LNI Swissgas, based in Geneva, Switzerland, is a leading European organisation in gas calibrators, blenders, generators and linearisation systems. The company develops, manufacture and sell products for Air Pollution Monitoring, Emission & Process, Automotive and Laboratories. The product portfolio includes: - High precision calibrators for gas applications - Hydrogen, zero air, and nitrogen 19` rack generators for APM and CEM - Hydrogen, zero air, and nitrogen generators for GC and LCMS applications - Ozone Generators for low concentrations LNI Swissgas maintains ISO 9001 for corporate activities, research and manufacturing. In order to satisfy high metrological requirements, LNI Swissgas, has been working since several years with its own accredited ISO 17025 calibration laboratory.

About Us

Our Business : Creator of Gas Mixers and Gas Generators

'High-tech' specialist in gas calibrators, mixers and generators, LNI Swissgas is based in Geneva, Switzerland.

For more than 100 years we export our products worldwide. Using the latest technologies to provide high quality products allowing our customers the highest productivity and competitiveness.

Our Quality Policy

Swiss Quality Products

The swiss quality starts with competent manpower.

At LNI Swissgas, electronic specialists, programmers, engineers and commercials come from the best swiss schools. Faithfull to the company, they acquired a large experience in instrumentation and gas analysis. 

To insure the highest quality, LNI Swissgas has got ISO 9001-2008 certification and ISO 17025 accreditation of its Gas Flow Standard laboratory.

We also got the ISO 13485 – 2003 and CE certification for our medical gas mixers.



Nowadays on-site gas generation has shown many benefits when compared with pressurized gas cylinders:

  • Economical: no more renting or logistics costs
  • Safe: lower stored volume at a lower pressure
  • Convenience: generation on demand, no more heavy handling
  • Environnement friendly: reduced carbon footprint, use of renewable resources air, water and energy
Air Pollution Monitoring

The measurement of pollutants such as O3, NO, NO2, CO, SO2 and HC to ppb’s and ppm’s require very sensitive analysers. Over the time or according regulations and devices requirements, calibration operations are required for each measured compound.

As low concentration gas standards are expensive, may be unstable or not storable, like for ozone, on-site reference gas generation with Sonimix calibrators reduce costs, logistics troubles and keep analysers performances at their higher level.

Emission and Process

CO2 taxes and regulations oblige power plants and incinarators owners to regulary measure and calibrate the emissions of their installations.

The Sonimix gas mixers allow to fulfil the regulation EN 14181 (with their QAL 1, QAL 2 et QAL 3) and to determine with precision what are the atmospheric emissions.

The Sonimix gas mixer allow to considerably diminish the cylinder's number, lowering the calibration costs as well as the handling efforts.


The specialists words are 'measuring is good but measuring right is better'.

At the moment the thought of an homologation happen for a new or existing engine development, the precision of gas measures is a crucial point.

In order to fulfill the various normalisations, the Sonimix gas mixers are the essential tools. They provide the precision, reliability ans verstility. Linearity and calibration of test bench become very simple.





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Analytica 2016, ARABLAB 2016, Pittcon 2016, The 12th International Conference & Exhibition on Emissions Monitoring - CEM 2016


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