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Bird Spikes & Pigeon Spikes

From the world's highest quality and most successful bird spike, our Nixalite Premium Bird Barriers, to the new Low Cost Spike models, Nixalite offers 11 bird spike models. Each line provides different capabilities and features. If you want the world's best all-bird barrier, click on the Nixalite Premium Bird Barrier Spikes. When the budget dictates the job, choose one of the new low cost bird spike lines.

Nixalite - Premium Stainless Steel Bird Barrier Spikes

Nixalite's Premium Stainless Steel Bird Barrier Spikes provide effective and humane control for pest birds and climbing animals on all types of surfaces.

Nixalite - Model H - Premium Stainless Steel Bird Spikes

Half row model for surfaces less than 2' (5.1cm) deep. Combine with Premium Model S on wider surfaces to achieve proper surface coverage and protection. Blunt Tip option is available for Premium Model H.

Nixalite - Model W - Premium Stainless Steel Bird Spikes

Wall mount model for vertical surfaces. Use above surfaces less than 2' (5.1cm) deep or over other Premium models in specific conditions. Excellent climbing animal barrier system when combined with Premium Model S. Blunt-Tip is NOT available for Premium Model W.

Nixalite - Pigeon Spike Composite

Pigeon Spike Composite is a low cost deterrent for pigeons and seagulls. This spike is an affordable combination of stainless steel wires and a flexible, UV stabilized plastic base. It can be installed quickly on all types of surfaces. Designed to deter pigeons and seagulls only, not recommended for other birds or for controlling heavy infestations of any bird.

Nixalite - Pigeon Spike Plastic

Pigeon Spike Plastic is the lowest cost deterrent for pigeons and seagulls available. This all UV stabilized, clear plastic spike can be installed quickly on all types of surfaces. The all plastic (polycarbonate resin) construction means it is non-conductive and will not interfere with electronic communications. Designed to deter pigeons and seagulls only, not recommended for other birds or for controlling heavy infestations of any bird.

Bird Netting Systems

Nixalite offers complete bird netting systems to efficiently and economically exclude pest birds from all types of objects, openings and structures. To provide a solid foundation, Nixalite offers a full line of bird netting installation hardware and accessories.

Nixalite - Model K-Net™ HT - Bird Netting

High strength, seamless construction and unbeatable prices make K-Net HT the perfect choice for all types of bird exclusion jobs. Now available in both black and stone (tan) colors. Use K-Net HT for architectural, aquacultural and agricultural bird exclusion applications. The 3/4” square mesh keeps out all but the smallest of pest birds.

Nixalite - Bird-Net Knotted Bird Netting

Seamless construction, economy and versatility make Bird-Net Bird Netting perfect for all types of bird exclusion projects. Made from 6-ply polyethylene, Bird-Net is abrasion, rot, flame and UV resistant. It comes in several mesh and net sizes with custom sizes available. The 3/4' and 2' mesh nets are available in standard black or stone color.

Nixalite - Model PollyNet™ - Bird Netting

Effective, durable, easy to install and economical. What more can you ask from a bird control netting? PollyNet is an extruded, knotless, UV stabilized, polypropylene bird netting. PollyNet is offered in two grades, Premium and Lightweight. Both are made from the same UV resistant black polypropylene material but are used for different applications.

Nixalite - Welded Wire Mesh Barriers

Keeps out all types of nuisance wildlife. Nixalite offers full rolls of both stainless steel and galvanized wire mesh barriers. Ideal for keeping out nuisance animals and birds, the welded wire mesh barriers can be cut to fit, molded into shapes and installed over, under or around all types of objects, gaps, openings and more.

Nixalite - Garden Netting For Birds

Garden netting from Nixalite provides a quick and economical method of bird control for gardens, berry bushes, row plantings, tomatoes, seed beds, seedlings and more. Garden netting allows sun and pollinators in but helps keep pest birds out.

