OxyGuard - Standard Probe

The probe that you can purchase today is even better than the probe introduced in 1987 that helped revolutionize fish farming and make modern aquaculture the industry it is today.Today's OxyGuard Standard Probe is hermetically sealed. If needed you can open it to replace the membrane and renovate it completely, but...

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OxyGuard MultiLog - Multichannel Systems

The MultiLog is designed for use with the older OxyGuard 6 and OxyGuard 8 units, but can be used for other instruments.MultiLog is a data logger with a maximum of 8 channels. As well as storing values, the MultiLog can be used as interface between instruments like the OxyGuard 8 and a PC, so that real-time measured...

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OxyGuard - Model 420 - Dissolved Oxygen Probe with Built-in Transmitter

The Model 420 consists of an OxyGuard Standard probe with 'built-on' 2-wire 4-20mA transmitter. A calibration screw in the side permits the 4-20 mA to be calibrated to correspond to the desired range of oxygen concentration. The Model 420 is ideal for use wherever a single oxygen measurement without local display is...

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Convoy Fish Transport Monitoring Sysyem

Convoy is an OxyGuard Commander system designed to control, monitor and record the dissolved oxygen and temperature of tanks in vehicles or boats used for transporting living fish. Convoy not only ensures optimal conditions during transport, but can also provide a printed record as precise documentation.

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