Lakes Environmental is a world leader in the air dispersion modeling and emissions inventory field, committed to supplying robust and easy-to-use software solutions. Lakes Environmental software products can increase productivity, reduce errors, and provide unique solutions to the challenges you face.

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Lakes Environmental is committed to supplying robust and easy-to-use air dispersion modeling software to consulting companies, industries, governmental agencies and academia.

The introduction of Lakes Environmental’s graphical Microsoft® Windows®-based interfaces revolutionized the field of air dispersion modeling software. Since 1995, Lakes Environmental has been recognized internationally for its technologically advanced air dispersion modeling software and also for its exceptional expertise in the area of IT solutions for environmental sciences.

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Our Mission

  1. It is Lakes Environmental’s mission to provide busy environmental experts high quality software solutions that are fast, reliable, and affordable. To realize this mission we focus strongly on our clients, like no other.
  2. Technical Support: We have dedicated experts whose number one priority is to respond to your issues. This way, our response time to your enquiries is un-matched.
  3. No Project Bidding: We do not bid in air dispersion modeling, so you can feel comfortable sending your modeling problems to us.
  4. Quality of Software: We do not train engineers to program. Our software developers received university degrees in Computer Science and therefore are more qualified to create the most reliable solutions in this market.
  5. Affordable IT Solutions: Our large number of clients ensures that we can provide affordable solutions, since our costs are distributed among many users.
  6. Thinking Ahead: Lakes Environmental software is designed with extreme flexibility. This way, we can provide updates shortly after changes to regulations are announced.

At Lakes Environmental

  • Our robust and easy-to-use air dispersion modeling software is supplied to consulting companies, industries, governmental agencies and academia.
  • Our graphical Windows-based interfaces revolutionized the air dispersion modeling software field, while our leading risk assessment software packages continue to break new ground.
  • Our expert technical staff investigates new areas of research continually to provide state-of-the-art software based on current knowledge.
  • Our software packages are updated regularly to incorporate the latest technology providing sophisticated, powerful software tools to you.

Our Areas of Expertise

  • Air Dispersion Modeling
  • Compliance Assurance (Real Time Modeling)
  • Emergency Release
  • Emissions Inventory & Management
  • Human Health & Ecological Risk Assessment
  • Custom IT Solutions
  • Worldwide Meteorological Data Processing (e.g. MM5)
  • Hands-On Software Training


AERSCREEN View - Screening Air Dispersion Model for AERMOD

AERSCREEN View is a user friendly interface for the US EPA AERSCREEN screening-level air quality model and associated modeling programs. AERSCREEN estimates worst-case impacts of ground level concentrations for a single source by interfacing with the screening mode of the AERMOD model. Scenarios can include simple or complex terrain, building downwash, and NO2 chemistry.

AUSTAL View - Lagrangian Particle Tracking Air Dispersion Model

AUSTAL View is a graphical user interface for the official German Federal Environmental Agency air dispersion model, AUSTAL2000.


Air Dispersion Modeling Courses

Since 1998, Lakes Environmental has offered air dispersion modeling training worldwide. A host of EPA offices, state agencies, overseas organizations, consulting firms, and industrial companies have been trained first hand by our experienced and qualified staff.


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Air & Waste Management Association 106th Annual Conference & Exhibition 2013, Air & Waste Management Association’s Annual Conference & Exhibition (ACE) 2012


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