Picarro’s scientific instrumentation enables scientists to measure rare gases in the land, air and water. Utilizing Cavity Ring-Down Spectrometry (CRDS), Picarro instrumentation is able to detect target molecules at parts per billion resolution, measuring and tracking them throughout the environmental cycle - anywhere, in real-time.

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A global economic and environmental transformation is underway, driven by perturbations in the global carbon, water and nitrogen cycles—essentially the building blocks of all life on Earth. Unconventional natural gas is reshuffling the global energy marketplace, while triggering serious concerns about greenhouse gas emissions and groundwater contamination. Global hydrological patterns are shifting and weather-related disasters are becoming routine. Understanding the root causes of these changes and developing solutions to address them requires accurate and transparent information—on all spatial and temporal scales, post haste. Knowledge based on real data, not estimations, is the only way to truly transform the discourse about these changes.

Picarro’s scientific customers are leading the charge toward understanding these complex environmental changes by making extremely precise scientific measurements in over 60 countries and on all seven continents, in the world’s harshest environments—from Greenland to the Amazon. Around the world, they are breaking heretofore unimaginable barriers of scientific discovery.

Yet, the world simply does not have enough scientists to produce information of sufficient quality, at industry-relevant scales, to support policy and regulatory compliance. The remedy is to make the measurement processes extremely simple.

Picarro is radically simplifying this process with ultra-precise, easy-to-use and portable gas concentration and stable isotope analysis instruments, which are fully integrated with our powerful, cloud-based geo-informatics platform, P-Cubed® (the Picarro Processing Platform). We are empowering scientists, businesses, governments, NGOs and people with no scientific training whatsoever with specific, comprehensive and actionable environmental data—at unprecedented speed and scale. This has the power to transform the discourse.

Our technology: cavity ring-down spectroscopy (CRDS) detects target molecules at parts per billions resolution, measuring and tracking them throughout the environmental cycle—anywhere, in real-time. Measurements of this standard were previously unattainable outside of the well-calibrated instruments used in large laboratories at leading universities or government facilities.

But the real power comes from seeing and sharing the results. P-Cubed uses patent-pending algorithms to provide data analysis, visualization and reporting solutions, as well secure data storage and access. Now, action can be taken immediately. Collaboration is instantaneous. And immediate understanding will be available to stakeholders from all backgrounds.

In Picarro’s world, nothing is invisible. Greenhouse gas emissions can be watched. Natural gas leaks cannot be ignored. Food origin and supply chain integrity can be assured. All is revealed. By presenting Planet Earth as it really is, by showing and sharing emissions at the community level, we’re empowering traceability and accountability like never before.


Picarro - G2401 - Measure Carbon Monoxide for CO, CO2, CH4, & H2O in Air

Simultaneous, precise measurement of CO2, CH4, and H2O for lab, field or mobile applications. Available with or without CO capability. Parts-per-billion sensitivity, precision and accuracy with exceptionally low drift. Field and laboratory deployable.Installed and operational in minutes. Rugged and insensitive to changes in ambient temperature.

Model G2204 - Methane & Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer

The G2204 is a fast Cavity Ring-Down Spectrometer that, when coupled with the optional A0941 Mobile Kit, is ideal for creating real-time visual plume maps of fugitive emissions of methane and hydrogen sulfide. The G2204 can be ordered separately, as a stand-alone analyzer, or with a complete turnkey kit that enables real-time plume mapping. You can go from opening a box to posting Google Maps of plumes in less than an hour.


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