MALÅ is the global leader in the design and manufacture of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) systems. We provide high quality, reliable and easy to use equipment to solve your subsurface investigation needs. With over 70-years of experience, we understand the needs of our customers and have developed a versatile range of products that offer solutions across a broad range of applications. From the non-destructive imaging of concrete, utility detection and mapping to geophysical and geotechnical investigations, MALÅ has a solution for you.

About Us

Global Leader In Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

MALÅ is headquartered in Sweden, privately held, and has continuously achieved a Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) AAA-rating for the last 10 years. While the technical research and product development at MALÅ is beneficiary to the high standards that power the Swedish technology industry, sales and client support crisscrosses the globe in a network of MALÅ offices and regional partners that collectively serves clients in 113 countries – a technology focus with global reach.

MALÅ’s roots and history of high-tech innovation date back to the 1930s where it embarked on an ambitious research program that revolutionized the mineral exploration industry. Working with people and organizations that shared our passion for surveying the subsurface, MALÅ has earned the status of being the premier ground penetration radar solution provider in the world, making the MALÅ brand synonymous with GPR.

Our solutions enable professionals to create, analyze and transform vast amounts of complex ground penetrating radar data into understandable visual representations of subsurfaces. They are empowered to make faster and safer decisions, which reduce project costs while protecting public safety around the world each and every day.
MALÅ is committed to delivering best in class performance solutions and focusing on innovation in markets where we can make a real difference.

History of MALÅ Geoscience

Leading Geophysical Research for over 80 years
MALÅ has been developing and producing different geophysical instruments for over 80 years and is today the world-leading manufacturer of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) for many different types of applications.



As much as we have grown over the years, we have never forgotten our core values, which are shared by everyone at MALÅ – always with passion and urgency.

Client focus

Our clients drive our business and we strive to enhance our understanding of their needs through careful listening, persistence, and continuous learning.
Team work

As much as raw individual talent, it is the strength our diverse people collaborating in teams that drives the MALÅ brand, service, and ultimately, our financial success – at MALÅ, the sum of the parts is truly greater than the whole. We expect excellence and encourage diversity, treating all MALÅ colleagues with the respect and autonomy required to achieve global collaboration.
Best in class performance

We participate only in markets where we can make a significant contribution.
We take ownership of our clients’ needs by innovating and designing world-class solutions. Our commitment to quality, reliability, and ease-of-use is our modus operandi influencing and directing every aspect of our business activities. As our clients achieve more with less effort, long-term relationships are developed, creating a virtuous circle.
Guided by these values, we look forward to bringing you the best possible experience in your partnership with MALÅ.



MALÅ has ambitious targets and we are committed to sustaining an environment of passion and innovation for our colleagues to achieve these targets. The goal for our brand is to be synonymous with client satisfaction, high quality, and to garner the envy and respect of our competitors. To achieve this, we need to sustain profitable long-term growth in markets where we can make a difference, listen carefully to clients, innovate, and have an inspired team that loves working at MALÅ.


MALÅ - Easy Locator System

The MALÅ Easy Locator, the standard Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) system for utility locate professionals worldwide. The MALÅ Easy Locator system is priced well below other systems and virtually redefines GPR for everyday locators that need to find non-metallic utilities and perform surveys for unknown buried objects and utilities.

MALÅ - Model X3M - Control Unit

The MALÅ X3M is an integrated GPR control unit and is the base of the MALÅ X3M System. Is mounted directly to the MALÅ Shielded Antennas. The built-in electronic design makes it a low weight and compact size system, easy to assemble and operate. The built-in default auto-stacking function secures the best data quality at maximum survey speed. The convenience of this flexible and modular design means that an MALÅ X3M based GPR ...


Service & Repair

Should your MALÅ product require service or repair, please do one of the following: Contact your local MALÅ Sales partner. MALÅ has an extensive and ever increasing network of experienced sales partners worldwide, many of whom are able to perform equipment service and repair locally. See International Distributor Network. Contact your local MALÅ Sales office. See Offices.


MALÅ - GroundVision Software

MALÅ GrondVisionTM software is a data acquisition software designed by MALÅ Geoscience dedicated to MALÅ GPR Systems in single or multi-channel mode. The software is available as MALÅ GroundVision and MALÅ GroundVision 2.

MALÅ - Roadway Mapper Software

The MALÅ Roadway Mapper software allows the user to define points of reference, based on GPS positioning, for selecting sections of road that are of specific interest for post-processing based on data already collected with the MALÅ ProEx RoadCart system.



These training seminars are offered to our end users and anyone else who is interested in learning more about GPR methods, procedures, benefits and limitations. These seminars are also open to anyone who may be a recipient of GPR consulting services.

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