Novinda provides innovative solutions to the coal combustion industry that help coal users lower their environmental impacts, enabling the generation of energy and other coal products in a cleaner, safer, more sustainable manner. Novinda pioneered the concept of a reagent for removing mercury with chemical reactions, rather than through absorption technologies. In sustained, full-scale power plant testing, Novinda`s Amended Silicates exceeded the mercury removal rates required by the EPA. In addition, Amended Silicates is the first commercially available, non-carbon mercury control product that is 100% compatible with fly ash use in concrete products.

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Amended Silicates uses a natural mineral compound as its base component, which reduces emissions and energy consumption during the manufacturing process. This unique chemical makeup not only enables the product to successfully remove mercury from coal-fired plant emissions, but also affords the benefits of being non-flammable and non-abrasive - properties that protect physical plant investments.

Amended Silicates contains no carbon compounds, preserving the beneficial use of fly ash in concrete products and minimizing landfill disposal. Amended Silicates is fully compatible with most sorbent injection systems and is available in commercial quantities for plant trials and long-term contract purchase.

Novinda holds several patents that cover a broad class of materials with a strong affinity for mercury. The firm is privately funded and located in Denver, Colorado.


In 2000, scientists from ADA Technologies received funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to develop a non-carbon product that could be used for mercury emission control from coal combustion while preserving fly ash use as a portland cement replacement. Chemical process engineers from CH2M HILL brought a wealth of experience to the product development effort and provided significant input to the production plan.

In 2003, Amended Silicates was formally established as a joint venture between ADA Technologies and CH2M HILL. The joint venture was focused on piloting, improving and bringing to market the Amended Silicates product.

In June 2009, the company received a Series A venture financing of several million dollars to support the operations and future growth of the company. In February 2011, Novinda received $6 million in Series C equity financing to support the product launch of the industry's first non-carbon reagent for mercury emission control in coal-fired plants.

The company name was changed from Amended Silicates, Inc. to Novinda Corp. in late 2009. The name Novinda was created from a combination of “novus,” the Latin root for innovation, and the word “industry” to reflect the company’s commitment to bringing innovative solutions to the coal combustion industry.


Model FF - Baghouse Power Plant

Mercury Removal: Amended Silicates is injected into coal combustion gases upstream of the Baghouse or Fabric Filter. Amended Silicates interacts with the mercury, chemically modifying it into an inert and insoluble state. Injection rates are comparable to powdered activated carbon but will vary from plant to plant based upon variables such as coal type, LOI and baghouse temperature.

Amended Silicates Technology

Amended Silicates uses an innovative, patented chemical formulation that effectively removes mercury with a simple chemical reaction. The base component is a natural mineral compound that easily amends with metal compounds that have an affinity for mercury. Amended Silicates is produced via natural chemical reactions that allow for low energy consumption during the production process.


Concrele Compatibility

Concrete compatibility tests include comparisons to neat fly ash in terms of air entrainment and concrete strength versus curing time. These tests have yielded consistent results as shown below.

Fly Ash Value Preservation

Amended Silicates is 100% compatible with fly ash use in concrete products. It is also non-flammable and non-abrasive. By using Amended Silicates for mercury control, utilities enjoy the dual benefits of preserving the beneficial use and value of fly ash as a portland cement replacement, while avoiding costs associated with landfill disposal.


POWER-GEN International 2013

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