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YoungSang B/D 5F, 180-14 Banghwa-Dong, Kangseo-gu Seoul |157-846 South Korea

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Oceantech as a supplier of special equipment for the oceanographic, meteorogical and maritime field. Oceantech has grown continuously since then by adding to, and supporting, an extensive number of agencies for sales and services of equipment.


SM-055 (Miros Microwave Altimeter)

The MIROS MICORWAVE ALITMETER should be mounted on a structure with free vertical sight to the water surface. The measurement range is 2 to 50 meter. The altimeter emits a microwave FM chirp signal, and receives reflections from the water surface. The propagation delay of the electromagnetic signal, due to the distance between the antenna and the water surface, causes a beat signal in the receiver. By means of advanced frequency domain filtering the ...

SeaBat 9001

The SeaBat 9001 Multibeam echosounder measures 60 soundings in a single swath from a lightweight and portable transducer head. Sixty sonar beams within each wath(combined to form a 90 degrees wide by 1.5 degree long geometrically correct cross section) provide simultaneous sonar coverage. While travelling at speeds of over 10 knots, the SeaBat is able to output up to 15 complete profiles per second and still maintain 100% coverage of the seafloor.

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