Paqell, a 50/50 joint venture of Paques and Shell Global Solutions, was established in 2011 as a vehicle dedicated to accelerate marketing and continue R&D efforts of the THIOPAQ O&G gas desulphurization technology. THIOPAQ O&G is based on natural processes and makes use of natural bacteria because they have been proven to be the most safe, stable and efficient catalyst in the business when applied to small and medium size sour gas streams with unfavourable gas compositions. Our solution offers the Gas & Oil Industry a safe, stable and efficient solution gas treating solution. In an environment where health and safety are of the utmost importance, Paqell can provide you with the competitive advantage your company is looking for. THIOPAQ O&G is the easy to operate and low cost of ownership solution you were looking for. Many Oil & Gas companies around the world operate our technology and would choose THIOPAQ O&G again for new projects.


THIOPAQ - Oil & Gas Desulphurisation Technology

Gas Desulphurisation is notoriously difficult for small to medium sized sulphur sources and for ‘lean’ acid gases in particular. Most other solutions result in either high operational cost or in laborious operations. Or both… With THIOPAQ O&G, Paqell offers a way out. The THIOPAQ O&G process integrates gas desulphurization with sulphur recovery in a single unit. That means you can use feedgas straight from ...

Oil & Gas Plant

The Citation THIOPAQO&G plant in Salem, Illinois [USA] was commissioned in 2006. At this plant, gas is biologically treated at an average rate of 700,000 SCFD. Feed gas contains 4% H S by volume and treated gas contains 0-2 ppmv H2S. The Citation THIOPAQ O&G plant requires minimal human intervention - the site is unmanned 66% of the time. Since 2006, plant availability has been higher than 99% with only approximately eight days of downtime for ...


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