OxyGuard has been supplying water quality measuring and monitoring equipment to the aquaculture and other markets all over the world. We have achieved the position of leading supplier of water quality monitoring equipment to the aquaculture industry and are preferred supplier of PPB level DO meters to power plants. The probe of our dissolved oxygen meter for waste water needs less maintenance than any other on the market. Due to reliability, low maintenance demands and ease of maintenance, OxyGuard instruments have an excellent total cost of ownership. In close cooperation with our partners and customers, OxyGuard will continuously devote to develop instruments and systems for water quality measurement and monitoring.

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OxyGuard Vision
OxyGuard is committed to be the water measurement’s first choice- in terms of technology, reliability, and service. It is our vision to be the preferred partner and solution provider to all companies and institutions that care about water quality measurement and monitoring.


OxyGuard was established in 1987 to provide dissolved oxygen measuring equipment to fish farmers. New types of oxygen probe and multi channel system were designed and manufactured that achieved an excellent total cost of ownership due to reliability and ease of maintenance. These advantages made OxyGuard probe and monitoring equipment the preferred standard for fish farms, a position that OxyGuard has held ever since.
Another OxyGuard product that broke new ground was the Handy DO meter. This was the first handy meter that could withstand the wet environment and hard treatment that found on fish farms. Handy meters have also defined new standards for stability and measurement accuracy.

OxyGuard’s continuing research and development has made it one of the few companies in the world that can manufacture probes to accurately measure oxygen levels a thousand times less than those found in aquaculture. This expertise, together with many years experience gained by OxyGuard’s business partners and customers, is applied to give the probes and systems offered for use in aquaculture and elsewhere some outstanding qualities.

In 2001 OxyGaurd introduced PC-based monitoring and control system, Commander. From a small number of ponds and simple control to very large systems, Commander can measure any water quality parameters that can be measured and controlled. The flexibility and the continuing development of new Commander applications and hardware/software ensures maximum security and economy now and in the future.

OxyGuard products now encompass equipment for measuring, monitoring, controlling and data logging oxygen, dissolved oxygen, pH, redox/ORP, temperature and dissolved carbon dioxide. These find use in the aquaculture, the waste water, environmental monitoring, in the industry in general and on pure water such as that found in the high pressure boilers used in today’s power stations.

For over 20 years OxyGuard has been playing a leading role in the field of water quality measurement and will continue to develop new instruments-all according to the “no-nonsense measurement” philosophy that is the basis for all our products.


OxyGuard - Model 420 - Dissolved Oxygen Probe with Built-in Transmitter

The Model 420 consists of an OxyGuard Standard probe with 'built-on' 2-wire 4-20mA transmitter. A calibration screw in the side permits the 4-20 mA to be calibrated to correspond to the desired range of oxygen concentration. The Model 420 is ideal for use wherever a single oxygen measurement without local display is wanted, or where oxygen measurements are to be incorporated in or added to 'non-OxyGuard' computer or PLC systems.

OxyGuard MultiLog - Multichannel Systems

The MultiLog is designed for use with the older OxyGuard 6 and OxyGuard 8 units, but can be used for other instruments.MultiLog is a data logger with a maximum of 8 channels. As well as storing values, the MultiLog can be used as interface between instruments like the OxyGuard 8 and a PC, so that real-time measured values can be seen on the PC. The MultiLog has provision for 8 inputs and one or two data connections. It is found in stand alone and ...

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