Odour Control Limited is a specialist company in the odour control and dust suppression market, having over twenty years experience in this field. We use tried and tested methods to achieve first rate results. We work in Quarries, Landfill Sites, Waste Transfer Stations, Sewage Treatment Works, Composting Sites and many more areas. Odour Control Ltd work with the major waste treatment companies in the U.K. and also has an office and representatives in Spain. Odour Control Ltd. also service, repair and maintain odour and dust suppression systems that have been installed by other companies and in some cases will take over the warranty.


Stand Alone Units

These stand alone units are ideal for smaller areas where dust or odour is a problem. All that is required to set the unit into operation is a water and electricity supply. Each unit is portable and can be operational in a few minutes. The base of each of these units is designed with fork lift attachments or lifting eyes enabling it to be moved easily and safely. The steel base also acts as a counter weight and adds stability to the unit. A container of ...

Wall Mounted Odour Control Units

The wall mounted version of the atomiser is used to suppress odour and dust and an odour neutraliser is also added. The neutralisers can be fragranced or un-fragranced as required. When used for dust management, we recommend the use of a dust suppression liquid through the atomiser to help generate even smaller droplets and to bind the dust particles together, this also slows the evaporation of the water droplets. The wall mounted units can be fitted ...

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