Membrana is part of Polypore Inc., a leading international manufacturer and supplier of microporous membranes in the Energy Storage and Separations markets, including liquid degassing. Polypore Inc. is the world’s largest supplier of electrolytic separators for industrial, automotive and specialty energy storage applications, and a leading supplier of membranes to the lithium battery market. Liqui-Cel®, SuperPhobic®, MicroModule® and MiniModule® are Membrane Contactors used around the world for deaeration (removing Oxygen (O2), Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Nitrogen (N2) to or from different liquids) in digital printing, semiconductor, power, pharmaceutical, photographic, food and beverage, and many other industries.

About Us


Over 40 years ago, Membrana began as an industrial pioneer with large-scale production of membranes for separation - able to filter out materials down to the size of small molecules - for use in medical and industrial separation technology. Since the launch of Cuprophan® for kidney dialysis, Membrana has continually set new standards in membrane technology. We focus entirely on what we do best - the research, development and production of high specification quality membranes.


Today, Membrana is the largest independent membrane producer world-wide. A clear sign of trust, and the continuing incentive for Membrana to strive to reach its goal: improving the quality of life for patients through developing innovative products. This applies equally for industrial membranes, which have many uses in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, semi-conductor and environment technology industries.


Membrana GmbH is part of Polypore Inc., a leading international manufacturer and supplier of microporous membranes in the Energy Storage and Separations markets. Polypore Inc. is the world’s largest supplier of electrolytic separators for industrial, automotive and specialty energy storage applications, and a leading supplier of membranes to the lithium battery market. The company has nine strategically located manufacturing facilities in the USA, Europe and Asia and serves its global markets through sales offices in North and South America, Europe, Japan, Australia, South East Asia and China.

Membrana is the world’s largest supplier of microporous membranes for medical applications like dialysis, oxygenation, and plasma separation. Membrana is also a major supplier of membrane products to the semiconductor, power, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and photographic markets.

Our Mission


'Our mission is to continue to be the premier membrane manufacturer and develop innovative products that provide optimal outcomes for patients and technical applications. To ensure that we meet and exceed the needs of our customers in all business areas, and create an environment where employees can excel.'



Trusted of decades
Quality is more than manufacturing a product that conforms to selected criteria. For Membrana, quality is a whole concept, starting with each worker and ending with management. The assurance comes with the DIN ISO 9001 and DIN ISO 46001 quality system.

  • More than 40 years experience of membrane development and production
  • Quality management systems ensure consistent product reproducibility
  • Customer partnership philosophy creates strong working relationships



Our customers demand top performance from our products, and the standards get ever higher. To meet and even exceed their expectations, we have:


  • Developed a range of medical membranes specifically designed to cover the spectrum of patient, physician and hospital needs
  • Built up a broad (and increasing) range of microfiltration and ultrafiltration membranes for applications in many industrial markets - ranging from microelectronics, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, laboratory, food & beverage and water purification to environmental protection

Our expertise in membrane configuration means that we can combine top performance with reproducibility.



Our expertise in every aspect of membrane technology helps us to think beyond the conventional. The result for our customers is real innovation - genuinely new concepts and products that can change their perceptions and practices.

Performance Enhancing Technology - P.E.T.®
Membrana's ground-breaking spacer technology improves blood flow through dialysers

Cross wound mat configuration
A new solution to dramatically increase gas exchange across oxygenation membranes

Intelligent membranes
Membranes of the future will be able to target and remove specific molecules

In the Future


Research & Development - What does the future hold?

Membranes of tomorrow will be more selective, more specific, more than a filter - and tailor made for customer needs. Membrana is actively involved in many areas of research and development, including:

  • Dialysis, oxygenation, plasmapheresis and other medical applications
  • Water filtration, food and beverages, and other industrial applications
  • Affinity membranes for highly selective removal of particles


History of the Membrana site in Wuppertal, Germany


The Membrana site in Wuppertal has a long a varied history, culminating in its present form as an establishment dedicated to the research, development and production of high quality membranes for medical and technical use. However Membrana is a relatively recent name and, as our history will show, the company went through many different phases and names before reaching our current position as the leading independent membrane manufacturer in the world.

Quality and Environmental Management at Membrana


As we are very conscious about the key importance of our medical and industrial membranes for the performance of the final device produced by our customers, Membrana takes very seriously the issue of quality management in the production of all its products.

In this regard Membrana’s manufacturing site in Germany operates a fully integrated quality management system conforming to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 13485. These have been operative since 1994, respectively 1997 and were extended to include certification for environmental management systems in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001 in 1997. Additionally, Membrana was awarded the 'systematic safety seal' for the implementation of ILO-OSH 2001 guidelines on occupational safety and health management systems.

Major Products


Membrane Development for Medical Devices:

  • Dialysers for Renal Replacement Therapy
  • Oxygenators for Open Heart Surgery



Membrane development for Medical Devices:

Membrane Characterisation

Polymer Chemistry

Polymer Modification

Membrane Forming Processes

Coating of Polymers onto Supports (Fabrics, Fleeces)


Blood-Polymer Interaction (Haemocompatibility)

Module Development

Membrane Technology - Introduction


Membrane production as developed at Membrana is principally based on two different technologies; the solvent induced phase separation process (SIPS) and thermally induced phase separation (TIPS). In the first case phase separation is induced by a nonsolvent into which the polymer solution is spun, whereas in the second quenching by a cooling bath is responsible for the phase separation of the polymer solution. Both processes lead to the formation of a solvent poor and a solvent rich phase. After removing the latter (p. e. by extraction), pores result which give the membrane its unique features. At Membrana a profound knowledge of the correlation between pore morphology and process parameters exists; thus membrane features can be designed individually for each application covering technical as well as medical fields.


Processes and Products, developed at Membrana.



MicroModule - Membrane Contactors

MicroModule® Contactors are our smallest degassing device. These are compact, in-line point of use degassers that use a revolutionary patented potting technology that packs a high membrane surface area into a very small footprint.

SuperPhobic - Membrane Contactors

SuperPhobic® Contactors remove bubbles from a variety of inks and coatings to alleviate ink starvation at the print head and foaming at the filler. Contactors are small and offer easy in-line degasification.


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