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Surface Water Water Level Meters

OTT - Model PLS - Gauge Pressure Sensor

Gauge pressure sensor OTT PLS for the precise and reliable measurement of water levels in ground-and surface waters. The PLS features a long-term stable, highly precise, capacitive ceramic pressure cell. This cell is extremely robust and insensitive against mechanical overload as well as against aggressive media. The sensor electronics measure pressure and temperature values. Compensating for temperature effects, water density and the specific...

OTT - Model CBS - Compact Bubble Sensor

The OTT CBS uses the drift-free measuring principle and covers a measurement range of up to 30 m. An integrated compact piston pump produces the necessary bubbling pressure for the indirect measuring principle. Through a connected measuring tube the compressed air will be blown out in the water via a bubble pot. After the process of blowing the pressure between the measuring tube and the water pressure at the bubble pot is equalised. A pressure...

OTT Thalimedes

The float-operated Thalimedes Shaft Encoder with integral data logger is designed for continuous, unattended monitoring of water level in ground- and surface water. Thalimedes is the ideal solution for the combination with conventional mechanical chart recorders (different makes) - a cost-effective upgrade from a mechanical system to digital technology. In situ comparison between the conventional chart recorder principle and the new digital technology...


The OTT RLS (radar level sensor) is a radar sensor for non-contact water level measurements at surface waters. The sensor uses impulse-radar technology to determine the water level. The RLS is mounted above the water surface e.g.: at bridges or auxilliary constructions. Its solid, relatively light and water-proof housing is easy to install. Its extremely low energy consumption (active: <12mA @12V), the large power supply range and standardized...

OTT SE 200

The float-operated Shaft Encoder SE 200 was developed based on the technology of the well-known Thalimedes. The SE 200 is designed for continuous water level measurement. A float - float cable - counterweight system translates the water level change to the float pulley. The rotation caused by this is converted into an electronical signal. A measured value is being calculated via internal processing and is available via the interfaces SDI-12 and 4...20...

OTT Staff Gauges

Staff gauges from OTT as basic equipment for every level / flow gauging station. Whether vertical or inclined staff gauges, enamelled sheet steel or cast aluminium - we can offer the best-possible solution for each measuring site. Vertical staff gauges of sheet steel. Light design of 2 mm thick sheet steel, white enamelled, with black graduation (in cm) and black numbering. The staff gauges are available in lengths from 200 to 1200 mm - harmonised on...

OTT Maximum Level Gauge

The maximum level gauges show the highest tide wave / surface water level by color marking. They are maximum level indicators for preservation of evidence and offer exact data for a later treatment of a flood event. In a measuring cylinder made of safety glass there is a 1 m long glass-fiber reinforced plastic measuring rod with cm-E-partition and dm-numbering. A transparent self-adhesive color band is fixed on the measuring rod. The rising water in the...

Ground Water Level Meter

OTT - Model Orpheus Mini - Groundwater Data Logger

The groundwater data logger OTT Orpheus Mini – based on a pressure probe – has been designed for the reliable monitoring and storage of water level and temperature for the water management. The main application of OTT Orpheus Mini is the installation in groundwater pipes and wells. In addition, the application in open waters and tanks is possible.


The OTT CTD is a professional data logger that measures water level, temperature and conductivity. Furthermore, it can also output the salinity and the total dissolved solids (TDS). The CTD saves all measurements in the integrated 4MB non-volatile ring buffer (approx. 500,000 values). Although especially designed for groundwater applications, the OTT CTD is also well suited for surface measurements. In addition to the proven product characteristics of...

OTT Thalimedes

The float-operated Thalimedes Shaft Encoder with integral data logger is designed for continuous, unattended monitoring of waterlevel in ground- and surface water. Thalimedes is the ideal solution for the combination with conventional mechanical chart recorders (different makes) - a cost effective upgrade from a mechanical system to digital technology. In situ comparison between the conventional chart recorder principle and the new digital technology...

