Italian manufacturer of cable stripping machines. Established in precision mechanical field since 1994, L.R. snc is also an emerging company in cables recycling systems field thanks to the design and construction of Cu29 “the cable stripping machine”. The main feature of Cu29 is its ability to strip cables from diameter of 1 mm (example: telephone cable). Our machines comply with EU Directives. See all the technical details of our three cable strippers!!!! Mail us to have more information, photos of details of our cable strippers! started a new co-operation: we have our first distributor for Canada and USA. mail us at: to know the contact details of our distributor in your country!! MAIL US TO KNOW OUR DISTRIBUTOR IN YOUR COUNTRY! Actually our distributors cover: USA CANADA UK PORTUGAL SPAIN FRANCE GERMANY HOLLAND BELGIUM POLLAND SERBIA RUSSIA ROMANIA GREECE ASEAN COUNTRIES If you want to become our distributor mail us your request and comapny dat


Cu29 - Model 43 - Cable Stripping Machine

The Cu29 model 43 strips cables from 1 to 43 millimeters of diameter. The cable is incised along its length by an hardened steel blade. Dimensions: 450x400x400 mm Weight: 30 Kg Diameters: it strips from 1 to 43 mm Electricity: 220 V and 110 V (US Market). The stripper Cu29 model 43 complies with EU Directives.

L.R. snc - Model Cu29 35 Electric - Cu29 mod. 35 Electric

The mod. 35 electric is a mix between the Cu29 mod.35 manual and Cu29 mod. 43 electric. It strips cables from 1 to 35 mm of diameter by replacing the blade and the cable guide

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Waste and Recycling - Recycling Systems

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Globally (various continents)


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