Following the merger of Eimco Water Technologies, Enviroquip and Christ Water Technology, September 2010 sees the emergence of a new global force in the water sector, dedicated to bringing the latest thinking, proven technologies and the most advanced application knowledge to the municipal and industrial clean water, process water and wastewater markets around the globe. Ovivo will become the only global business dedicated solely to water. Water is Ovivo’s business. It is important the global expertise held within Ovivo is available locally to help customers create value in the water they use. Today, Ovivo has 21 dedicated offices across 5 continents in major markets in Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas with further representative offices in the additional countries.

About Us

Ovivo is a world leader in engineered water treatment solutions. We bring together some of the world’s most established brands with an amalgamated heritage of over 200 years of experience. Our expertise spans all industries and solutions applicable to water, wastewater and ultra-pure water. Ovivo has locations in 21 countries employing over 1500 talented people.

Unlike other resources, there is no substitute for water and only 0.3% of Earth’s water is readily available freshwater. It is a resource that needs to be protected and valued.

Our passion is to deliver sustainable water treatment solutions for industrial, municipal water and wastewater treatment. Taking time to thoroughly understand our customers’ needs; our own respect of the value of water and expertise how to create value in water is what drives us to never be mere generalist, but the best at what we do.

Ovivo is hyperlocal. We bring global coverage together with a network of water experts to serve our customers where ever they are.

Our Mission

Looking into a near future, simply treating water is not going to be enough. Treating water may not be a sustainable practice as it may imply that vast amounts of other resources, such as energy, are used in the process.

Ovivo’s mission is to “provide our customers with the best end to end solutions to treat and recycle water at the lowest energy cost”.

This is how we create value in water.

Our mission statement implies we go extra steps to make sure we answer our customer’s needs in a sustainable manner, taking into account short term constraints and delivering solutions that will stand the test of time. Best Water company in the world

Our Core Values

Core Values

  • We are all accountable for our actions and the success of the company
  • Making sure water resources are used with care and in a sustainable manner
  • We effectively manage risk for the company’s continuing success
  • We place our customers at the center of our thinking and actions
  • We foster creativity and innovation to drive customer satisfaction
  • We are passionate about our customers and earn their loyalty
  • Individuals make a difference, knowledge sharing and teamwork make the difference
  • We accept no boundaries for our customers or ourselves
  • We win and succeed together
  • We are all empowered to capture added value opportunities and deliver customer satisfaction
  • We take the necessary actions to achieve quality and excellence
  • We demonstrate a “can-do” attitude and challenge sub-optimal processes
  • Our employees are our most valuable asset, we provide them with a safe environment
  • We act transparently
  • Respect is deeply rooted in our culture and pride is our reward
  • Ethical behavior is the only accepted norm for us and our clients

Our Vision

Our vision is to “Be the preferred partner for Customers who value water as much as we do”.

Ovivo is 100% dedicated to water and we seek customers that have compatible visions so we can maximize the value we deliver to them. Wherever Ovivo touches water, we seek to add value and create an appreciation for the value of water.

We want to be more than a supplier. We want to be a partner because this gives us more room, more options to create value. Knowing our customers, understanding them, predicting their true needs and deliver satisfaction. We aim to be the best water company in the world.

Heritage Brands

The merger of Eimco Water Technologies, Enviroquip, Aqua Engineering and Christ Water Technology, plus many smaller specialist firms, allows Ovivo to offer a unique combination of advanced solutions, probably the most significant application knowledge base in the world and some of the best expertise in the business.

Ovivo aims to become the water partner of choice for clients in the public and private sectors and the leading source of water expertise for engineers and consultants across the globe.

Ovivo brings together over 200 years of water expertise into a single, highly accessible business focused purely upon creating value for our clients. Many of the best known, most respected and most reliable brand names are part of our heritage, including:

AJM Environmental Services, Brackett Green, Caird & Rayner Clark, Copa, Christ Water Technology, Aqua Engineering, Goema, Kennicott, UT&S, Eimco Water, echnologies, Enviroquip, Jones+Attwood, Tomkinson, Aquator, Tepro

The combined strengths of these brands creates one of the most comprehensive banks of technology in the water industry, one of the most extensive lists of reference sites in the sector and practical application knowledge made available locally through our office network spanning 5 continents.


Act today to ensure the long-term durability of our economic, social and environmental capital.

The principle of sustainability has become inextricably tied to the future of the global economy, our life as a community and the governance of corporations, including Ovivo. Sustainability is our commitment, as an organization, to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

For most corporations that have integrated the precepts of sustainable development into their day-to-day management and the life of their organization, this commitment is reflected primarily in initiatives aimed at minimizing their environmental footprint, notably by reducing their energy and water consumption, limiting their greenhouse gas emissions and eliminating all forms of waste.

Not only is Ovivo striving for these objectives, but the notion of sustainability is an integral part of our mission and vision. Moreover, sustainability is at the core of our business: the development and implementation of technologies aimed at treating water for its re-use and conservation.

Sustainability in Technology
Responsible management of global water reserves is one of the greatest and more urgent challenges faced by mankind today. At Ovivo, we fully understand this issue which we have been addressing for years, as we have built a portfolio featuring some of the most comprehensive and top-performing solutions worldwide for the treatment and recycling of municipal and industrial wastewater.

We continuously enhance our product selection by integrating ever-more efficient, economical and eco-friendly technologies, designed to meet current, emerging and future needs in the area of water conservation and reuse.

For example, Ovivo is one of the foremost providers of submerged membrane bioreactors, a municipal and industrial water recycling technology with a small environmental footprint, due to the modest size and energy-efficiency of the required facilities. Its municipal sludge mixing process can use up to 80% less power than conventional processes.

Ovivo is also a world leader in water intake screening solutions, which incorporate a state-of-the-art technology designed to protect marine life. Its ultra-purification technologies can yield treated water with one the highest degrees of purity in the industry.

Protecting the environment
Ovivo has for several years now integrated the principles of sustainable development into the procedures and controls governing the management of its operations and assets worldwide. Each operating unit around the world must notably produce periodic certifications in the area of environmental protection, which is subject to the company’s highest authority: the Board of Directors.

Through its global sales and engineering organization, initiatives are taken every day by employees in a spirit of sustainable development, such as responsible and sensible consumption of drinking water and energy, recovery and recycling, and lesser use of paper; all of this Ovivo fosters, among other things, by implementing electronic portals for the benefit of employees and directors to lessen travel through the use of videoconferencing.



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ACHEMA 2012, Aquatech Amsterdam 2013, ET 2010 (Environmental Technology 2010), FILTECH 2013, POWER-GEN International 2013, SMAGUA 2012


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