Nixalite - Mist Net Bird & Bat Capture Netting

Our lightweight Mist Nets are used for the humane, live capture and release of both small bird and bat species. Made from durable nylon, Mist Net is a standard 3-pouch construction net with HD loops at both ends of all reinforcement cords. The key to effective use of mist nets is proper installation and around the clock attention to the nets. Qualified personnel must always be present to quickly untangle and release the birds or bats.

Bird Control Products

Nixalite of America Inc offers a wide variety of humane and effective bird control products including barriers, repellents, deterrents, access control products, live traps and many more.

Nixalite - Model E-Spike - Economy Stainless Steel Bird Spikes

E-Spike is the most affordable, all stainless steel bird spike ever made for pigeons and seagull control. Covers up to 7' of surface with a single row. All stainless steel bird deterrent spike is flexible, long lasting and economical.

FliteLine - Post and Wire Bird Deterrent

FliteLine is an inconspicuous post and wire bird deterrent that is installed on all types of surfaces to deter large birds from landing or roosting. It consists of a spring tensioned stainless steel wire (Flite Cable) run between stainless steel posts (Flite Posts). Installed at different heights, the wire makes the surface more difficult for large birds to use.

CopperBlocker - Pest Control Excluder

Keep small birds, bats, rodents and insects from getting through the cracks with CopperBlocker Pest Excluder. It's a soft, pure copper mesh cloth that is packed into openings to keep out all kinds of unwanted pests. The ability to fill voids of all kinds and pack tightly makes CopperBlocker perfect for access control. Use CopperBlocker for snail & slug control around gardens, planters, etc.

Nixalite - Migrate Goose & Bird Repellent

Migrate Goose Repellent makes grass and turf unpalatable to geese and other grazing birds and helps reduce the damage and unsightly mess they create. Mixed with water, Migrate is easy to apply, biodegradable, non-toxic and is safe for humans and pets. It can reduce geese populations with as little as one application. Spray on turf and grass areas such as golf courses, lawns, parks, athletic fields, cemeteries, and many other areas where geese have...

Nixalite - Migrate for Agriculture Bird Repellent

Get more of your berries to market by feeding less to the birds! Migrate for Agriculture is a biodegradable, non-toxic liquid that is sprayed on cherry, grape and blueberry crops to reduce feeding losses due to pest birds.

Nixalite - Fog Force Bird Fogging Repellent

Fog Force is a Methyl Anthranilate (MA) based bird repellent used for the humane and effective dispersal of pest birds in open spaces. It is formulated for application with foggers and haze generators.

Nixalite - Tanglefoot Paste Bird Repellent

This clear, non-drying, sticky compound is used to discourage birds from landing on all types of surfaces. Colorless and odorless, Tanglefoot is an EPA registered bird repellent for use against pigeons, starlings and sparrows. Tanglefoot remains effective in repelling birds for up to a year under normal conditions.

Nixalite - Tangle Guard Bird Repeller Ribbon

A high tech holographic ribbon that provides economical spot control for nuisance birds. Repeller Ribbon provides spot control for nuisance birds by producing an optical and audible discomfort zone that they find disturbing to be around. Repeller Ribbon is 2 inches wide and available in 25ft & 100ft rolls.

Ropel - Animal & Rodent Repellent

Reduce damage caused by chewing or gnawing animals, rodents and birds with Ropel spray repellent. Ropel combines the most bitter and vile substance ever discovered with a special non-toxic solvent system to allow it to penetrate or adhere to the surfaces of many different objects. It is applied full strength, has no unpleasant odor and is effective for a wide variety of animals.

Nixalite - Bird Scare Predator Eye

An easy to install, visual bird deterrent that creates a predatory presence with staring “eyes”, movement and bright colors.Bird Scare Predator Eyes are an economical and versatile method for spot control of nuisance birds. They can be hung from any overhanging structure or from Nixalite’s Predator Eye Mounting Bracket. Used indoors and out, each 14' diameter ball is available in either Black or Yellow.

WindowAlert - Model UV - Reflective Decals & Liquid

Stop birds from crashing into windows with WindowAlert UV Reflective Decals and UV Reflective Liquid that allows you to make your own UV reflective designs.

