Specializing in source emissions testing. Metco Environmental is the largest company in the U.S. specializing in source emissions testing. METCO has been providing emission testing services to the Utility Industry since 1978. All METCO personnel are full-time employees, college graduates, highly trained and safety conscious, In addition to routine testing for gaseous pollutants, METCO specializes in mercury speciation studies, formaldehyde testing and flow measurement studies. METCO also performs RATA’s for CEM Certification and quarterly cylinder gas audits as well as maintenance and repair service for monitors. METCO has performed sampling on over 10,000 sources and conducted over 100 Trial Burns on hazardous waste incinerators, boilers and industrial furnaces, cement kilns.

About Us

METCO Environmental (METCO) is an affiliate company of TestAmerica Analytical Testing Corp. and has been in the business of source testing and air quality studies since 1978. As one of the largest companies in the U. S. specializing in source emissions testing, METCO has served the full spectrum of industries, which include Refining, Petrochemical, Combustion and the Utilities. METCO is known nationally and internationally for high quality work and professional expertise. International projects have been conducted in South Korea, Germany, Venezuela, Guatemala, Israel, Puerto Rico, Malaysia, India and the U. S. Virgin Islands.

METCO has interim accreditation IAW ASTM-D7036, as well as being TCEQ and LELAP certified. METCO has performed sampling on over 25,000 sources and has provided the highest quality data to its clients. With a national reputation for exacting sampling methods and rigorous quality control, METCO has consistently provided solidly defensible data to its clients for submission to Federal and State agencies.

METCO is staffed by highly qualified and trained full-time professional employees who maintain the highest safety standards in the industry. METCO’s 2009 Experience Modification Rate (EMR) is 0.78. All METCO professionals are college graduates and trained in-house to METCO’s exacting standards. METCO does not utilize contract personnel to perform any stack testing function. With fifteen three-man crews, and the full compliment of equipment in each mobile laboratory, METCO is able to serve any size project.

METCO has a dedicated report preparation department, staffed and equipped to generate final reports within 21 days of completing field work for most projects. All reports are prepared in EPA/State Agency format, and reviewed by a Quality Assurance Manager with over 32 years experience in source testing with METCO. Reports are presented to the client both in electronic format and hard copy.

METCO is a full-service source testing company providing expertise in all EPA methods, including FTIR and on-site GC capability, at cost effective rates. When clients want their testing done right the first time, METCO is the company of choice.


Part 75 Testing

METCO test teams are all staffed with full-time employees of METCO.Teams have extensive experience that enables them to operate efficiently.Familiarity with a variety of CEMS Systems enables METCO to assist plant personnel in the trouble-shooting of CEM problems.Scheduling Flexibility - METCO will adjust to the plant's operating schedule.Equipment - Extra equipment is routinely brought to the plant site to minimize the Reference Method downtime. ...

Power Generation Industry

METCO Environmental has been serving the Power Industry since 1978. We have the technical experience to provide efficient testing, cost effectively, for any size project.


14th Annual EUEC 2011 - Energy, Utility & Environment Conference & Expo, Air & Waste Management Association 106th Annual Conference & Exhibition 2013, Air & Waste Management Association’s Annual Conference & Exhibition (ACE) 2012

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