Oceantech Co.

YoungSang B/D 5F, 180-14 Banghwa-Dong, Kangseo-gu, Seoul |157-846 South Korea

Oceantech as a supplier of special equipment for the oceanographic, meteorogical and maritime field. Oceantech has grown continuously since then by adding to, and supporting, an extensive number of agencies for sales and services of equipment.


Chirp II (Acoustic Profiler)

The Datasonics CAP-6600 Chirp II Sub Bottom Profiling System utilizes advanced Chirp technology to acquire, display and record high-resolution profiles of both the near-bottom and deeper sub-bottom layers. This highly versatile system can be used in any number of configurations for shallow to deep water operation, utilizing either a towed vehicle or hull mount configuration. The systems dual frequency operation allows for the simultaneous acquisition ...

Telesonar Acoustic Telemetry Modems

The ATM-881 topside modem and ATM-880 modem module serve as the surface components of the bi-directional acoustic communication system. These surface modems, configured with a remote dunking transducer, transmit commands/data to, and receive commands/data from, the subsea acoustic modem(s) located on a seafloor instrumentation package or AUV.

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Monitoring and Testing

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Internationally (various countries)

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