Nixalite Scarecrow - Motion Activated Sprinkler

The Scarecrow is an easy and humane way to keep unwanted animals out of your garden, off your lawn and away from your property. The Scarecrow effectively frightens away cats, dogs, deer, raccoons, squirrels, and medium to large birds. The Scarecrow is easy to use, relocate and store. Complete instructions are provided with each Scarecrow.

Nixalite - Bird Traps - Humane, Live Capture Bird Traps

Designed, made and used by bird trapping professionals. Years of experience and common sense went into the construction of these tough, durable and economical live capture wire mesh traps. Nixalite offers a variety of traps for situations.

4 The Birds - Gel Bird Repellent

4 The Birds repellent is a transparent sticky gel used to deter pigeons and starlings from landing on surfaces. This polybutene gel is EPA registered (Registration No. 8254-5-56) for use as a repellent for pigeons and starlings. 4 The Birds is applied on bird resting places, such as window sills, roof ridges, gutters, parapets and ledges. It can deter birds for up to a year depending on the environment. Airborne contaminants and debris can cover the...

4 The Birds - Liquid Bird Repellent

A sticky liquid repellent used to discourage pigeons and starlings from landing or roosting on your property. 4 The Birds Liquid Bird Repellent is a sticky liquid repellent used to deter pigeons and starlings from landing on interior surfaces and outside vegetation. Although opaque white when applied, it sets up as a colorless film. It can be sprayed or painted on to various surfaces providing broad coverage. NOTE - It is critical that you read and...

Nixalite - Bird Zap Shock Track for Humane & Discreet Electric Bird Track Deterrent

A flexible, electrified shock track bird deterrent that can be installed on a variety of surfaces to repel all types of pest birds regardless of infestation level.

Thermal and ULV Foggers and Sprayers

Complete your fogging or spraying system with an advanced technology Thermal, ULV or Compression fogger, mister or sprayer from Nixalite of America Inc. We offer the best fogging equipment available anywhere.

IGEBA - Model ES-10 M - Compression Sprayer

All IGEBA sprayers are hand built to the highest quality standards. Only the best goes into IGEBA sprayers; high grade stainless steel tanks, all brass fittings and pump, Viton and Teflon seals, reinforced polymer handles and tank guards.  It will be the last compression sprayer you will ever need.

Golden Eagle - Pulse-Jet Thermal Fogger

The Golden Eagle produces a high volume of fog for the control of flying insects such as mosquitoes, gnats, house flies, sand flies and black flies. It is also used in the application of bird repellents, disinfectants and other solutions.

BlackHawk - Pulse-Jet Thermal Fogger

The BlackHawk produces a high volume of fog for the control of flying insects such as mosquitoes, gnats, house flies, sand flies and black flies. It is also used in the application of bird repellents, disinfectants and other solutions.

Hurricane - Model ULV - Electric Cold Fogger

An easy to use ULV electric cold fogger that dispenses both water and oil based solutions accurately and efficiently.

Bird Barricade - Drum Top Avian Fogging System

An easy-to-use, automatic, ultra-low volume (ULV) electric fogger that disperses both water and oil based solutions, indoors and outdoors, without wetting surfaces or wasting product. It is ideal for the application ofFog Force Bird Fogging Repellent as well as deodorants, sanitizers,...

Sani-Tizer - ULV Electric Cold Fogger and Sprayer

The first ULV sprayer specifically designed to apply antibacterial, deodorizing and mold abatement solutions. The Sani-Tizer can be adjusted to apply either an ULV aerosol or a residual spray that wets all surfaces. For professional and personal use.

Haze Generators for Bird Dispersal

Bird Dispersal Hazing Systems from Nixalite repel unwanted birds by creating a lighter, dryer haze of Fog Force bird repellent than other fogging systems. Completely automated and self-contained, the Hazing Systems produce an environmentally friendly haze to repel avian birds. There are products for covering large outdoor areas, public places such as restaurants, areas with a large concentration of small birds and there is even a portable system that can be used in remote areas. Each

Moby & Portable Moby - Compact Bird Dispersal System

The Moby Portable bird hazer is specifically designed for areas plagued by small birds. Preset at the factory, the Moby portable dispenses a thicker haze to get small birds out of the area more quickly. While thicker, the haze is still a light and dry repellent.

