M.E. Simpson Company`s mission is to provide technical services to municipal and private Water Utilities in the Midwest. The company has worked not only with many Midwestern Water Utilities, but has also helped Water Utilities throughout the United States and its possessions.

About Us


M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. was founded in 1979 by Marvin E. Simpson, who started in the Water Works Industry in 1956 and spent the next 23 years working for various manufacturers of pipe, valves and water meters.

M.E. Simpson Company’s mission is to provide technical services to municipal and private Water Utilities in the Midwest. In the last 20 years, the company has worked not only with many Midwestern Water Utilities, but has also helped Water Utilities throughout the United States and its territories.

Mr. Simpson also received the Indiana Section’s “Water Wheel Award” in 1989 and became a “Life” member of the American Water Works Association in 1995.

M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. provides technical services and products that are designed to aid a Water Utility in the following ways:

  • Increasing Revenues
  • Improving Water Accountability
  • Heightening Distribution System Performance
  • Optimizing Distribution System Data

Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission:
Our firm is dedicated to developing and providing programs and services that will aid our clients in maximizing their peak performance for their water distribution and wastewater collection systems. We offer our clients the highest quality Technical and Professional Services, using state-of-the art technologies and highly skilled and trained professionals.

Our Vision:
To provide our clients with water and wastewater system service technologies for the 21st Century.

Our Values:
Our firm builds strong relationships with each other, our clients and our business partners based on four fundamental values:

  • Accountability – We set high service expectations and hold ourselves accountable for the quality of our services and the results we achieve as individuals, as team members and as a company.
  • Common Purpose – We operate from a common purpose, doing what is best for the client and the company as a whole, working with mutual trust and collaboration.
  • Integrity – As we operate in an intensely competitive environment, we compete fairly and honorably, providing our services in a professional manner that reflects favorably on our company and on each of us.
  • Respect – We are sincere, fair and forthright, treating others with dignity and respecting their individual differences, feelings and contributions.



In 1979, M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. was formed to provide 'Technical Services' to Municipal and Private Water Utilities in the Midwest and other areas of the country in the areas of Water Meter Evaluation and Maintenance, Water Distribution System Leak Surveys, Water Distribution System Valve Location and Exercising and Cross Connection Control Programs. Our purpose was to take advantage of a lack of expertise in this field and to fill this void with qualified people using the best equipment.

M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. was founded by Marvin E. Simpson who had spent the twenty-four years prior to 1979 working within the water works industry for a few major manufacturers of piping, valves, and water meters. The company began operations in Rochester, Indiana and moved the corporate headquarters to Valparaiso, Indiana in 1988. In 1989 the Indiana Section of the American Water Works Association honored Marvin with the “Water Wheel Award” for his outstanding service to his profession. In 1995 Marvin was honored as a lifetime Member of the American Water Works Association.

M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. is proud of the work performed and the maintenance programs we have developed using the latest technology to meet the needs of our customer the Water Works Industry. We have played an important role in educating utilities about the need for and efficiency of annual maintenance programs; including the development of Polcon Pro-Valve®, Pro-Hydrant®, Pro-Smoke™, Pro-Manhole™, and Pro-Sewer™. We are also very proud of the continuing development and manufacturing of the Polcon® Flow Monitoring Equipment. We have moved beyond the competition in flow / pressure recording, computerization and record management.

M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. offers these technical services to water utilities because many lack the manpower, equipment, and/or expertise to perform what is required to consistently supply not only safe, pure, potable drinking water, but a financially sound water system that operates to conserve our most precious resource - WATER

Active Members in the Industry’s Professional Associations:
M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. is active in Water Works Organizations such as American Water Works Association, Water Operators Association, Rural Water Association, American Backflow Prevention Association, American Public Works Association as well as local Districts, Branches, and Suburban Groups.

Our support of these groups goes beyond membership to truly taking an active role by allowing employees to fill elected and appointed positions as officers and committee chairpersons. M.E. Simpson Company has always taken an active role in education by making presentations at meetings and training seminars


Polcon - Sentry Recorder

The Polcon Sentry Recorder is a totally unique solid state microprocessor type recorder that senses, gathers, stores, and processes differential pressure from a pitot rod. The sentry generates a 4-20mA signal using a Rosemount differential pressure recorder along with a Telog 2102 series or 3000 series recorder. The recorder can be set to measure flow for short term testing such as a five minute test, or twenty four hours from 1 day (with a sampling ...

Polcon - Pacer Recorder

The Polcon® Pacer is a state of the art pressure recorder.  The Pacer is a self-contained microprocessor recorder  that senses, gathers, stores, and processes pressure data every second. The Pacer uses an Ashcroft pressure transducer along with a Telog 3000 series recorder. This recorder will generate maximum pressures, minimum pressures, average pressures, times of occurrence, and produce graphs of the pressure history. Data is ...


Water Loss Control Service

M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. is the industry leader in Water Loss Control Programs.  Our firm has developed high tech programs designed to assist your Utility with their complexities of both water losses and revenue shortfalls.  With our 30+ years of experience, we will assist your Utility with customizable water loss programs.  Our goal is to locate and help mitigate water losses so the Utility can continue to provide customers with an ...

Asset Management

M.E. Simpson Co., Inc. has led the water industry in Asset Management. Our firm understands the importance of having readily locatable and functioning valves, fire hydrants and other system apparatus in the event of an emergency; whether it be a water main break, fire emergency or natural disaster. The importance of these programs cannot be understated.

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Water and Wastewater - Water Monitoring and Testing

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Nationally (across the country)

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