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Access Lab

Access Lab solutions give you access to professional teams and state-of-the-art facilities. Our technology centers are ready to provide standard service packages or individually customized solutions to all your scaling, development, validation and testing needs. To maintain the strictest confidentiality, we have Agreements that protect critical projects of a sensitive nature.

Analytical Application Finder

Extensive application database for Merck’s analysis products helps to solve analytical problems quickly and efficiently. For its analytical products, Merck provides many detailed instructions, called “applications”, for the specific analytical tasks that can be solved with the product in question. These applications can be found online on the respective product pages by clicking ”Applications” in the box “About this product”. In order to make the new...

Installation Services for Water Purification Systems

Our Certified Field Service Support Engineers provide expert, professional support for the installation, validation and maintenance of your water purification systems. Working together with end-users and appropriate Facilities personnel, they follow a comprehensive pre-installation checklist to ensure that Millipore water purification systems are installed in your laboratory in compliance with your requirements. We support installation of both...

Qualification & Validation Support for Water Purification Systems

Millipore offers a Qualification Program for water purification systems. Designed to facilitate laboratory validation procedures, the program includes qualification workbooks with Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ), Maintenance Procedures (MP), examples of Performance Qualification (PQ) files, and certificates of Conformity, Quality and Calibration in support of compliance with GLP* and cGMP**. These Qualification...

Access Consulting

Access Consulting offers guidance in a variety of areas. From development, scaling and optimization strategies; to system and plant design and regulatory compliance, Millipore experts partner with you to ensure success.

Spectroquant- Analytical Quality Assurance

Today analytical quality assurance (AQA) is a decisive factor in wastewater analysis. Only quality assurance measures that check your processes from start to finish ensure that your findings ultimately count as secure, reproducible, reliable and recognized analytical results. Our Spectroquant® analysis system and the components...

Spectroquant - Method Update

By updating your Merck photometers, you can use the same instrument to conduct the new tests without having to program it yourself. This gives you the assurance that your results will be correct, as it’s our responsibility to calibrate the tests for the instrument. Benefit from always having an up-to-date instrument!

Spectroquant - USEPA

The Spectroquant® methods for environmental measurements listed in the downloadable .pdf file below are compliance monitoring methods in accordance with the specified USEPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) methods or standard methods. The USEPA granted its approval to Merck’s Spectroquant® methods. You thus obtain results identical to those...

Custom Antibody and Bulk Services

Millipore develops custom immunological and molecular tools to expedite research, product development, and drug discovery efforts. The proprietary custom molecular technology and 18 years of antibody manufacturing experience can significantly shorten the path from RESEARCH to RESULTS. Millipore offers expert consulting as well as molecular assay, antibody, and immunological assay development services in a GMP manufacturing facility. Our services are...

Drug Discovery & Development

We advance discovery and evaluation of new drug candidates by providing products and services that complement your work and help you achieve results faster than ever before. Through the acquisition of Upstate, Chemicon and Linco, we now offer a suite of products that span the drug discovery pipeline from target identification to clinical studies. Our expert team of scientists and engineers understands the complexity of your discovery and development and...

Spectroquant Waste Disposal Guidelines

Merck is pleased to announce a new service for users of Spectroquant® cell and reagent test kits for water and waste analysis: comprehensive and online waste disposal guidelines. Easy to order, these instructions bring greater uniformity to working practices and – more importantly – help laboratories play an active role in protecting the environment.

PH Indicator Selector

In volumetric analysis (titration), choosing the right indicator for the color change is crucial. What color indicators are suitable for analysis at a given pH value? What colors appear in the change? This clever tool lets you quickly find the appropriate indicators – using just a slide control for pH value. Information on transition interval and on the preparation of the indicator solution is only a mouse click away. Another click brings you...

The Virtual Lab

Merck Millipore invites you to experience the future of research and analysis… in the new Virtual Lab. This innovative platform is equipped with all the state-of-the-art products and up-to-date information you need to succeed. Easy (and fun) to use, the Virtual Lab is designed to reflect your real-lab needs. Filter by industry, lab type, and application field to discover perfect solutions, explore new possibilities, and create the lab of your...

13 Services found
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