OTT KL 010 / KL 010-TM

Quick, simple and economic measurement of ground water level (distance to water), Optical and acoustic signal, White polyethylene measuring tape with meter markings in red, cm division, dm numbering in black, Rugged style, Powered by four 1.5 Volt batteries (C-cells), Measuring tape available in lengths between 15 and 750 m (12 options).

Discharge - Continous Measurement

OTT - Model SLD - Acoustic Doppler Sensor System (ADS)

The OTT SLD is an acoustic Doppler sensor system for continuous monitoring of flow velocity and water level (optional) in rivers and channels. The system guarantees reliable velocity measurements even in a flood situation with high sediment loads. The OTT SLD measures velocity in up to 9 adjacent cells with two horizontal beams looking sideways into the flow (Side Looking Doppler). The compact design reduces constrction efforts and allows an economic...

OTT Sonicflow

Sonicflow is an ultrasonic measuring system designed by OTT for continuous measurement of the flow velocity 'v' in open flowing waters. By using an intelligent, digital signal processor (DSP), the ultrasonic measuring system Sonicflow attains a high degree of metering precision. In combination with an OTT data logger, a Sonicflow system board and a sensor for level measurement, it is possible to measure the discharge 'Q' beside the flow velocity 'v'. The...

Discharge - Spot Measurements

OTT Nautilus

The Nautilus C 2000 Electromagnetic Flow Sensor is designed for the portable measurement of very low flow velocities from 0.000 m/s up to 2.5 m/s (standard - other ranges upon request). Nautilus is the ideal help for site conditions where the conventional current meters can no longer be used e.g. in plant loaded or contaminated water, marginal zones of river banks, shallow water, low velocities, etc. ... The velocity in m/s is directly indicated on the...


The original C31 OTT Current Meters set the standard for flow measurement in rivers, open canals, etc. and without them hydrometry is not imaginable. OTT Current meters mean thousandfold proven quality, precision and reliability - worldwide for decades. The rotation rate of the precisely calibrated propeller is proportional to water velocity. C31 Universal Current Meter is designed for flow metering in combination with hand-held wading rods or cable...


The C2 Small Current Meter is used for measurement of flow velocity at low water levels, e.g. in laboratories, river models, small canals, falajs, outfall ditches, etc. The highly precise, reinforced spindle bearing as well as a non-contact signalling system give the possibility for measuring flow velocities as of 0.025 m/s. Minimum depth of water for the C2 is approx. 4 cm.


The OTT ADC (Portable Acoustic Digital Current Meter) is designed for point velocity measurements in natural streams, rivers, creeks and open channels. Using the latest acoustic measuring principles and combined with a high end signal processor the instrument provides accurate and reliable data. The instrument is equipped with a built-in pressure sensor that provides automatic depth readings for the determination of both individual vertical depths and...

OTT Qliner

The OTT Qliner Doppler device measures flow (discharge) in rivers and channels. It gives accurate and detailed information about the river flow and delivers results quickly and savely. The device is moved from vertical axis to vertical axis from a bridge using a tether, boat or a cable way. This allows one to measure both the vertical velocity profile as well as the depth in selected sections. The on-line software calculates the discharge by combining...


OTT Pluvio² - Universal Precipitation Gauge

Universal precipitation gauge using the balance principle for liquid, solid, and mixed precipitation. It does not matter whether it is drizzle, sleet, hail or snow, the new OTT Pluvio² reliably and accurately measures both, the amount and the intensity of liquid, solid, and mixed precipitation. It works according to the balance principle, taking account of external factors such as temperature and wind that could distort the results. Both, digital outputs...

OTT Parsivel - PWS - Disdrometer

Parsivel is a modern laser-based optical system for the complete and reliable measurement of all kinds of precipitation. The precipitation particles are differentiated and classified as drizzle, rain, sleet, hail, snow or mixed precipitation. For the precipitation measurements a special sensor head was developed. It measures precipitation optically one meter above the earth's surface (other heights are available on request). The data determined thereby...

