Welcome to the website of Ocean Navitas Ltd, wave power developers and inventors of the Our vision is a world where there is an alternative to fossil and nuclear fuels which will see sustainable clean renewable energy helping to create a better environment for present and future generations.Power generation from ocean waves will play a vital role in this future, and the Aegir Dynamo™ wave energy converter will be key to its successful implementation.


Aegir Dynamo

Ocean Navitas’ technology is called The Aegir Dynamo.The name is derived from the name for the Norse god of the sea ‘Ægir’ and the definition of a dynamo ‘an electrical generator’.The Aegir Dynamo™ functions in a unique fashion by generating electrical current from the motion of the prime mover in one phase via a direct mechanical conversion and the use of a bespoke buoyancy vessel.As can be seen in the ...

Cost effective sonar wave and tidal level sensor solution for coastal and offshore monitoring.

Simultaneous data transmission capability via both HF radio and GPRS for local and remote monitoring applications.Safety status monitoring, Resource Assessment/Recording, Oceanographic monitoring, Water/tank level monitoring, Wind turbine monitoring, Harbour monitoring, WaveRuler The WaveRuler is a second generation solution designed and manufactured by Ocean Navitas Ltd (renewable energy technology developers) for the monitoring of sea states ...

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