Moby - Bird Haze Generator

The Moby haze generator is specifically designed for areas plagued by small birds. Preset at the factory, the Moby dispenses a thicker haze to get small birds out of the area more quickly. While thicker, the haze is still a light and dry repellent.

TweetZilla - Bird Haze Generator

Produces an ultra-fine, virtually invisible haze of humane bird repellent to protect your property from pest birds and pest bird mess. TweetZilla Haze Generators are automated, self-contained electric ULV fogger that uses MA (Methyl Anthranilate) bird repellent to disperse flying birds. It provides effective control in locations where other methods of bird control would be impractical. Small sized unit can be installed nearly anywhere.

SuperHoot - Hazer Large Bird Dispersal System

An automated, self-contained high capacity electric ULV fogger and bird hazer that uses MA (Methyl Anthranilate) to disperse flying birds in large open areas. Designed for rooftops and large open spaces, SuperHoot combines patented technology and variable programming to protect spaces that cannot be treated with traditional bird control methods.

Animal Control Products

Nixalite of America Inc offers a wide variety of humane and effective wildlife control products. This includes a wide variety of barriers, repellents and dispersal systems for all types of nuisance wildlife.

Premium Nixalite - For Climbing Animal Barriers

Tired of putting out bird food only to see it go to the squirrels? Trying to keep the raccoons out of the attic? Can’t keep critters from climbing down spouts? Installed in multiple rows, the Premium Nixalite spikes can prevent even the most determined climbing animals from getting past a Premium Spike barrier.

Nixalite - Bat-A-Way Granular Repellent

For Bats, Birds, Squirrels and Rabbits. Bat-A-Way Granular Repellent is an easy to use and humane repellent used to get bats, birds and squirrels out of attics, wall voids and other sheltered areas. It is also effective in keeping rabbits out of ornamental gardens.

Ropel - Outdoor Dog, Cat and Bird Repellent

When used as directed, these effective repellent granules deter dogs, cats and birds from defecating or urinating on your property. It also discourages digging in lawns, gardens and flower pots. For outdoor use only. The dry granules of the Ropel Outdoor Repellent provide an aromatic barrier that is proven effective for dogs, cats and birds. Although not offensive to humans, the granules are repulsive smelling to these animals, encouraging them to...

Snake-A-Way - Granular Snake Repellent

Snake-A-Way is EPA approved, university tested and environmentally safe. A dry granular mixture which is easy to apply by lightly sprinkling around home, work or where you play to keep those areas snake free. When applied as directed, Snake-A-Way is safe for a wide variety of applications and is proven effective in repelling rattlesnakes! It is great for use around gardens, but do not apply inside the garden area or in fields of crops grown for food....

Garden Protector - All-In-One Electric Fence Kit

Safe, all-in-one box electric fence kit protects gardens, freshly planted/seeded areas, small shorelines, hobby ponds and other areas from rabbits, raccoons, ground hogs, skunks and other pest animals of similar size. Powered by 4 D-cell batteries (not included), Garden Protector uses a mild but persuasive shock to teach nuisance animals to keep away from the Garden Protector.

BatCone - Bat, Bird & Animal Excluders

Batcone Excluders effective and inexpensive exclusion for bats and small animals that often reside inside man made structures. These pests cannot grip the inside of Batcones so once they exit they cannot re-enter the same way. Batcone Excluders are easy to install, safe, humane, reusable and recyclable.

Pest Control Products

Nixalite of America Inc offers a variety of non-toxic and biodegradable pest control products. This includes repellents for mosquitoes, gnats, black flies along with access barriers for rodents.

