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GasAlertMicro Multi-Gas Detector

The GasAlertMicro Clip is a full function 4-gas detector packed into an amazingly small instrument with the rugged constitution of the GasAlert line. The simple, single-button interface makes it incredibly easy to use and its oversized LCD shows the status of all gases being monitored.

CFM/CMM Thermo-Anenometers

CFM/CMM Anenometer with large backlit display of airflow or air velocity plus built-in infrared thermometer with the advanced model.

Model Predator 600 - Air Scrubbers

The PRED600 Mini-Predator is the world’s lightest and smallest portable air scrubber, weighing in at less than 34 pounds! Its rotational molded resin cabinet is virtually indestructible, and has a limited lifetime warranty. The Mini-Predator PAS delivers an incredible peak airflow rating of 600 cfm. Workers can easily hand carry one or two units to the job site, or wheel them stacked 3 high on a dolly.

Portable Differential Pressure Monitor

This compact and lightweight differential pressure monitor is the ideal choice for use with HEPA-CARE Portable air purification systems and HEPA-CARE Portable Air Scrubbers, when pressure monitoring capabilities are required on short notice and/or in multiple locations. This unit is extremely versatile, highly accurate and easy to set up and use. It features: a large LCD display, touch-panel control panel, graphics-type thermal printer, eight...

Advantage 3200 Full Face Respirator

The Advantage 3200's new design lowers breathing resistance, while the nose cup reduces fogging. Plus, the optically correct facepiece lens has been engineered to eliminate distortion and deliver superior visibility with excellent periperal vision. And the Advantage Facepiece provides a tight, secure seal, yet remains comfortable to wear. Donning the mask is easier, too, with MSA's new adjustable straps. Once preset, customers can don and doff the mask...

DepHyze Hand Sanitizer

DepHyze™ Foaming Hand Sanitizer is an extremely safe, effective, non-irritating, non-flammable, non-staining alternative to alcohol-based hand sanitizers. In addition to sanitizing a wide range of common or dangerous microbes with unprecedented efficacy (99.999% reduction of Staphylococcus Aureus, for instance), DepHyze™ Foaming Hand Sanitizer is also 3 times more effective than the leading brand of alcohol-based hand sanitizer at sanitizing Norovirus.

Athena Water Ionizer

The IonWays AthenaTM model water ionizer has all of these state-of-the-art performance features which brings water ionizer technology to a new level of quality and value: Research states that the ideal level for drinking alkaline water is between pH8.5 – pH9.5 with an ORP of -250mv. It is unimportant if an ionizer creates big -ORP numbers at really high levels of pH. For most people, water over a pH10 begins to acquire an unpleasant taste due to the...

7 Products found
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