One World Clean Energy (OWCE) Innovative model has united what was once separate parts into one, integrated whole: By targeting markets with high energy costs, underutilized agricultural communities, and unstable energy distribution. By rigorous assessment and feasibility studies that ensure optimal site selection, productivity, and profitability. By actively researching innovative technologies in our ongoing quest to provide low-cost, renewable energy.

About Us

Old Problems. New Thinking.
To create the One World Clean Energy system, we radically reised our thinking. What dries costs in renewable energy refinery operations and capital costs? And how can we reduce or eliminate them entirely? How can we best benefit from jobs and energy?

One World Clean Energy’s Integrated Biorefinery (Patent-Pending) is different from any other renewable energy technology or system.

Renewable Energy—Anywhere
That’s why One World Clean Energy was created.

Our vision is a simple one: to build and operate renewable energy systems for underserviced rural communities—WORLD WIDE. We simultaneously produce electricity, natural gas, and transportation fuels where they are locally consumed, instead of distributing energy and fuels produced hundreds, often thousands, of miles away from consumers.

This is possible with our unique One World Clean Energy Integrated Biorefinery (Patent-Pending) technology

Our integrated biorefineries:

  • Are independent of fossil fuels
  • Utilize diverse feedstock available in ANY agricultural region
  • Are more efficient than other biorefineries and renewable energy systems
  • Are cost-competitive with petroleum fuels and fossil fuel energy

No Waste—Near-Zero Emissions
Our One World Clean Energy Integrated Biorefinery (Patent-Pending) system simultaneously produces pipeline-grade natural gas, electricity, biodiesel, and ethanol with no waste and near-zero emissions. Virtually all by-products are utilized by subsequent in-house processes, or are sold on the open market.

Our system reduces the environmental impact normally associated with centralized energy generation and energy production facilities that use expansive and environmentally costly distribution vehicles, pipelines, and grids.


Waste Water Processing Services

Ethanol facilities use three gallons of potable water to produce one gallon of ethanol. One World Clean Energy™ Integrated Biorefinery (Patent-Pending) system has the capability to: Process waste water or pre-treated waste water to use in our ethanol production. Treat 35 million gallons of sewer water per year at each facility. Repurpose waste to become a feedstock—cooking grease, yard waste, tree trimmings, construction waste, animal ...

Commercially Proven Technology Services

Ethanol, biodiesel, anaerobic digestion (natural gas generation), and electricity generation technologies have been commercialized for centuries. Until recently (within the last 10 years) the efficiency of combining processes has been overlooked. The most prominent co-processing is the combined generation of heat and power (CHP).

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Service provider

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Energy - Renewable Energy

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Globally (various continents)

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