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Mission - Model 80 - In-Sewer Sewer Overflow Detector

The MISSION Model 80 is complete overflow condition transmitter designed to be installed in Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) and Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) locations. It uses third-geneation cellular service to track conditions and send alarms to personnel regarding the time and duration of manhole surcharges and overflows. The complete package includes M80 sealed transmitter with 5-year sealed...

Mission - Model 110 RTU - Turnkey Monitoring And Control System

MISSION offers a turnkey monitoring and control system to manage remote sites.  While some people think of the Model 110 as an advanced autodialer, it is really an automated management system, both for pumping stations, and the people who maintain them.

Mission - Model 200 RTU - Low Power Rainfall Measurement System

The M-110 has a solar power mode and makes a perfect low power rainfall measurement system. MISSION offers the M-110 pre-packaged and wired to perform remote rainfall measurements. This package includes a stand which ensures sturdy mounting, holds the solar panel and antenna, and has a built in leveling plate for the rain gauge. The stand holds the rain gauge three feet off the ground as recommended by the USGS for rain gauge stations.

Mission - Model 800 RTU - Real Time Monitoring And Control SCADA System

MISSION combines AT&T and Sprint/Nextel cellular coverage with centralized computer services to offer a revolutionary, real time monitoring and control SCADA system. It can stand alone, or replace or complement existing radio or phone line based SCADA systems. It has never been easier or more economical to add a new site, replace troublesome sites or replace costly phone lines. It’s extremely easy to use, and it installs in a few hours....

Mission - Model M-800 - Perfect For Water Boosters

The MISSION Water Booster Model M-800 is ideally suited for monitoring and controlling water booster stations. The M-800 can monitor and display the pump run status for up to eight pumps. It has the same underlying main circuit board as the M-110, but is supplied with an advanced cellular data modem. This standardization means field personnel only have to learn one type of unit. These data modems allow virtually continuous information of pump station...

M-800 - Model M-800 - Perfect For Elevated Tanks

MISSION monitors tanks, small to large. MISSION's equipment may be connected to a variety of of tanks in a number of different ways.

Mission - Transmits Flow Meter Data

Better Data - Less Money: More and more utilities today are studying flows in sewers and storm drains. The benefits are obvious: better operations, less spills and better use of capital improvement funds. MISSION brings even more value to this monitoring by providing real-time access to flow data and reducing field labor costs collecting the data. MISSION provides low power, low cost wireless RTU's that connect to flow meters and automatically send...

Mission - Monitors Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) Stations

Proper operation of a PRV station is essential to providing a reliable supply of water for both domestic consumption and fire protection. As either primary or backup SCADA, MISSION RTU's can help ensure that pipe's pressures are within the proper range.

Mission - Manhole CSO/SSO Alarm System

In Sewer Wireless Alarm System: Customers challenged MISSION to take our famous wireless SCADA system and make it work below ground, in a sewer system, to detect and report sewer surcharges and floods. Tough assignment! But MISSION did it.

Mission - Reduces Meter Reading Costs

Every water and waste water system has many large water meters. MISSION Model M-110's can easily read those meters automatically on a daily basis. By simply outfitting the meter with a pulsing output a MISSION RTU will totalize the pulses (gallons) and send an hourly or daily total. Create trend reports showing where the water is being used. All water use data can be accessed in table or graph form from your secure customer web site.

10 Products found
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