Welcome to the website of Ocean Navitas Ltd, wave power developers and inventors of the Our vision is a world where there is an alternative to fossil and nuclear fuels which will see sustainable clean renewable energy helping to create a better environment for present and future generations.Power generation from ocean waves will play a vital role in this future, and the Aegir Dynamo™ wave energy converter will be key to its successful implementation.


PremisesHydraulic Linear Wave Simulator

Linear prime mover for simulating wave profiles of up to 3 meters wave height at varying periodic frequencies - designed to test marine power take off systems The simulator comprises a computer interface to accept data to allow the simulation of a buoy operating in varying sea states.

Shore Based or Affixed Aegir Dynamo Application

The shorebased or affixed Aegir Dynamo is designed to service small coastal and island communities, especially those which currently depend on expensive diesel or gas generators as their power source.It operates in a sea state of 300mm or more with an optimum wave height of 1.5 meters to produce 45kW, which can either be connected to the local grid network or fed directly into battery banks, and is sufficient to supply around 65 homes.The ...

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