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Primozone – Redefining ozone technology

Primozone is redefining ozone technology with its energy efficient and high performing ozone generators. The Primozone GM-series ozone generator produce ozone with the highest ozone concentration (20 wt%) and the highest gas pressure (2.2 bar g) available on the market. Still they are very energy efficient, maintenance-free and have the lowest life-cycle cost to be found.

Primozone - Model GM Series - Ozone generators

The Primozone ozone generators are suitable for water treatment processes in many different industries. They are produced to optimize ozone production while reducing energy consumption and saving physical space. The Primozone ozone generator is a complete system that is easy to install and operate.


Primozone recommends the use of one or more of the following peripherals for a refined ozone installation with secured operations and a preserved and long lasting performance

Primozone - System Controller

The Primozone System Controller is a sophisticated control unit that allows for safety, monitoring and control of the complete Primozone Ozone Water Treatment System. The system controller can be connected to external control systems and is very flexible.

2 Products found
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