Water Quality

Quanta / Quanta - G

The Quanta Measuring System has been developed for the cost effective and accurate monitoring of water quality parameters in ground and surface waters. Whether in freshwater, saltwater or contaminated water environments the Quanta delivers data about water quality and level quickly and in an easy to use format. Combined with the Quanta Field Display the robust, low maintenance probe gathers data on up to 7 parameters simultaneously: temperature,...

Hydrolab MS/DS Series 5

Multiparameter probes for water quality measurement in ground- and surface water. he newest generation, our Series 5 multiparameter probes, were designed specially for measurement of water quality in surface waters, ground water and wastewater areas.

Data Loggers

Data loggers form the heart of a measurement station. Pure data loggers are becoming station managers with various tasks: collecting and storing data, transmitting data by polling or sending data independently by SMS/GPRS or by satellite to the central data station, and even monitoring thresholds with alarm functionality. Redundancy concepts in data collection and communication must be supported. The requirements are manifold - data loggers from OTT offer all the possibilities to meet them.


The IP-compatible data loggers of the OTT netDL series are designed for the safe handling of large data volumes. They are capable of multitasking and feature a high storage capacity and efficient power management. Specialising in communication via the Internet, they offer manifold options for data communication. Redundant communication routes guarantee high data availability.

OTT DuoSens

The OTT Data loggers are especially used as station managers for Hydrometry, Meteorology and Environmental Technology. The essential functions are the collection, storage, processing, control and transmission of environmental data.

OTT LogoSens 2

LogoSens is a station-manager which has been developed especially for applications in the fields of hydrometry, meteorology and environmental technology. Its most important functions are the collection, storage, processing, control and transmission of environmental data.

Operating / Reading Unit

Pocket PC

Small, light-weight and easy to handle -- that's how a data reading unit must be! We offer you all this in one package with our latest software developement 'OTT Hydras 3 Pocket' in combination with a Pocket PC, with the full flexibility and functionality of these small devices. On the basis of commercial Windows Mobile 2003 compatible Pocket PCs we can offer a reading and configuration unit for read out and configuration of the following OTT data...

Communication - GSM in Groundwater


With the communicaton unit OTT ITC, groundwater data loggers can be equipped economically to complete data transmission systems with alarm functionality. The data are transmitted to the central data station independently via GPRS, SMS from the OTT ITC or by polling in dedicated time slots.

Communication - Satellite


OTT HDR is a satellite transmitter (transmission unit) controlled via the Global Positioning System (GPS). It allows the set-up of measuring sites with data transmission (DCP, Data Collecting Platform) through the satellites METEOSAT and GOES. OTT HDR works as a slave transmission module of a connected data logger in the master-slave-principle. The set-up with an OTT Station Manager LogoSens guarantees a simple and comfortable configuration. A RS232...

System Solutions

OTT CompactStation

The new CompactStation is a fully equipped measurement station that can operate as a stand-alone unit thanks to its solar power supply and GSM communications option. It does not require any external utility supplies and can be mounted quickly and cheaply in a single day. The CompactStation is supplied with all components required to operate a measurement station: sensor, data-logger, communication equipment as well as a power supply. These components...

OTT Measuring Buoy

The OTT measuring buoy was designed particularly to work in combination with the Hydrolab Multiparameter Probes for water quality monitoring applications. Like the OTT CompactStation this buoy is equipped with a data logger unit connected to a GSM data transmission unit and has an autarkic power supply. Differently than with conventional buoys, the mulitparameter probe is installed laterally in a pipe, so that the buoy does not have to be opened for...

SBC - Model Cycle-P - In Situ Dissolved Phosphate Analyzer

The Cycle P methodology is based on US EPA standard methods and combines precision fluidics with state-of-the-art optics to provide unparalleled precision and accuracy. Ideally suited for unattended monitoring the Cycle P includes pre-mixed onboard reagent cartridges and onboard calibration standards.

31 Products found
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