MEDIVATORS (formerly Minntech Corporation) is a leader in developing, manufacturing, and marketing medical devices, sterilants, and water purification products. MEDIVATORS is expanding into new businesses based on its internally developed core technologies in hollow fiber membrane devices, chemical sterilants, dialysis solutions, and electronic products. The Company`s products are used in kidney dialysis, open-heart surgery, endoscopy, and in the preparation of pure water for medical, industrial and laboratory use. MEDIVATORS, founded in 1974 and publicly held since 1983, employs approximately 400 people. MEDIVATORS has been redefining excellence for over 35 years.

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MEDIVATORS is comprised of a number of business groups including the Renal Systems Group, Therapeutic Technologies Group, Infection Prevention and Control Chemistries Group, and the largest, the Endoscopy Business Group. Additionally, Byrne Medical was acquired in August of 2011 and integrated into the MEDIVATORS Endoscopy Group.


PULL THRU - Pre-Cleaning Device

The PULL THRU is a new patented endoscope channel pre-cleaning device which can be effectively used to pre-clean lumen channels from size 2.8mm - 5mm with a single pass. The Mini PULL THRU is designed to effectively pre-clean bronchoscopes and small channel GI Endoscopes with lumen channel sizes 1.4mm - 2.6mm. The PULL THRU was designed to significantly reduce the time required to manually pre-clean the lumen and to improve the overall efficiency of ...

Scope Buddy Endoscope Flushing Aid

The Scope Buddy Endoscope Flushing Aid reduces the risk of repetitive motion injuries by providing continuous, hands-free channel flushing. With a simple one-touch operation, Scope Buddy quickly and quietly delivers detergent or rinse solutions to endoscope channels, and can even flush the elevator wire channel. Flushing times are user-selectable, and an audible and visual alert signal cycle completion. Scope Buddy is compatible with all flexible ...

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