Steri-Fab - Kills Bedbugs Dead

Safe and Effective protection from the bedbug epidemic! Bedbugs are biting their way across the country! Protect family and home with Steri-Fab multi-purpose spray. Steri-Fab is proven 100% effective in killing bedbugs, mites, lice, fleas, ticks and a host of other parasites that feed on or infest the human body. It also kills disease causing bacteria that these parasites can carry and spread to people and pets.

Nixalite - Mosquito Granular Repellent

This all  natural, non-toxic and biodegradable granular repellent helps combat the spread of West Nile and Encephalitis borne by mosquitoes. Mosquito Granular Repellent effectively and safely repels mosquitoes. Apply before planned occasions such as outdoor weddings, pool & patio parties, family reunions, anywhere people will work or play.

Nixalite - Raticator Electric Trap

When a rodent enters a Rat Zapper to get the supplied dry bait, the system senses its presence and delivers enough electrical energy to quickly and humanely kill the rodent. A flashing red light on top of the trap (or the optional Rat Tale) tells you when the Rat Zapper has done its job. With Rat Zappers you never have to touch the dead rodent; to remove the carcass, gently shake it out of the trap.

Steri-Fab - Bactericide

A bactericide, sanitizer, viricide, fungicide, insecticide, deodorant, disinfectant and mildewcide all in one safe and easy to use spray. Steri-Fab is wide spectrum surface disinfectant and cleaner that can be sprayed on almost any surface without fear of staining or odors. It leaves no residue - once it dries (15 to 20 minutes at room temperature) it is no longer active and becomes completely inert.

Cleaning Products

Successful bird control starts with a thorough cleaning. All surfaces must be clean, dry and free of debris before you install any type of control. Nixalite offers complete cleaning solutions for surfaces, fabrics and people. Add Nixalite cleaning products to your personal protection equipment.

Microcide SQ - Broad Spectrum Disinfectant

Microcide SQ is a broad spectrum hospital grade cleaner, disinfectant and bactericide that sanitizes hard surfaces as well as fabrics and clothing. Microcide SQ Is a broad spectrum, hospital grade disinfectant, deodorizer, residual laundry additive and high potency hard surface disinfectant. It is also USDA approved for use as a food and non-food D2 contact sanitizer. Microcide SQ is approved as carpet sanitizer against odor producing bacteria and...

Microsan - Anti-bacterial Soap, Lotion & Sanitizer

Microsan soap, lotion and waterless sanitizer provides residual anti-bacterial and anti-microbial protection against disease transmittal. Used in medical facilities around the world, Microsan kills a wide spectrum of bacteria, fungi, yeasts and viruses. Add Microsan products to your personal protection equipment and protect your crews.

Poop Off - Superior Stain & Odor Remover

A ready to use, surface and fabric cleaner that uses naturally occurring enzymes and fragrances to safely and effectively remove the toughest stains and odors from all types of surfaces. Poop-Off contains more natural cleaning enzymes that the three leading brands combined. These enzymes 'digest' the stain and odor causing organic material, eliminating the stain and the odor at the same time. Use on all types of surfaces, including carpet, furniture,...

Bedbug Control Products

Nixalite of America Inc offers a variety of proven effective Bed Bug Control Products including quick kill, no residual sprays to long lasting residuals to keep bed bugs from coming back. The list below provides a brief description for the product and links to pages with more detailed information.

Nixalite - Model II - Kills Bedbugs Spray

Long Lasting, water based formula that kills bedbugs dead - and keeps killing them for up to 16 weeks! KILLS Bedbugs II is a Ready-To-Use, water based Deltamethrin spray that quickly kills bedbugs and other listed insects on contact. For use indoors on tough re-emergent pest bedbug (Cimex letularius) problems. KILLS Bedbugs II is designed to be a spot control and crack & crevice control for bedbugs and the other listed insects. It kills pests on...

Nixalite - Bedbug Control Spray for Luggage & Mattress

Bedbug Control for Luggage & Mattresses is a  conveniently sized and  ready-to-use water based permethrin spray that  kills bedbugs and other insects  on contact. One of the most common methods of spreading bedbug infestations is carrying them on your person or luggage. Ideal for both business and leisure travelers, Bedbug Control for Luggage & Mattresses is specifically designed to protect you and your travel bags from...

