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Single-Point Insertion Flow Meters

Kurz - Model Series 454FTB-WGF - Insertion Mass Flow Meters (Single Point)

The Series 454FTB-WGF represents the first thermal mass flow meter intended for use in Wet Gas and condensing environments. This product is specifically designed for Biogas measurements in digester and landfill applications. By utilizing advanced signal processing and sensor technology, the process flow signal is independent from the effects of moisture in the process gas stream.

Kurz - Model Series 454FTB - Insertion Mass Flow Meter (Single Point)

The Kurz Series 454FTB is the premier Single-Point Insertion Mass Flow Transmitter for industrial gas flow measurements. The 454FTB uses the most advanced microprocessor technology, realtime sensor and electronic diagnostics, and temperature compensation to provide the highest repeatability, accuracy, and reliability in the industry. The process pressure rating is up to 300 PSIG, the process temperature rating is -40 to 260°C and -40 to 500°C,...

Multipoint Meters

Kurz - Model K-BAR 2000B - Multipoint Insertion Flow Meters

K-BAR 2000B multipoint insertion flow meter uses up to four sensors for measurement redundancy and to ensure accuracy. Its rugged design withstands the high stress and high vibrations found in large industrial stacks and ducts that commonly have wide-ranging velocity and temperature profiles. The K-BAR 2000B supports process temperatures up to 260°C or up to 500°C.

In-line Mass Flow Meters

Providing partial or complete in-situ calibrations, the Kurz Instruments inline flow meters are designed to provide outstanding “plug and play” accuracy on gas flow measurement in applications where the pipe is less than eight inches in diameter. Greater out-of-the-box accuracy is achieved by calibrating the instrument in a spool piece which becomes a part of the process line.

Kurz - Model Series 534FTB - In-line Mass Flow Meter

The Series 534FTB The Kurz 534FTB is designed with built-in inlet and outlet piping reducers/expanders to produce exceptional immunity to upstream and downstream flow disturbances caused by elbows, valves, and line size changes. The patented technology results in output with exceptional low end-to-end pressure drop and the fastest response to velocity and temperature changes in the industry.

Kurz - Model Series 504FTB - Inline Mass Flow Meter

The Series 504FTB in-line flow meter is designed for applications where flow disturbances or line size changes are not an issue. The 504FTB is available in 10 models for inline sizes from ½” to 4” pipes.

Kurz - Model Series 534FTB-CL2 - Chlorine In-Line Meter

The Series 534FTB-CL2 is designed with a PVC flowbody specifically for chlorine gas applications. The high molecular weight (70.9) of chlorine gas generates significant pressure drop, which reduces low-end performance and can generate up to 10% errors, resulting in excess chlorine added to the water. The Kurz 534FTB-CL2 in-line meter has superior pressure drop recovery, and immunity to upstream and downstream disturbances. The CL2 is available in...

Portable Air Velocity Meters

The beginnings of “hot-wire” technology remain traceable in the functionality and design of Kurz Portable Air Velocity Instruments. Hot-Wire began its career as a simple laboratory instrument; Kurz has models that demonstrate the evolution from those beginnings to the true Industrial workhorse that thermal transfer technology has become.

Kurz - Model 2445 - High Temperature Probe Portable Flow Meter

The Model 2445 Portable Velocity Meter is a rugged, portable air velocity meter for a wide variety of very high temperature (500°C) industrial applications. The Model 2445 is mainly used for velocity, flow rate and temperature traverse measurements in larger pipes, ducts and stacks. Most applications are coal-fired power plant stacks, primary and secondary air ducts. The Model 2445 has a fixed length 3/4' diameter sensor support and is rated at...

Kurz - Model 2444 - Heavy Industrial Portable Flow Meter

The Model 2444 is a rugged, industrial quality portable air velocity meter for a wide variety of velocity measurement applications in pipes and ducts. It uses the well- respected Kurz FD Fast-Dual MetalClad sensor and can be used at temperatures to 200°C. It is extraordinarily flexible as it can be extended in the field to accommodate both large and small ducts. The Model 2444 sensor support consists of the sensor section which has the FD...

Kurz - Model 2443 - Expandable Probe Portable Flow Meter

The Model 2443 Portable Air Velocity Meter uses the Metal-Clad 'MC' sensor. It is designed to be used in industrial ventilation and process applications in which a small, rugged sensor is required. Most applications are for velocity traverse in small to moderately sized pipes and ducts. The sensor support is 3/8' diameter, 13' long with a probe shield which can be reversed to be used as a probe extender.

Kurz - Model 2442 - Industrial HVAC Portable Flow Meter

The Model 2442 has been specifically designed for HVAC Applications, such as air velocity traverses, air balancing and other tasks. It has a unique flexible 'gooseneck' section between the sensor element and the sensor support, as well as an easily extendable telescopic wand which allows measurements at the ceiling height. The 'gooseneck' section can be bent to 90° so that the user can orient the sensor element perpendicular to the air velocity...

Kurz - Model 2441 - Lab Grade Portable Flow Meter

The Model 2441 is especially convenient for Industrial Hygiene and HVAC measurements. It is a very sophisticated micro-processor version of the widely used and appreciated Series 440 Portable Air Velocity Meter. The 2441 uses the well-known 'CD' dual-sting ceramic sensor mounted in a 1/4' diameter, 13' long sensor support with a sensor shield/extender. It includes an all-metal display module, battery charger, carrying case, many options and...

Kurz - Model 490-IS - Portable Air Velocity Meters

The Series 490-IS Mini-Anemometer incorporates Kurz sensor expertise into an inexpensive miniature Thermal Air Velocity Meter that you can take anywhere. The 490-IS is ideal for velocity measurements for EPA and OSHA emission regulations for a wide variety of vapor emission sources. The 490-IS is intrinsically safe!

Mass Flow Computers

Known as ADAM, these “Smart” Mass Flow Computers are state-of-the-art, microprocessor-based, versatile system transmitters and flow controllers. The various models operate one or more Kurz Mass Flow Elements and Transmitters, Isokinetic Sampling Systems, Series 730 Electric Rotary Ramp Control Valves, as well as variable speed motors and position input devices such as Air Control Vanes, Dampers and Valves.

Kurz - Model Series 155 - Mass Flow Computer/Transmitter

The Series 155 Mass Flow Computer is available in five models, depending on the number of flow meters and sensors in your flow meter system. The Series 155 Mass Flow Computer integrates the functions of temperature and flow measurement, closed loop flow control, flow totalization, alarms, input/output calibration, and data acquisition for up to 22 sensors.

Isokinetic Samplings Systems

Custom by any measure, Isokinetic sampling systems combine high accuracy mass flow measurement in the process with effective sampling nozzles and fine control and measurement of the sampling rate, so that you can be assured that your constituent reporting is correct and accurate. Widely used at Department of Energy (DOE) Nuclear, and Defense facilities, Isokinetic sampling ensures that you collect a truly representative sample of the gas/emission.

Kurz - Model Series 220 - Isokinetic Samplings Systems

Kurz offers a complete isokinetic sampling system to ensure true sample composition — from stack flow monitoring and sample capture to sample flow control. The Kurz Emissions and Sampling System provides accurate sample collection for environmental, process, and nuclear applications. It eliminates under- or over-reporting gas or particulate constituents. A wet stack option is available. - See more at:...

14 Products found
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