working for a cleaner world. For our customers, for nature and for our children. For us, this is not a matter of a far-off future. It’s about here and now and tomorrow.We process, recycle and dispose of hazardous waste in an environmentally sound way. We develop processes for the detoxification cycle and exploit the resources in hazardous waste to maximise benefits and minimise potential human, environmental and climate costs as far as possible.Since the company was established in 1971, we have detoxified more than 4,000,000 tonnes of hazardous waste, and we have set our sights on becoming the best in the world. This means that we will deliver the best, safest and most sustainable solutions to minimise the amount of waste, and to channel resources back into circulation instead of losing them.You can read about how we do all this, and the challenges.

About Us

NORD is Denmark’s and one of Europe’s leading plants for incineration of hazardous waste. For 40 years, we have ensured an environmentally sound treatment of hazardous waste for the benefit of humans and the environment. Here you can read more about NORD's present mission and vision for the future.

Mission and Vision

NORD’s core business is incinerating hazardous waste in a way that ensures an environmentally sound and energy efficient treatment. We also transform the energy content of the waste into eco-friendly electricity and district heating for the benefit of the society.      

However, our ambition extends further, and we are therefore working according to the motto: “From destruction to production”. In the future, NORD has to focus its activities on recovering and producing raw materials for the industry and the agriculture.


Hazardous Waste Treatment Services

NORD offers the market’s most extensive supply of treatment services for hazardous waste types that have an adverse impact on the environment.We have invested many resources in new incineration plants, storing and reception facilities to secure an environmental and energy efficient treatment.On the following pages you can read about our incineration process, flue gas cleaning and landfill. In addition you can read ...

Landfill Hazardous Waste Disposes

The residuals from NORD's incineration processes, e.g. slag, fly ash, plaster and filter cake are exported to NOAH AS in Norway. NOAH AS treats and disposes of hazardous waste.NOAH AS utilises the residuals from NORD to the greatest possible extent. NOAH converts the waste into stable and environmentally sound construction materials which are used to refill the huge craters created through more than 100 years' of limestone ...

Company details

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Waste and Recycling - Hazardous Waste

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Globally (various continents)


10,000,000 - 100,000,000 €


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