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PHOENIX products include belt filter presses, recessed chamber filter presses, high-rate circular thickeners, hindered settling classifiers and separators, hydrocyclones/dewatering screens, attrition scrubbers and polymer mixing/delivery systems. Additionally, PHOENIX is the exclusive U.S. technology partner for the Kisa GmbH Bucket Wheel.

PHOENIX - Model auto/CHEM™ - Polymer Mixing & Delivery Systems

PHOENIX technologies for liquid/solid separation and slurry dewatering have led the way in mining and aggregates & industrial minerals since 1984. The proper selection, mixing, and delivery of polymers are integral to PHOENIX thickening and dewatering systems. From lab testing slurry samples through recommending and applying specific polymers, PHOENIX is dedicated to engineered process solutions that produce optimum results.

PHOENIX - Model auto/CHEM™ - System Automation & Controls

PHOENIX has designed systems for thickening and dewatering effluent slurries since 1984. Our auto/CHEM™ System Automation responds quickly to varying feed conditions for consistent dewatering performance and overflow water quality. Improving performance while reducing labor input, PHOENIX incorporates sensing, monitoring, and modulating equipment and software into an integral control system that provides maximum flexibility and...

PHOENIX - Model AF AltaFlo™ - Ultra High Rate Thickener

PHOENIX has long been a market leader in separation, classification, thickening, and dewatering equipment for the aggregate industry. One recent innovation is the AltaFlo Ultra High Rate Thickener, featuring: No moving parts. Minimal space requirements. High underflow solids (as high as 50-60% in mining applications). Complete factory assembly for ease of installation and relocation. Extensive successful mining application experience. Diluted...

PHOENIX - Model AS - Attrition Cell Scrubber

PHOENIX has served the aggregate industry for over twenty years with its systems for liquid/solid and solid/solid separation, classification, thickening, and dewatering. Adding to its range of separation technology, PHOENIX now offers the ATTRITION CELL Scrubber to de-agglomerate raw materials and remove surface contaminants from sand or other granular materials, featuring: Compact, robust construction. Minimal space requirements. High throughputs....

PHOENIX - Model HF HiFlo™ - High Rate Thickener

PHOENIX has long been a leading supplier of dewatering equipment for the aggregate and mining markets. The PHOENIX HiFlo Thickener clarifies the water while it thickens the slurry from a wash plant to 40-45% solids, greatly reducing the volume going to the slurry pond. For complete elimination of the slurry pond, a PHOENIX Belt Filter Press may be added to dewater the thickened slurry either initially or as an upgrade.

PHOENIX - Model HG Separator™ - Combines Hydrocyclone and Dewatering Screen Systems

PHOENIX is one of the market leaders for construction aggregate and industrial minerals fines recovery and dewatering systems. The PHOENIX Model HG Separator combines hydrocyclone and dewatering screen technology to effectively recover discarded fine sand from wash plant effluents. The dewatering fines are conveyable, stackable and potentially marketable. The Model HG overflow is suitable for ponding, or thickening and then dewatering on PHOENIX belt...

PHOENIX - Model HS Hydrosort™ - Hindered Settling Classifier

PHOENIX offers state of the art hindered settling classifier technology. The HYDROSORT separates light, deleterious material and classifies sand to suit your exact needs. The controlled and flexible addition of upward current water allows an easy adjustment of the HYDROSORT operation to meet customer specification. Both the cut size and cut density can be varied over a broad range.

PHOENIX - Model WX - Belt Filter Press

PHOENIX has expanded its already popular line of Model WX belt filter presses. The MODEL WX is available in several different configurations, each suited to the specific application. Design includes fully welded mainframe, oversized bearings, and unique corrosion protection features. Several different compression zone arrangements are available.

PHOENIX - Filter Presses

PHOENIX Process Equipment Co. offers recessed chamber and membrane filter presses and piston-membrane pumps. This gives our clients an alternative that can sometimes be preferred to our core belt filter press dewatering technology.

PHOENIX-KISA - Dewatering Bucket Wheels

PHOENIX Process Equipment Co. is the U.S. technology for KISA GmbH and the PHOENIX/KISA Bucket Wheel, designed for the capture, de-sliming, and dewatering of sand and gravel slurries. Bucekt Wheels processing up to 1300 stph sand capacity each are available. These machines are uniquely designed for solids recoveries of 99%+, even from dilute slurries such as dredger spoil, with low power requirements. Dewatered solids are readily conveyable and...


