Leraand Engineering Inc. (LEI) is a Hawaii-based company and provide specialized services and software solutions for the deployment of marine cables, tracking of towed-cable systems and hydrographic surveys. Leraand Engineering Inc. develops SonarTRX, a sidescan sonar software for mapping the seabed using low cost, off-the-shelf fishfinders with sidescan capabilities. SonarTRX can be part of a very cost effective survey & monitoring solution for shallow water marine habitats, rivers & lakes, harbors & marinas.

About us

LEI's sidescan sonar software: SonarTRX was released in 2010 and has sold to users in more than 20 countries. SonarTRX makes it easy to generate geo-referenced sidescan images for viewing with Google Earth, or import to GIS for more advanced processing. SonarTRX can process data from a variety of sidescan sonars, including low cost, consumer grade fishfinders.


Leraand - Marine Cable Systems

Cable-ship commissioning and sea-trials (On-site construction management), At-sea cable installation services, Training of personnel in use of cable lay control systems, Owners-representation during route-survey / cable lay, GIS-based planning, Static and dynamic analysis of deployment operations.


Software Development Services

Software for static and dynamic analysis of marine cable systems, Sonar processing, GIS tools & customization, Ocean Engineering utilities and tools, Motion control systems.

Other Engineering Services

GIS data conversion, processing and spatial analysis, Terrain processing, 3D Modeling and visualization, Deep ocean HDPE pipeline design, Seawater Air-conditioning - Feasibility studies.


SonarTRX - Version PlusPack - For Bathymetric Processing

PlusPack is an add-on product license that activates additional import/export functionality within SonarTRX, SonarTRX-SI and SonarTRX-LSS: Import/Export of alternate data (track, absolute elevation, transducer altitude...), Export of XYZ data for bathymetric processing (absolute elevations or depth relative surface), Export of raw ping data to text files for further analysis.

SonarTRX - Sidescan Sonar Software

SonarTRX sidescan sonar software makes it easy to view, extract bathymetric raw-data, and generate map-images (geo-referenced images) of the seabed from sidescan sonar recordings. SonarTRX products can be part of a very affordable tool-kit for exploring & mapping the seabed from your kayak, jet ski or small boat.

Company details

Business Type:
Software vendor

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Environmental - Environmental Data and IT Systems

Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

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less than $1,000,000 US

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