New Products

Scatter Bird - Industrial Avian Hazer

This portable and automated large area hazer combines a powerful 2 speed fan, fully programmable digital timer and advanced fogging nozzle technology to produce one of the most versatile and reliable bird hazers available. Designed exclusively for methyl anthranilate (MA) based bird repellents, the Scatter Bird Hazer is ideal for the dispersal of active pest birds in large indoor and outdoor spaces. Scatter Bird Hazers are economical. They provide...

Smart Fog - Pulse-Jet Thermal Fogger

The  Smart Fog foggers provide a simple and low cost method of fogging large open areas with oil-based bird control repellents offered by Nixalite of America.

NightStar - Model ULV/LVM - Electic Fogger, Sprayer and Mister

An advanced technology, high-output ULV/LVM generator for the unattended, programmable fogging, misting and spraying applications. The Ultra Low Volume (ULV) and Low Volume Mister (LVM) design generates uniform droplets that are evenly distributed throughout the area being treated, making the NightStar one of the most precise foggers and misters available.

Twister - Model XL3 - Motorized Knapsack ULV Sprayer & Fogger

The Twister XL3 is designed as a lightweight, compact aerosol generator that is ergonomically suited for long periods of use by the operator. It boasts the highest flow rates for true ULV sized droplets of any backpack sprayer on the market today. It features a remarkable and patented nozzle and blower system that outperforms all other sprayers of similar design.

Nixalite - Safety and Personal Protective Equipment

Protect yourself from hazardous bird and animal droppings, bacteria and molds. Nixalite offers basic safety equipment to protect personnel from the hazards associated with bird, animal and mold remediation projects. We also offer the solutions used to sanitize and deodorize surfaces, areas and objects.

Fog Force - Model AR and TR - Bird Fogging

Aerosol can based bird repellent for spot control of pest birds. AR is a RTU aerosol spray can filled with Fog Force bird fogging repellent used for immediate dispersal of pest birds. TR is a RTU spray can designed to fit in a time release dispenser.

Nixalite - Vent & Chimney Guards

Keep pest birds and animals from getting into your home. Protect chimney flues, roof vents, dryer vents and other structural openings with these vent guards and chimney caps. Available in different sizes, shapes and materials. Made in the USA.

DeTour & RoadBlock - Bio-Repellents For Rodents

DeTour Rodent Repellent is a contact repellent that drives mice and rats out of all types of structures and areas without harming them. It does this with a contact irritant made from white pepper suspended in a clear, food grade mineral oil gel.

PiGNX - Bio-Repellent for Birds

An NSF approved, EPA registered repellent that deters pest birds from landing or roosting on structural surfaces such as ledges, window sills, beams, parapets and more. Made from all natural products, PiGNX is an eco-friendly bio-repellent that is harmless to birds, animals and people. It can be used almost anywhere on all types of surfaces. It can also be used as a non-restrictive and safe baiting and repellent method for the dispersal of pest...

Nixalite - Mouse and Rat Traps

Nixalite's rodent control solutions help you quickly and humanely clear areas of mice, rats and other rodents. Nixalite provides a variety of rodent control solutions to rid your space of unwanted mice and rats.

Nixalite - Model JAWZ - Rat and Mouse Traps

Easy To Set With Your Hand or Foot!. Clean method of control! No chemicals or poisons. With JAWZ Mouse and Rat traps you never have to worry about catching your finger in the trap. Simply set by pressing  the lever with your hand or foot. When you use JAWZ you never have to touch the dead rodent. To remove the carcass, press the lever and gently shake it out of the trap.

Acoustic Hailing & Bird Dispersal Systems

HyperSpike - Self-Contained Micro - Portable Acoustic Hailing Device

Long range acoustic hailing device used for communications, crowd control, animal and bird dispersal. The HyperSpike Micro is a self-contained, portable acoustic hailing device. Weighing only 18 pounds, the Micro packs a peak acoustic output of 140 dB for a communication range of 500 meters (547 yards, 1,641 feet).

