NLB Corp. is a leading manufacturer of high-pressure and ultra-high pressure water jetting systems used in environmental applications like product removal, surface preparation, and much more. NLB pumps and accessories are preferred around the world for productivity, reliability and customer support. Our range of pump units is unsurpassed (4,000-40,000 psi, or 276-2,800 bar, diesel or electric powered), and many are convertible to different pressures to meet changing job requirements. And our dedicated R&D department has developed hundreds of specialized accessories in the past four decades — manual, semi-automated and fully automated — to make water work harder for you.


NLB 40330D - Ultra High Pressure Water Jet Unit

The NLB 40330D is a powerful UHP unit driven by a 350 hp diesel engine (261 kW).  It delivers up to 40,000 psi (2,800 bar) with flow of 13.3 gpm (50 lpm).

NLB 3575D - Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting System

The compact NLB 3575D is a low-horsepower, low-flow UHP unit.  It is rated for 35,000 psi (2,415 bar) and 4 gpm (15 lpm), and requires just 110 hp (82 kW). The NLB Model 3575D WaterJet System combines the power of UHP waterblasting with the dependability of a slow-running plunger pump design that has been proven in countless applications for over 40 years.


Surface preparation - Environmental

Problem: Removing rust, scale and coatings with grit blasting requires containment and/or clean-up, and those costs can have a significant impact on profitability. For contractors doing environmental remediation – removing asbestos or lead paint, for example – the containment issue is even more critical.

Pipe & tube cleaning

Problem: As liquid product hardens, it builds up in a tube or pipe and restricts flow and efficiency. Removing it with drills or brushes can be hard, slow work, resulting in too much downtime.


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