MTECH Systems is committed to the development, manufacture, delivery and support of expert software, systems and equipment for the global aviation and meteorological industries. Since its formation in 1976 MTECH has become a respected major international supplier of software equipment, systems and solutions that meet the exacting needs of the modern business operator. Specializing in the fields of CNS, ATM & MET we have successfully installed and supported equipment at locations worldwide. Over this time MTECH Systems has developed a reputation for the ruggedness and reliability of its sensors and the quality and ease of use of its systems and software.


Helipad, Helicopter & Oilrig Systems

Mtech has developed customized solutions for both attended and un-attended helipad and oilrig systems. Using specialized hardware and software systems the AWOS is able to allow the incoming pilot to automatically turn on lights and listen to automatically generated ATIS messages with current and accurate weather data for the landing location. Integrated into the system are weather sensors chosen for their ability to withstand marine environments such ...

5000-200-EMOR - Extended MOR Transmissometer

The 5000-200-EMOR Extended MOR Tranmsimsometer measures visibility using the atmospheric extinction coefficient, which is the sum of the scattering coefficient and the absorption coefficient. The MTECH Transmissometer sensor is the latest in Tranmissometer technology utilizing data from is co-located forward scatter sensor to extend its readings of MOR out to 80,000 Meters. The 5000-200-EMOR is specified for assessment of RVR in applications where ...


Digital communications

MTECH Systems can design build and deliver your new digital communications solution. Wether it be fiber or copper, DSL or Frame Relay we can deliver solutions expertly engineered to meet your requirements.

Rural & Infrastructure Development

MTECH supports rural development activity with a wide range of cost-effective components and systems. Our products serve basic development needs centered on the supply of clean water, lighting and communications. As with all MTECH equipment, these systems are designed for simple installation by local technicians. Water delivery, High efficiency refrigeration, Area lighting, Home power systems, Community electrification.


Airflield Lighting Software

The MTECH systems lighting control software is a sub-module for the MITAS software package. The module allows for control of small, medium and large lighting systems through either otpo-isolated or networked interfaces with the runway lighting control hardware. The software has been proven to work with systems from all major suppliers of runway lighting systems.

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Government agency

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Aerospace & Air Transport

Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)


1,000,000 - 10,000,000 €

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