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Solus - NH3/HCl Extractive TDL Analyser, with H2O and O2

Introducing Protea’s new range of gas analyser - Solus. The Solus platform is an extension of Protea’s gas analysis equipment, allowing for highly selective, quick response and low range measurements of 1 or 2 gases in a cost-effective, re-configurable package. With the optional zirconia sensor, Solus offers solutions such as NH3+H2O+O2 or HCl+H2O+O2, ideal for monitoring applications, like SCR ammonia slip, WID emission monitoring and ambient air...

Protir - Model 204M - Transportable CEM Based On FTIR Technology

The 204M is a transportable CEM based on FTIR technology. It is MCERTS approved and used by stack testing organisations and laboratories for compliance and BS EN 14181 emissions monitoring. Using the 204M for measurements of waste incineration and combustion plant process is as simple using an FTIR can be. With pre-loaded calibration methods for 28 gas species, automatic nitrogen purging, in-built pressure and temperature alarms, analogue and digital...

Protir - Model 204C - Gas Monitoring Systems

When process or emission gas measurements are required from a fixed point or range of sample points, Protea can supply a bespoke fixed measurement system. At the heart of all ProtIR 204C gas monitoring systems is the 204M gas analyser, surrounding which is a configurable set of automation and control systems to allow Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM). Each 204C system is uniquely designed to apply the FTIR technology, dependent on the monitoring...

ProMass - QMS Gas Analyser

The ProMass analyser can be installed in a fixed installation for continuous measurement, or can be supplied for portable applications. In a lightweight rugged case, the ProMass can be deployed anywhere allowing quick response to low ppb level gas measurements.

Protea Measurement Applications

Included are a number of industrial process and emissions measurements, as well as research analysis projects, that Protea has supplied analytical equipment for.

CO2 Capture by Amine Absorption

The act of capturing and storing CO2 produced from large scale combustion plants such as power stations is becoming more and more favourable and feasible. One of the most common post-combustion CO2 capture methods is by absorption. The absorption plant can be added on to the existing combustion process, with the flue gas first passing through an absorption column where the CO2 reacts with an absorber.

Siloxane Monitoring in Landfill

The generation of electricity from municipal digesters and land fill is of increasing interest, as the biogas can allow for a form of renewable energy. Organosilicon compounds often find their way into land-fill or digester gases as siloxanes. Siloxanes are low-level hazards to the atmosphere in terms of their emissions, however when they are combusted in gas engines the hard silica that is produced is very harsh to the moving parts of the gas...

On-line Carbon Bed System

Commonly, activated carbon beds are used as abatement systems on plant, with emissions being reduced by adsorption onto the bed. The efficiency of any abatement system is critical to its operation, not just in ensuring emissions are reduced as much as possible, but an efficient bed has cost savings for the operator.

Model QAL2 EN 14181 - Quality Assurance Standard

BS EN 14181 is a quality assurance standard relevant to plants operating under the Large Combustion Plant (LCPD) and Waste Incineration (WID) Directives. Quality Assurance Level 2 (QAL2) of this standard involves the parallel testing of the plant automated measurement systems (AMS) against a certified test house, making measurements with a comparative standard.

WID Emissions Monitoring

Protea is the most experienced company in the UK in using FTIR gas analyser to measure emissions. Through running a UKAS-accredited test house and being a manufacturer of gas analysers, we have been involved in FTIR as a supplier and end-user for 10 years. Our model ProtIR 204M analyser has been specifically designed to allow emissions tested to make measures of the standard WID suite of gases (CO, NO, NO2, SO2, HCl, NH3, CO2, H2O, O2) as simply and...

Organic Vapour Speciation

Protea has deployed FTIR gas analysers in many projects requiring the monitoring of complex mixes of VOCs. In the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, scrubbers and carbon-bed abatement plants are typical installations where the use of Protea FTIR analysers and our chemometric expertise have proved valuable to plant operators. They prove an invaluable tool in process measurements and emissions monitoring. In the laboratory, Protea can deliver...

Acrylates Speciation

A customer had a requirement for continuous Ethyl Acrylate monitoring. The process operations emit multiple Acrylate species, all at low concentrations, but only Ethyl Acrylate being reportable to the EA under the terms of the IPC permit. A 204M FTIR analyser was deployed and a chemometric model was built specifically to target Acrylates, with the purpose of separating and accurately quantify the target Ethyl Acrylate species. This technique shows the...

Liquid TiCl4 Vanadium Oxychloride Monitor

The chloride process of titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigment manufacture first converts titania-containing ores to TiCl4 via a carbochlorination reaction at a high temperature in a chlorinator in the presence of chlorine gas and petroleum coke added as a reductant.

TO Multi-Stream By-Pass System

A large pharmaceutical plant runs a Thermal Oxidiser on plant to incinerate their solvent-containing gas streams before emission. When the oxidiser is offline, then the plant must monitor the release of solvent to the atmosphere.

Fire Testing for The Railway Industry

A lot of research is carried out in laboratory and on real fires as to the gaseous substances produced in fire effluent. Measurement principles using analytical instrumentation are becoming more widely used in fire testing, due to the quick, real-time nature of the measurements.

Biofuel Combustion Research

The use of alternative combustion fuels that provide a renewable source of energy is a major area of research and investment. Controlling the combustion process of any new fuel and keeping track of the emissions of combustion by-products is important to users of these new fuels.

Ambient Air Workplace Monitoring

Protea can supply fixed workplace monitoring systems that can measure single or multi-points about the workplace. Specifically designed analytical systems can ensure detection limits down to ppb levels can be achieved for multiple gases with a single instrument. Controlling software can run automatically, providing instantaneous or time-weighted average readings.

Breathing Gas Analysis

The quality of compressed breathing gases for aircraft, diving and marine has very tight limits imposed by bodies such as NATO and national bodies such as MOD. The test requirements are for contaminants such as CO, CO2, Total VOC, CFCs and halogenated hydrocarbons, as well as H2O and O2 content.

Total VOC via FTIR

Total Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) is a common measurement required from industrial emissions. Commonly, a single measurement value is obtained through the use of a Flame Ionisation Detection (FID) analyser. The pyrolysis of the gas stream in a FID analyser allows it to make a measurement of the carbon content of the gas stream. FID analyser cannot indicate the relative abundances of different organic species in a gas stream and often have widely...

Perflurocarbon (PFC) Emissions from Aluminium Industry

The aluminium industry is the major source of perflurocarbon (PFC) emissions to the atmosphere, which are a major contributor to global warming. PFCs have greenhouse gas effects up to 10000 times that of CO2. Emissions have been reduced over the last 20 years, but further reductions are harder to achieve as all the mechanisms for PFC production are not known. In order to better understand the production of PFC on an industrial level, laboratory...

Protir - Model 304FT - FTIR Gas Analysis

304FTSatisfying the needs of ISO 19702 for FTIR gas analysis in fire testing, the 304FT is a purpose designed analytical solution for the railway and other industries. Based around the proven ABB MB3000 spectrometer, the 304FT contains a low volume, high flow rate gas cell enabling very quick response times while still achieving the detection limits required.

Protir - Model 304L - Liquid Process Analyser

The ProtIR 304L is a process ready FTIR Mid-IR absorption analyser designed for measurement of liquids or high concentration gas mixes. Based around the proven ABB MB3000 spectrometer, the 304L contains a quickly removable sample compartment accessory with single pass sample cell. Sample cells of pathlength 1 – 12 cm can be loaded into the sample compartment box, together with sampling sensors for pressure, temperature and flow.

21 Products found
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