Biological Waste Gas Treatment, Separation of Gasous Pollutants & Aerosols a full service environmental consulting and engineering firm specializing in air pollution control waste water and solid waste activities. Otto offers a complete line of biofilters for removal of odour and VOC from air streams. The product line includes modular, pre-engineered systems as well as field erected custom design-build systems. Operating installations include municipal composting, rendering, sewage works, pet food and feed mill plants.


Biological Air Pollution Control

The technology of biological exhaust air treatment is a procedure of biological oxidation of water-soluble, microbiologically degradable contents of the air. The contaminated air flows through a matrix colonised by micro-organisms which absorbs hazardous contents and subsequently oxidises them through metabolic processes. An intelligent spraying system keeps the micro-organisms wet and also supplies them with nutrients and minerals according to ...

Industrial Air Engineering

We understand “industrial air engineering” as a discipline distinct from general “comfort air conditioning” that involves specialisation in providing solutions to customers with particularly demanding requirements for technical air quality systems within industrial environments. Applications in the area of industrial air engineering range from complex air supply systems for technological processes to thermal or chemical air preparation and a wide range ...



Standardised technical solutions in buildings and plants are convenient but expensive. For this reason, we have specialised in collecting all technical specialists into one team as part of an integrated planning process. Our technical designs emerge from an intensive dialogue with the user, the planner and the architect. Our ecological and economic objectives are efficient operation, low operating costs and high quality and flexibility in the use of ...

Project Planning

Your property’s life cycle starts with the project planning. During this stage, our concepts and plans guarantee technically and economically optimal solutions. We therefore take our time with you as our customer to analyse the situation of your location and your market, advise you in matters of building law, evaluate the profitability of the planned project and help you minimise potential risks.

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Air and Climate

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Globally (various continents)


1,000,000 - 10,000,000 €


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