Ocean Optics is the leading supplier of solutions for optical sensing and has enabled thousands of applications across a variety of industries and disciplines. Ocean Optics offers miniature optical sensing units for field measurements, lab analysis and remote sensing, which have already proved themselves for applications such as solar irradiance, oceanic research, air & gas analysis, water analysis, water quality control, soil analysis, PAR measurements, oxygen sensing, pH sensing, colour measurements and more…


Optical Fiber

Our Laboratory-grade Optical Fiber Assemblies offer high quality at a budget price. These off-the-shelf assemblies include patch cord assemblies in various lengths, solarization-resistant patch cord assemblies, and bifurcated and splitter assemblies.

Optical Components

The Thin Films division of Ocean Optics designs and produces high-precision optics such as mirrors, lenses, windows, prisms, filters and beam splitters. Our comprehensive line of services includes generating, shaping and polishing components; creating electro-optic and opto-mechanical components and assemblies; designing and depositing optical coatings; producing mass-quantity OEM components and 'one-off' custom designs; and performing extensive testing ...


Protection Plans

Our Total Technical Service protection plans protect your spectrometer for one year for any contingency -- no matter what the circumstances, including total loss. Under these plans, Ocean Optics will repair or replace your instrument with no deductible or any other out-of-pocket expense required from you.

Calibration Services

At Ocean Optics, we know that your system represents a significant investment. Therefore, we have designed and manufactured our instruments to provide you with dependable and trouble-free operation. However, as with any other scientific instrument, you can prolong the life of your investment by performing regularly scheduled preventive service and maintenance. Our instrument calibration and scheduled maintenance services are designed to provide you ...


OOISensors Software

OOISensors Software is Ocean Optics' next generation of operating software for Fiber Optic Oxygen Sensors  and Fiber Optic pH Sensors.  OOISensors is a 32-bit, advanced acquisition and display program that provides a real-time interface to a variety of signal-processing functions for Windows 95/98/XP/2000/NT users. ...


Training Programs

Continuous education is a key factor in sustaining professional productivity and personal growth. We here at Ocean Optics are proud to have been the pioneer of miniature spectroscopy and one of the leaders in the photonics market. We are aware that for this technology to advance, we must share our knowledge with our customers and the scientific community. Toward this end, we offer training courses in basic spectroscopy, as well as in specific ...


ACHEMA 2012, ARABLAB 2013 - Tradeshow for the Analytical Industry, Pollutec Horizons 2011


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Technology - Manufacturer

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Monitoring and Testing - Environmental Monitoring

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Globally (various continents)


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