HyperSpike - Model 14 - Portable And Powerful Acoustic Hailing Device

A self-contained, lightweight, portable and powerful acoustic hailing device. Weighing only 37 pounds, the HyperSpike 14 packs a peak acoustic output of 151 dB for a communication range of 1,500 meters (1,641 yards, 4,921 feet).

HyperSpike - Model 16 - Powerful Acoustic Hailing Device

With a peak acoustic output of 148 dB the HyperSpike 16 has an effective communication range of 1,000 meters (1,093 yards, 3,281 feet). Originally designed and developed for the military and law enforcement, the HyperSpike 16 uses award winning HyperSpike sound generation technology. This focuses sound waves into a well defined 10 degree +/- sound beam that can be directed at individual targets, even if the target is over a half mile away.

HyperSpike - Model 18 - Acoustic Hailing Device with Opti-Port

Long range acoustic hailing device with innovative equipment bay in the center of the array. Perfect for communications, crowd control, animal and bird dispersal. The customizable model 18 provides a peak acoustic output of 156 dB for an effective communication range of 2,000 meters (2,187 yards, 6,562 feet).

HyperSpike - Model 18 RAHD - Remote Control Acoustic Hailing Device

Long range, remote control acoustic hailing device with innovative equipment bay in the center of the array. Perfect for communications, crowd control, animal and bird dispersal. Remote control model combines the benefits of the standard HyperSpike model 18 with a Moog tilt and pan positioning device to provide clear and authoritative commands and acoustical information in remote locations. The HyperSpike 18 RAHD provides a peak acoustic output of 156...

HyperSpike - Model 24 - Portable and Powerful Acoustic Hailing Device

Long range, higher frequency acoustic hailing device is perfect for communications, crowd control, animal and bird dispersal. A self-contained, portable and powerful acoustic hailing device used for the transmission of clear, intelligible messages and high frequency alert/warning tones. HyperSpike 24 packs a peak acoustic output of 153 dB for a communication range of 1,500 meters (1,641 yards, 4,921 feet).

HyperSpike - Model 40 - Acoustic Hailing Device

Long range, high power acoustic hailing device is perfect for communications, crowd control, animal and bird dispersal over extremely long distances. The loudest Acoustic Hailing Device in production, HyperSpike 40 is used for the transmission of clear, intelligible messages, commands and alter tones over extremely long distances. HyperSpike 40 packs a peak acoustic output of 160 dB for a communication range in excess of 2,000 meters (2,187 yards,...

HyperSpike HyperCart - Model AHD - Mobile Platform for Acoustic Hailing Devices

Mobile, quick response platform that mounts and deploys HyperSpike Acoustic Hailing Devices. HyperSpike HyperCart is a self-contained, fast deployment platform that mounts the HyperSpike 14, 16, 18 and 24 Acoustic Hailing Device models. It provides a stand-alone, rechargeable AC and DC power source that allows for fast and mobile deployment. The integrated batteries can provide between 5 and 10 hours of independent operation. HyperCart has unlimited...

HyperShield - Acoustic Riot Control Shield

Provides the operator both acoustic and physical protection. The acoustic deterrent helps increases the standoff distance between operator and targets. It also provides a proven method of communication that other shields cannot and do not provide. Designed exclusively for law enforcement and the military, HyperShield is a lightweight 17 pound carbon fiber and polycarbonate protective riot shield that has been augmented with the HyperSpike sound...

HyperSpike - High Powered Speaker Array (HPSA) System

Designed to alert, inform and instruct people over large areas. The 360 degree acoustic broadcast system can transmit clear and intelligible messages over 20 square miles. The HyperSpike High Powered Speaker Array (HPSA) System is used to alert, inform and instruct people in areas up to 20 square miles. This is a battle tested and proven effective method of transmitting clear and understandable information in high background noise environments.

73 Products found
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