Proventia is an international environmental technology group. Proventia works for clean air by developing solutions to reduce emissions from machines, vehicles, power plants and ships, both in OEM and retrofitting markets. Proventia`s competence is based on almost 20 years of experience built up by Finnkatalyt, a specialist in mobile engine emission control, and ENWA, a pioneer in stationary emission control.

About Us

Emission control solutions - Smart tailoring by Proventia
Proventia is an international environmental technology group providing complete customized emission control solutions for machines and vehicles both in OEM and retrofitting markets.

Proventia's core competences are in PM (particulate matter) and NOx (nitrogen oxide) reducing technologies that we innovatively combine with in-house product development, engineering, designing and testing services. Smart tailoring the Proventia way means applying available technologies and product concepts to your engines and machines, and designing and engineering emission control systems that fit your applications perfectly, fully meeting requirements. Smart tailoring also means flexibility, agility, cost-efficiency and quality in all our operations.

Experienced emission control specialist
Our expertise is based on almost 20 years of experience built up by Finnkatalyt, a specialist in mobile engine emission control. Many leading equipment manufacturers have confidence in Proventia's versatile and extensive expertise in exhaust gas after-treatment.  

Proventia has supplied emission control systems for major retrofit projects across the globe in countries such as Hong Kong, Seoul, Korea, London, UK, Germany, California, USA, Sweden and Denmark for instance.  Over 50,000 Proventia systems are in use in over 50 countries worldwide.

The Proventia headquarters and technology center are located in Finland. Our US operations are lead from our Minneapolis office.


Proventia Group Oy sells the stationary and marine business, Proventia GmbH (CH), to Mr Beat Wälti and concentrates on emission control in off-road and on-road applications both in the OEM and retrofitting markets.

Proventia expands with offices in the US. Proventia Americas LLC is founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Proventia Emission Control receives the Internationalization Award of the President of the Republic of Finland.
Proventia makes a strategic decision to sell its holdings in other businesses and concentrate solely on emission control business.

Proventia acquires the entire capital stock of the Swiss exhaust purification specialists ENWA GmbH.
Finnkatalyt Oy and ENWA GmbH are merged to form Proventia Emission Control Oy.
The new premises of Proventia are completed in Oulunsalo. Proventia's new technology center also houses a state-of-the-art engine and emissions laboratory.
Proventia's Diesel Particulate Filter for Transport Refrigeration Units (TRU) receives CARB (California Air Resources Board) verification.

Finnkatalyt becomes Proventia's daughter company.

Head Invest Oy founds the company Proventia to concentrate in the environmental and well-being sector.

Head Invest Oy, a company developing business operations that promote the well-being of people and the environment,  becomes one of the main owners of Finnkatalyt Oy.

Finnkatalyt's exhaust cleaning systems are rewarded at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Genf, Switzerland.

Finnkatalyt Oy is founded in Oulu, Finland, as a company concentrating on exhaust purification systems for machines and vehicles.


DEF Mixing Units

The Proventia Tornado DEF Mixing Unit solves potential urea deposit problems in SCR systems by delivering even NH3 distribution within exhaust gas. When using SCR technology, DEF dosing may cause wall wetting and lead to urea deposit issues, especially in non-road applications with airless injectors. Wall wetting leads to film formation on exhaust pipe inner surfaces, causing deposits when local temperatures are very low. Urea deposit problems have ...

NOxBUSTER DPF - SCR Retrofit Systems

It is a powerful combination of various technologies that effectively eliminates the NOx , PM, CO and HC emissions from on-road and off-road machines. The NOxBUSTER DPF +SCR system offers SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology for efficient NOx reduction, the concept can be complemented with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) for PM reduction and a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) for HC and CO reduction.


Consultation Services

Proventia provides extensive consultation on your emission control strategy regarding. Emissions, Technologies, Applications, Regulations, Legislation. Proventia's long experience of both mobile and stationary applications ensures our expertise in the various operating environments of engines, machines and vehicles. We know the different kinds of fuels and engines, and their usability with the various emission control technologies. We know the ...

After-Sales Services

Proventia has highly skilled employees and partners worldwide that offer training and support to customers in installations, as well as assisting and advising during the introduction of new technologies. Our after-sales services also include spare part supply. Naturally, we guarantee effective handling of the warranty for all of our customers.

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