Oil Control Systems is a dynamic company, which specializes in oil and chemicals pollution control equipment and services of worldwide famous brands like Imbiber Beads, SPC International, Bioversal, Ro-Clean Desmi, Fastank, SeaDarq and Roulunds Marine. The company has the exclusive rights representing Imbiber Beads, a unique and safe product in absorbing spilled hydrocarbons.

About Us

  • The most complete oil and chemical control program that is for sale in the Benelux.
  • A very broad knowledge of business that support the sale.
  • Products that are unique in the world of emergency response.
  • Always be aware of the latest developments in the market.
  • Very fast delivery of absorbers!
  • Time Deliveries within 3 hours in the Netherlands at your location (depending on the distance)!
  • You can find a particular product for the reception, storage or control of fluid leaks out ofour website, please call us!
  • Competitive pricing and free advice.
  • 'Long after the price is forgotten, our quality is still remembered.' (Gucci).


Model 1236 x 1210 x 190 - Steel Drip Tray for 4 x 200 Liter Drums With Lattice

Steel drip tray without forklift brackets and a grating sound and sustainable product for safe storage of packaged dangerous substances in accordance with PGS 15 VLAREM, ARAB, CODEX. Implementation painted (color: RAL 5010). Made from 3 mm steel plate. TUV certified product. Declaration of Conformity (combustible). Environmental Pallets of liquid steel welded and certified in accordance with EN 571-1. For placement directly on the ground (without ...

OCS - Skirted Tree Combination of PVC Oil Screen

This type oilie tree, the absorbent capacity of the oil booms (oil sausages) as well as the opportunity to serve. As oil screen The big advantage is that the oil sausages can be easily replaced. After saturation The oil screen including ballast chain can then be reused.

Company details

Business Type:
Technology - Distributor

Industry Type:
Water and Wastewater - Oil Spills

Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)



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