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133 Barrack Road, ChristchurchDorset |BH23 2AW United Kingdom

Odour Control Limited is a specialist company in the odour control and dust suppression market, having over twenty years experience in this field. We use tried and tested methods to achieve first rate results. We work in Quarries, Landfill Sites, Waste Transfer Stations, Sewage Treatment Works, Composting Sites and many more areas. Odour Control Ltd work with the major waste treatment companies in the U.K. and also has an office and representatives in Spain. Odour Control Ltd. also service, repair and maintain odour and dust suppression systems that have been installed by other companies and in some cases will take over the warranty.


Odour Control - Gas Scrubbers

High pressure fogging is a simple and effective method of removing odours from waste handling and treatment sites. At Odour Control Ltd we can provide a safe and economical method of eliminating a wide range of odour and dust problems. An odour neutralising solution is dosed into the pump suction where it is mixed with water and then pumped at high pressure along a lightweight hydraulic line. The solution is then atomised into the air through a brass ...

Odour Neutralisers

Neusol FD odour neutraliser can be sprayed manually to any ground or substance that is emitting odour, it can also be added to a water bowser and applied to large areas. It has been extremely successful in banishing odours from food waste that had been stored in bins for up to two weeks; FD has also been used successfully in neutralising odours from landfill gas wells. Odours were neutralised immediately.

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Waste and Recycling - Waste Management

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Internationally (various countries)

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