PHOENIX products include belt filter presses, plate and frame filter presses, hindered settling classifiers and polymer mixing/delivery systems as well as the auxiliary equipment that supports these products.

PHOENIX - Portable Dewatering Systems for Mines

PHOENIX portable belt press dewatering systems provide: Maximum Dependability - PHOENIX matches system components to your throughput requirements. You get a turnkey system built specifically for your operation, either skid or trailer mounted, ready to perform. Dependable Performance - rugged PHOENIX belt filter presses are field proven in hundreds of applications and are fully backed by PHOENIX Process Equipment Co. warranty and service programs.

PHOENIX - Dewatering Chemicals

PHOENIX offers a full line of flocculants and coagulants to support water clarification, sedimentation thickening, and fine solids dewatering applications. Coupled with our auto/CHEM polymer mixing and delivery equipment, our full line of dewatering chemicals gives us full service capabilities.

PHOENIX - Model SCI - Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge for Continuous Liquid-Solid Separation

PHOENIX is the exclusive North American distributor for the SCI Horizontal Decanter Centrifuge for continuous liquid-solid separation through centrifugal sedimentation and decanting. Providing a compact and efficient dewatering solution, SCI centrifuges are applied in a wide range of dewatering and separation processes across multiple markets.


Since 1984 PHOENIX has supplied rugged, high quality thickening and dewatering equipment to the municipal water and wastewater markets. PHOENIX products include over a dozen different designs of belt filter presses in widths ranging from 0.7 - 3.0 meters with models to suit a wide range of applications and budgets. From the compact LC800 to the Severe Duty WX 3.0, we offer the broadest range of equipment in the industry. Other services offered by PHOENIX include system automation and c

PHOENIX - Model LC - Belt Filter Presses

The Model LC, available with belt widths of 800, or 1200 mm, provides a low cost solution for lower flow applications in the range of 15 to 65 gpm.

PHOENIX - Model TT - Table Thickeners

PHOENIX offers table thickeners tailored to your application. Like all PHOENIX equipment, the PHOENIX Table Thickener is built to last and features a rugged, simple, design for economy and low maintenance.


PHOENIX belt filter presses are applied in a wide variety of industrial applications worldwide. Past and current installations range from heavy duty/severe duty applications in steel mills, power plants, paper mills and petroleum refineries to other industrial segments such as food processing, breweries, pharmaceutical and textiles.

PHOENIX - Model MC - Belt Filter Presses

Producing maximum dewatering capacity while using minimum floor space, the PHOENIX Model MC features an innovative, versatile, economical design. Designed primarily for medium capacity biological sludge applications and lighter duty industrial treatment plant effluents.

Water Recycling

PHOENIX Water Recycling Solutions offers a new and innovative approach to water management. Featuring Aquacell, an Australian technology and global leader in water recycling, PHOENIX delivers fully integrated greywater and 

PHOENIX - Water Recycling - Greywater Systems

Greywater makes up around 30 to 50 per cent of wastewater discharged into our sewers. Therefore, greywater recycling offers facilities the chance to cut their water use by up to half. Generally defined as wastewater from bathrooms and laundries, greywater can come from our showers, baths, basins and washing machines. It may be contaminated with a range of soluble and insoluble (particulate) substances such as soaps, detergents, skin, saliva, dirt and...

PHOENIX - Water Recycling - Blackwater Systems

Blackwater is any wastewater that is contaminated with water discharged from a toilet. Compared to greywater recycling, it is often more practical to recycle blackwater as most plumbing systems don’t separate greywater streams e.g. showers, basins. Aquacell S systems can often be retro-fitted to existing buildings or be installed in new developments without dealing with dual plumbing complexities.

PHOENIX - Water Recycling - Rainwater & Stormwater Systems

Our PHOENIX water recycling experts will help you maximize water conservation and minimize cost, creating a site specific solution for your project.  Look no further, PHOENIX supplies all the critical pieces necessary for a successful rainwater or stormwater recycling scheme.  And don’t forget our rainwater systems can be easily incorporated with a greywater or blackwater system to provide a fully integrated water recycling...

19 Products found
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