Omni Water Solutions

4007 Commercial Center Drive, Suite 700, Austin, Texas |78744 USA

Omni Water Solutions is an emerging technology company, which specializes in developing and deploying mobile water treatment platforms for water re-use. Through its patented Octozone automation technology, Omni’s platforms are able to treat a wide variety of contaminated, high-volume water sources. The result is output water custom tailored to the requirements needed by the operator at significantly lower energy and maintenance costs. The company is based in Austin, Texas.


Omni - Octozone & Real-Time Expert Monitoring

Omni Water Solutions delivers fit-for-purpose systems to treat brackish, flow back and produced water by integrating robust technologies such as advanced oxidation, clarification, solids filtration, and membrane separation. Each system is uniquely configured to fit specific situations. The Octozone™ operating system ensures that the entire Omni system is responsive to changing conaminants and delivers optimum performance at the lowest cost. Omni ...

Omni HIPPO - Water Treatment: System

Recent advances in the use of hydro-fracturing technology by the oil and gas industry are unlocking massive reserves in the large shale fields throughout the world. Hydro-fracturing is a highly effective, water-intensive, well-completion method, which often requires several million gallons of fresh water for each well. The water that returns to the surface is contaminated with chemicals, chlorides, and other pollutants that prevent its re-use. Today, ...


Custom Mobile Water-Treatment Solutions

Serving the oilfield services industry, Omni Water Solutions provides highly automated mobile water systems for water treatment and reuse. Supported by continuous, real-time, expert monitoring, the patented OctoZone technology senses and responds to the continuously changing conditions in the field. Omni platforms produce water of consistent quality and are tailored to specified requirements at a cost that makes reuse affordable.

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment

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Nationally (across the country)

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