Our Mission: to enable leaders and their teams to recognize, use and improve their management systems and processes for adding value and preventing loss faster than their competitors.


State-of-the-Art Management Systems

Modern management systems are no longer two-dimensional documentation exercises where the purpose of the system is to document for control. Management systems now extend into 3rd and 4th dimensions – depth and time.Depth is apparent when management system documentation must link directly to underlying databases the organization uses in day-to-day operations. Electronic management systems can accomplish this fairly easily, but some legacy management ...

System Standards vs. Management Systems

System standards are not management systems!ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 are management system standards. They do, however, provide a model that an organization can choose to use to develop their own management system.Management system standards reflect accepted and agreed good management practices for determining, fulfilling and delivering upon particular stakeholder requirements. System standards are often agreed by large groups of people, often from varying ...

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