Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) has plagued many industries for decades. It can be a very costly problem, increasing maintenance costs, corroding quipment and pipelines, affecting product quality, interfering with production and shipping schedules, and generating huge fines for non-compliance. It also poses a significant health and safety threat to industrial workers and surrounding communities. The good news is, Q2 Technologies offers proven solutions to safely and cost-effectively control H2S and the odors associated with it. It’s what we focus all our resources on. H2S scavenging and odor control is what we do best.

Why Choose Q 2 Technologies?

Combine the best talent and resources of two strong companies, Quaker ChemicalCorporation and Quima International, and the result is not just a doubling of their individualstrengths, but an exponential improvement in value to the industries they serve.Q2 Technologies is the result of such an effort and our name, pronounced “Q Squared,”reflects our commitment to providing safe, reliable, and cost effective H2S and odor controlto a variety of industries.

Proven H2S and Odor Control Programs You Can Count O

Q2 Technologies’ Enviro-Scrub® processis ideal for batch, continuous, or spot treatmentwith a once-through application. Enviro-Scrub®series of products are non-hazardous and reactimmediately with H2S to produce a non-reversible stablecompound – a non-hazardous waste. Our Enviro-TekTMtechnology offers the additional benefit of regeneration –it provides continuous, reliable, cost-effective H2S and odor controlwith minimal chemical make-up required.  Additionally, our Scrub-It®process is designed specifically for pretreatment and removal of H2Sand odors in potable water and waste water systems.   Q2 Technologies’innovative products are also marketed in the natural gas industry.With a winning combination of responsive service and patented technology,Q2 Technologies has rapidly become a leader in H2S scavenging and odor control– for all industries.

The Industries We Serve

Hydrocarbon Process and Natural Gas

H2S is a typical component of natural gas and crude oil. Its presence, with dangerous vapors and foul odors,creates transportation, storage, and processing problems in refineries, gas processing facilities, and fuel terminals.Q2 Technologies’ products and technologies reduce H2S to a harmless soluble component in hydrocarbon fluids and natural gas, allowing them to be processed or transported safely.

Water and Waste Treatment

Throughout various processes, gas and liquid streams are often contacted with water to isolate, dissolve, and remove undesirable components. H2S is one of those contaminants, and it is easily absorbed in water.  H2S may also be found in waste streams as a result of biologicaldegradation of waste products.  As a result, H2S and odorcontrol is essential in downstream processes including commercial, industrial, municipal and private waste and water treatment facilities. Not all H2S scavengers tie up the H2S completely and dangerous vapors can still be released into the environment.  Q2 Technologies’ patented products efficiently and reliably convert the H2S into a non-reversible compound, eliminating unpleasant odors,as well as health and safety concerns in water and waste treatment facilities.

Food Processing

In the food processing industry, H2S naturally occurs asa by-product of food matter and animal waste degradation.Concerns for the health and safety of facility personnel,as well as the interests of the surrounding communities,dictates that H2S be controlled – ideally converted to anon-odorous and non-hazardous compound.Q2 Technologies’ products treat H2S in this manner throughout the various stages of food processing, minimizing dangerous H2S vapors and the odors associated with them

Industrial and Community

LandfillsDecomposition of waste in landfills produces many offgases. One gas that is toxic at very low concentrations and also has an especially unpleasant odor is H2S.To address these health, safety, and environmentalconcerns, Q2 Technologies’ products treat run-off water,minimizing H2S concerns in downstream water treatment facilities or in conjuction with air scrubbing systems to eliminate unpleasant and harmful odors being released to the atmosphere

Pulp and Paper

In the pulp and paper industry, H2S is present in various stages of the process and represents a major, industry wide concern. The H2S builds up throughout the pulping process and becomes concentrated at hazardous levels in the resulting sludge and various liquid waste streams.The sludge and other waste streams are sent to wastetreatment facilities where, if untreated, H2S can be released to the atmosphere. However, the H2S can be eliminatedand converted to a non-hazardous compound by treating the sludge and liquid waste streams with Q2 Technologies’ unique H2S scavengers. Q2 Technologies processes are often used to maintain environmental compliance when lime kilns are out of service for maintenance so that noH2S is released to the environment

The High Cost of Inadequate H2S and Odor Contro

Odor control, and more specifically control of H2S, is a major concern in a wide range of industries today. H2S can disrupt normal production, contribute toaggressive equipment corrosion, reduce end-productquality, and pose significant health and safety risks. Q2 Technologies has the experience and technical expertise to help identify and deliver the most cost-effective solutions to today’s difficultH2S and odor control challenges across all industries.


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