Q2 Technologies was born to provide the oil and gas industry with the focus it deserves. Q2 Technologies was born in 2001 to cater to the specific needs of an industry as complex and demanding as oil & gas. Our focus in this unique industry provides our customers with the expertise they require, while our parent company’s global distribution and manufacturing capabilities facilitate cost effective delivery and support anywhere in the world. Q2 Technologies was born to provide best in class chemical solutions to the oil and gas industry, ensuring sustainable and cost effective processes for our clients. From up stream to mid stream, we are capable of providing you with an integrated product portfolio and service solutions that will help your company minimize costs and optimize your operation.

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Customer centricity.
Customers are our primary focus and the efficiency of their operation is the definition of our success. We are a company of people focused on people. Chemicals and chemistry are just one component of what we offer – by working with you every day and getting to know your operation, we are capable of providing tailored solutions that apply to your particular process, needs, and budget. Our top notch products go above and beyond, protecting your equipment as well as the environment. At Q2 Technologies we believe in being your ally and solutions provider – your triumph is our success.


ENVIRO-LUBRIC - Model AW Series - Hydraulic Oils

Premium quality antiwear hydraulic fluids designed to provide optimal protection in high-pressure applications. Excellent oxidation resistance and provide superior antiwear protection. Viscosities available are 32, 46 and 68.

DusTek - Model RT - Dust Suppressants

DUSTEK RT is an easy-to-use dust management tool for use in transporting coal, ore, and mineral stocks. DUSTEK RT is a water-soluble formulation of wetting, penetrating and agglomerating agents used to reduce or eliminate dust emissions during transportation and storage. Once applied using conventional spray equipment, DUSTEK RT solution dries to form a thin, flexible and continuous film that eliminates dust for extended periods. Laboratory and field ...

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Air and Climate - Air Monitoring and Testing

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Globally (various continents)

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