Perillon Software delivers comprehensive cloud-based Operational Risk & Compliance Management solutions to mid to large-sized companies in energy, power, industrial, manufacturing and process industries. As the technology leader, Perillon helps Environmental, Health, Safety and Quality (EHS&Q) professionals at all levels in the organization measure, manage and analyze operational data in a central system of record. Our products are easy to configure and easy to use, designed for the Mobile Enterprise. Our customers have significantly enhanced their profit performance and mitigated their strategic risk by lowering resource consumption and environmental impact, improving compliance and increasing productivity.

About Us

Perillon provides solutions for key EHS&Q challenges such as air and greenhouse gas emissions tracking, water data management, incident tracking, audit and inspection completion, compliance deadline management and more. Our modular platform is comprehensive, enabling management to implement one central system for a broad set of EHS&Q functions with flexible purchase options to fit any budget. Unlike other software solutions on the market requiring significant and costly customization, Perillon's products are standards-based, affordable and are best-suited for mid to large sized enterprises.

Perillon Software has deep EHS&Q expertise, created in 2001 as a subsidiary of GSC|Kleinfelder, a successful and profitable environmental consulting firm. In 2005, the company spun out and began growing rapidly, delivering standard cloud-based EHS&Q solutions to the broad market. Our success stems from our continuous focus on customer inputs to drive market-leading products built on modern technology. Perillon is based in the Boston area and is backed by a consortium of prominent investors with significant experience in enterprise software and high-technology.



Modern Technology Leadership
Today IT professionals are overwhelmed with myriad systems that don’t talk to each other, especially when it comes to EHS&Q management. The dream of “one ERP system for all” is elusive, expensive and unrealistic. Perillon's technology solution provides a more seamless enterprise experience, affordably. With Perillon, you can establish a central system of record, built on a modern architecture that integrates with your systems securely so you can effectively analyze 'big data' in the Cloud.

We believe that connecting the enterprise in the cloud with modern mobility and data integration technology is the key to capturing all institutional data and delivering sustainable value worth millions of dollars—lower risks, lower resource costs, higher productivity, and better decisions.

Our data integration platform is powerful and unique, allowing an incredibly wide range of operations data to be assimilated into one central system, pulling data from many heterogeneous sources and enabling 'big data' analytics. Our analytics, featuring drill-down dashboards, is market-leading. Our mobility platform, including connectivity in and out of a network zone, is powerful and unique.


Data Analytics
Perillon's dashboard technology is industry-leading and compelling. Our dashboards are dynamic and configurable. Drill-Down Dashboards allow you to graphically visualize your high volumes of data in near real-time. Unlike other software systems on the market that tout 'clean-slate,' ultimate configurability, Perillon's data configuration is based on Structured Data Entry. Our approach is still very flexibile and configurable to adapt to your environment, but provides the huge advantage of simplying how data is extracted out of the system for data analytics, i.e. reporting and dashboard visualization.

User-Configurable Dashboards allow a user to tailor the look and feel of an existing dashboard or create a new one by selecting underlying data elements to customize their dashboard desktop.

In-Memory Analysis and Associative Logic allow users to click on one graphic panel and see related data in another panel to dramatically reduce the time spent analyzing data.

Export to Excel and PowerPoint with one mouse-click and see the detailed underlying data of any dashboard panel.

Drag and Drop to Favorites tab allows users to move role-based dashboard panels to a common area and share with other users.


Scalable Architecture
Perillon Workspace leverages the Microsoft .NET framework to yield a dynamic data-driven “n-tier” application that serves as a centralized collection and visualization point for both system-generated and user-entered information. The modern Microsoft standards-based code framework enables faster development, is easy to maintain and deploy and is understandable to a wide range of developers.

System-generated data is continuously collected via the Perillon Workspace Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) tier, serving as the 'hub' within a familiar 'hub and spoke' integration design; user-entered information is facilitated by way of a rich, yet performant forms-based interface which is securely accessed by end users
running a standard web browser. The Workspace suite also includes an extensive and configurable mobile handheld platform that facilitates system scheduling and user-entered data by way of the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework and merge-replication technologies in support of 'occasionally-connected' environments. Our architecture also incorporates an event notification engine and workflow to guide user action.

The Perillon Workspace application stack contains several components which are organized within three major tiers: the User Interface (UI) tier which facilitates web access and presentation; the Middle tier containing server-side objects and functional enablers; and the Database tier running Microsoft SQL Server.

Proven benefits of this model include the ability to scale various tiered components independently to accommodate increased load, ease of maintenance and augmentation through well-defined functions and strongly-typed datasets, and security through the adherence to layer abstraction. The inclusion of an SOA/Web Services access layer provides unparalleled data integration compatibility via the ubiquitous SOAP messaging protocol, without compromising data security, integrity, or performance.


Cloud Computing
Perillon’s products are hosted in a world-class SOC2 (formerly called SAS 70 Type II) certified data center. The software components are arranged in a logical series of multi-tiered clusters that are maintained by redundant hardware load-balancing appliances. In addition to providing load federation, the appliances are equipped with hardware-based acceleration and act as a certificate store for all Secure-Socket Layer (SSL/HTTPS) browser connections. The web farms, application server arrays, and redundant data systems are augmented by system monitors that provide real-time crucial performance and health-related information to the Perillon Network Operations group.

