We specialize in the manufacturing and installation of Filter Presses and related support equipment to remove solids from liquids, coupled with engineered solutions to your unique separation application. Our customers require solids-liquid separation, our company designs and builds equipment to separate solids. We intend to manufacture that equipment, provide related services, and provide the sales and engineering support so that it is easy and convenient for our customers to determine sizing, delivery, price, layout, future operating efficiencies, and buy, a quality product.


Model 1200mm - Filter Pressses

The 1200 mm size is designed for full size operations. This press is offered in both overhead and sidebar designs. Sidebar volumes are available from 40 cu. ft. up to 100 cu. ft.. These presses are available with options that are semi-automatic and fully automatic (AIS systems). The 1200 mm series overhead is available in single and double overhead beam. All of the standard options, including the AIS automatic system, can be applied to this ...

Model 1500 - Filter Pressses

Pacific Press Company manufactures 1500 mm X 1500 mm. This filter press is usually a component of a complete solids removal system. This may include several pretreatment steps, large material handling systems including tanks and platforms. Full automation is available so that the filter press can operate unattented. Checkout our image gallery below.


Parts & Service

Pacific Press Company offers a complete line of parts & service on all of our Filter Presses and ancillary equipment. Parts and Service is also offered other brands such as JWI, US Filter & Siemens. Having been in the Filter Press industry for over 25 years, PPC understands the customer’s needs & the importance of having critical spare parts on the shelf for quick shipment. Equally ...

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Water and Wastewater - Water Filtration and Separation

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Globally (various continents)

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