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Mercury Recycling

Mercury Retorts / Distillers

MRTs’ distillers, incorporate all our outstanding experience with distillation technology. Our patented distillers have been on the market for more that 30 years, and the technology behind them embraces all our expertise about mercury recovery. An MRT distiller is recommended for any recycler who needs a complete in-house recycling system for mercury containing products. We can provide both batch, and continuous process distillers

Lamp Recycling

End Cut Machine

The ECM is designed for processing straight fluorescent tubes of various lengths and diameters. The concept is simple but very efficient. The tube lamps are fed to the processing line where the tube ends are removed. Air push nozzles then blow the fluorescent powder from the tube. The tube ends, glass and powder are then collected in different vessels.

HID Separation Processor

MRTs’ HID Processor is designed for safe disassembly of waste High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps of various types and sizes. The machine separates the lamp into bulb glass, quartz glass, inner metals and sockets. It is equipped with filters for dust, and mercury removal from the processing air.

Model 600 - Lamp Processors Crushes

Our Lamp Processors crushes, sieves and separates all crucial components in a lamp. The mercury bearing fluorescent powder, the glass fraction and the lamp socket material are all isolated and collected in suitable vessels. The most common types of fluorescent lamps from the market can be processed, in addition to pre-crushed lamp material.  With additional processing steps supplied as optional equipment; plastic and metals, including the...

Volume Reduction Lamp Crusher

MRT supply two versions of Lamp Crusher. Each one is a stand-alone crushing unit for volume reduction of lamps; such as mercury vapour lamps, high pressure sodium lamps, metal halide lamps and CFL lamps. The machine is used for crushing the complete lamps or just the inner arc tubes of HID lamps. The smaller units are easy to relocate, and can thus be used both as a stationary and/or mobile equipment. The larger units should preferably be used...

CRT Recycling

Model CRT - Separation System

Our range of CRT separators, features more sophisticated CRT separators based on diamond cutting disc technology, as well as smaller manual or automatic ‘Hot Band’ solutions. The customer’s choice on cutting method is mainly dependent on the capacity requirements. The hotband solution is recommended for small scale recycling, while the diamond cutting versions are more suited for high capacity production.

Flat Panel Recycling

Model FPP60 - Flat Panel Processor

MRTs’ Flat Panel Processor (FPP60) is used for disassembly of a large range of flat panels. The FPP automatically makes 2 parallel cuts at the perimeter of the panel, allowing for clean and secure extraction of the fluorescent lamps, and separation of the different fractions. The processor is designed to open up the display panels in order to allow for easy separation of the various components.

7 Products found
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