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Oceanlinx is an international renewable energy company with a unique, commercially efficient system for extracting energy from ocean waves and converting it to electricity, or utilising that energy to produce clean, fresh water from brine. Oceanlinx’s core patented technology is an Oscillating Water Column (OWC) device, based on the established science of wave energy, but one which – when compared to other OWC technologies – offers major improvements in the design of the system, the turbine, and in construction technique.

About Us

Oceanlinx is a leading international company in the field of wave energy conversion. The company has developed proprietary technology for extracting energy from ocean waves and converting it into either electricity or desalinated sea water. Known as Energetech until 2007, Oceanlinx has been designing and deploying wave energy systems since 1997. The company has developed both a shallow water version of its technology, named greenWAVE, and a corresponding deep water version named blueWAVE. These commercial products are the culmination of this detailed decade-long development phase. Oceanlinx remains at the leading edge of marine renewable technology development.



Oceanlinx has a developed a specific shallow water oscillating water column (OWC) application, termed greenWAVE (for more on how an OWC works, please see the Our Technology page). This OWC is located in about ten metres of water depth, and is mounted on the seabed. While the structure can technically be fabricated from any material, it is generally made from steel or concrete. The method of fixing the structure to the bottom of the ocean is dependent ...


The airWAVE turbine is a design evolution, improving upon the original Denniss-Auld turbine. The airWAVE turbine has fewer moving parts and a conversion efficiency that is higher than both the Denniss-Auld and other comparable turbines. Like the Denniss-Auld, the airWAVE turbine is located well above the ocean, with no moving parts in the water. The airWAVE turbine further improves the overall wave-to-wire efficiency of the Oceanlinx greenWAVE, ogWAVE ...


proWAVE Software

proWAVE software is an Oceanlinx tool which allows one to model a wave energy converter (WEC) as a fully integrated system including oscillating water column (OWC), turbine, generator, flywheel, and all manner of controls features.

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