Pipetech International AS is a specialized and innovative service company that utilizes `cutting edge` high pressure water technology to remove scale and debris from tubes, pipes and process equipment. The ability to operate our systems remotely using data technology, provides an extra level of safety unmatched by other similar systems. Pipetech technology gives fast results and uses only natural water as its cutting medium thus negating the need for environmentally harmful cleaning chemicals.

Cleaning of pipelines, pipes, tubes, tanks WITHOUT the use of chemicals. Project Support Services. Pre- Commissioning Services. Inspection Services. Corrosion Protective Technology. Protective Coating. Supply, Sales & Rental of Materials, Tools and Equipment.


Aqua Sonic

Aqua Sonic is safer, environmentally friendlier, and more effective than other cleaning methods. Pipelines, piping systems and heat exchangers can be cleaned on site. No use of chemicals. Strongly reduced down time. Great reduction in total maintenance costs. Opens totally blocked pipes. Removes extremly hard scale. The technology of our computerized Aqua Sonic cleaning process is based on the induction of 'Sonic Resonance'. With the Aqua Sonic method ...

Aqua Milling

Many cleaning companies have a pump, a nozzle and a piece of hose ..... they even use ultra high pressure.  But it takes more than that - that's why we are giving our customers the Aqua Milling services. Pipetech holds the Exclusive License for Aqua Milling Maintenance in the Scandinavian Countries and works close with Aqua Drill International's engineers to handle worldwide thoughest scale problems in piping, pipelines, vessels and tanks. Our ...

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Water and Wastewater

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Globally (various continents)


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