Security of your data is an obvious top priority for Perillon. Our hosting delivery includes critical protocols to meet this objective: ·  

  • Organizational Security
  • Release Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Monitoring
  • Back-ups
  • Network Security
  • Physical Security

SOC 2 Audit documentation is available for provisioning controls in the following categories:

  • Control Objective 1: Control Environment
  • Control Objective 2: Physical Security
  • Control Objective 3: Facility and Environmental Protection

Data Integration
Two options exist for aggregating data from a client environment into the Perillon system: 1.) Spreadsheet Upload; 2.) Direct System Integration.

Spreadsheet Upload:
The Perillon system also supports direct spreadsheet uploads from client systems, such as a fleet management system tracking vehicle emissions, energy/resource sub-meters, or environmental lab data analysis results. Client users can upload spreadsheets themselves and validate data for subsequent reporting.  Spreadsheet upload can be completed by daily client users by simply clicking the “upload” button in the Perillon Application and initiating a data validation sequence prior to database commitment. Data fields are clearly specified with data validation rules in place to ensure proper data import.  With this data aggregation approach, data calculations can be completed and resulting information can be presented in various forms, such as dashboards, data review screens and reports.

Direct System Integration-- Perillon Workspace CDI Gateway:
The CDI Gateway is a web services based integration platform that is installed behind the client’s firewall. CDI (e.g. “Continuous Data Integration”) is a “pull” based approach that enables large volumes of client data to be automatically pulled from multiple heterogeneous sources into Perillon Workspace. Some examples of these sources include: continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS); production systems; or energy metering systems. The validation rules and transformation guidelines are established as part of the customer activation process and are translated into functional code by the Perillon CDI Gateway.

This Perillon CDI Gateway integration server is responsible for verifying, validating, and transforming data and ultimately transferring the data to the Perillon central database outside the firewall by way of a secured connection to the Perillon CDI Gateway SOA/Web Services array. Guaranteed delivery is facilitated through the use of system-level monitoring and notification services which are capable of delivering real-time system health information and transmission status metrics to the Perillon Network Operations and Integration groups. The system is compatible with myriad of customer data sources due to the adherence to a common protocol (SOAP), rather than being bound to a specific platform and can scale to accommodate a very large customer base with ease.

How It Works. Perillon CDI Gateway is a “data uploader” application that runs onsite at a customer location as a Microsoft Windows service on a dedicated server. Perillon CDI Gateway can be configured to collect, process, and transfer User Data from a client’s Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) or other data collection system (DCS) to the centrally-hosted Perillon Workspace suite.

Perillon’s mobility technology enables the collection of data at the source in real time, connecting more users to the process of collecting operational data. Perillon’s “occasionally-connected” architecture model provides low-cost WiFi access or mobile phone access enabling data collection in or out of a hot zone. The data is then queued for upload to the network.

The mobile architecture is comprised of a smart device application written in the .NET compact framework, commonly referred to as a 'smart client.' The application is designed to subscribe to a service orientation approach when receiving and delivering data. This service-oriented architecture employs the Microsoft Web Services and Remote Data Access (RDA) over secure HTTP anc can facilitate out-of-network productivity by way of SQL Mobile database which can deliver complex query results to the end user as well as serve as a batch repository for field data collection activities.

Perillon is also ushering in the next generation of mobility, including support for iOS and Android. Mobility technology is changing rapidly. Perillon has always been in the forefront and eager to partner with our customers to help you navigate all the options and choose the best sustainable technology path.


Workspace CompliancePak

Workspace CompliancePak is the foundation of your Perillon experience, including compliance task tracking, drill-down dashboards, a library of standard reports, document management, and configurable administration. PerformanceTrak Drill-Down Dashboards allow you to graphically visualize compliance performance and measure on-time results, task status, risks, exceedances, NOVs and more. TaskTrak includes dynamic filtering, configurable alerts, permit ...

Workspace AUDITrak

Configurable Audit Templates enable users to create templates from scratch by defining questions and response logic that drives findings and corrective actions. Information Gathering of basic audit information such as location, type, and date. The system allows you to define the members of an audit team and their role. Capture findings for each question.


Perillon Training

The Perillon Training Team offers comprehensive training on all of our solutions. Hands-on training starts during the implementation and configuration process, as we strive to get client involvement with new system as early as possible. We provide both Super User Training and End User Training. Training can be delivered remotely and web-based or on-site at your location of preference.


Implementation Services

Perillon's implementation methodology is focused on streamlining the time it takes to go-live while minimizing the impact on existing client resources. Implementation tools and templates drive fast configuration results and reduce implementation schedules. Perillon's proven success and approach is designed to create high user adoption which generates realized operational value quickly.

Secure Hosting Services

With our Cloud-based computing model we eliminate the burden your IT staff would assume with an on-premise installation.The Perillon Workspace suite can be purchased as a software license or subscription, hosted by Perillon.


Water compliance

In most companies today, managers are overwhelmed with poorly organized, de-centralized data and are still making decisions by reacting to historical results driven by non-standardized processes and guessing about the future. Highly customized spreadsheets, manual extracts from hard to use ERP systems, “cut & paste” reporting…sound familiar?

Energy management

With energy costs skyrocketing, companies are looking for ways to optimize energy usage and cut costs, but maintain production output. Companies now capture details of energy use, such as peak and non-peak use and type of fuel used— natural gas, steam, coal, etc. There are different programs such as Energy Star that companies are using for guidance and reporting.


14th Annual EUEC 2011 - Energy, Utility & Environment Conference & Expo, Air & Waste Management Association’s Annual Conference & Exhibition (ACE) 2012, American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Expo (AIHce 2012), EnviroExpo & Conference 2006


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