Logic Beach has been designing, manufacturing and marketing data logging and alarming systems. Our instruments are used for monitoring thermal oxidizers, landfill gas generators, water remediation equipment, field studies, energy audits, level and flow monitoring, met stations and much more... wherever rugged, stand-alone data acquisition is required. Portable industrial data-logging and alarming instruments. Modular, low-power loggers allow for maximum flexibility in I/O and programming. Data acquisition direct from standard industrial sensors is supported. New innovations include a web-enable data logger with canned and custom web pages capable of wired and wireless communications for sending messages, alarms and data via SMS, email and FTP.

About Us

Logic Beach designs, manufactures, sells and supports our offering of rugged, stand-alone data logging and alarming instruments. Our data loggers sample connected sensors and signals, process the data and store it to local memory for later download and analysis. In addition to data acquisition, our data loggers can output alarms, autonomously transfer data back to a central location, email status and reports and even serve Web pages with embedded values.

Our data loggers are extremely flexible in function and yet simple and quick to configure thanks to the unique and intuitive, icon-based HyperWare software. With HyperWare, a graphic representation of the data logging and alarming program is quickly developed on your PC, then transferred to the data logger where it executes. To complement our data logging instruments, we distribute a number of sensors and accessory devices to assist you in implementation of your data acquisition project.



Logic Beach began operations as a California corporation...with a single employee... in October, 1986. Our first commercial product was the Bitlogger Portable Data Logging System. The Bitlogger introduced the world to the first modular, low-power, self-contained data logging instrument. With its miniature 'rack-mount' input modules and ease of setup Logic Beach began its journey to becoming the leader in the manufacture of 'simply, powerful' portable data logging instrumentation.

Through continuous and innovative product development coupled with sincere, competent Customer Support, Logic Beach has experienced substantial and continual growth every year since 1986.

Due to continuous expansion of Engineering, Sales and Manufacturing needs, Logic Beach has been forced to relocate to larger facilities three times... currently occupying the pictured building in the rolling hills of La Mesa, California (a suburb of San Diego).

After over 20 years in business, Logic Beach has earned world-wide acclaim as a leading, innovative and responsible instrument manufacturer. Logic Beach remains privately held.


To continue expansion of Logic Beach's profitable status as a market leader in the design, manufacture, sales and support of Engineering and test instrumentation via:

  • Our Customers... provide the best engineered instrumentation products, service, and sales / application support in the World.
  • Our Staff... offer a rewarding environment for our employees to work,expand their skills, and grow with experience and responsibility.
  • Our Environment... globally, provide Engineers and Scientists with quality tools... enabling them to build a cleaner, better world. Locally, be environmentally responsible on a Corporate and personal level.

Why Buy LBI?

  • We insure accurate product selection: you purchase what you need.
  • Quotations and delivery times are accurately quoted: You get what you ordered when we promise it.
  • We have unique and proven data logging solutions: flexibility, ease-of-use and reliability are designed in to our products.
  • Product reliability and quality is excellent: you can count on our products to work.
  • Our customers refer us and our products: they are our best advertisers.
  • We ship when quoted: promise.
  • We will help you with your data logging task to completion and your satisfaction: this is the 'total' product experience from Logic Beach and we work hard at earning your complete satisfaction.
  • We want more of your business and know we must earn it... and we will.


Noxious Gas Laden Winds Study

Background - Wind carried pollutant emissions from processing plants and feedlots are of continued concern. A first step in rectifying a pollution source is characterization of the source. Problem - A section of a large Mid-Western town was periodically overcome with noxious odors resulting in many complaints to the local regulatory Air Pollution Board. The first step in rectifying the situation was data collection of the chemical content of the fumes ...

IntelliLogger - Model IL-Mini - Stand Alone Data Logging and Alarming Instrument

The IntelliLogger IL-Mini is an extremely versatile stand-alone data logging and alarming instrument… offered at a very cost competitive price point.  The IntelliLogger IL-Mini™ is programmed via Logic Beach’s industry proven icon-based


OEM and Custom Engineering Services

Let Logic Beach design a custom data logging and alarming system for you. We also provide engineering services to produce custom solutions unique for specialized applications. Experts in low-power, compact and easy-to-use hardware and software solutions we have produced thousands of units for OEM customers. Delivering 8 to 24 bit products with application specific software we can turn projects around fast. From low channel count dedicated vehicle ...


HyperWare - Data Logger Configuration Software

HyperWare (HW) is a powerful multi-purpose software package for use in concert with the HyperLogger, ModuLogger, and ModuLogger Mini Portable Data Logging Systems. Within the HyperWare software, all of the functions required for configuration and use of the Logic Beach data loggers are provided.

The Crakker - A Unique Logic Timing Analyzer for Troubleshooting of Control Systems

The CRAKKER is a powerful and unique instrument for trapping problems and recording performance of industrial control systems. PLC based, relay logic controlled or other ON/OFF type control systems are all candidates for the diagnostic power of the CRAKKER system.


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